How is Roy Horn? (Seigfried and Roy)

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How is Roy Horn? (Seigfried and Roy)

I saw that Roy Horn will be doing his first televised interview very soon. What became of his show in Vegas? Did they replace it with something else? What is his long term prognosis? Thanks!
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All I know is that they have now permanently cancelled the show and have no plans to resume.

I'm curious if this question was prompted by that new show on TV, Father of the Pride? It's on right now and probably the most tasteless piece of garbage I've ever seen. Is it supposed to be funny or just insulting and tacky? Surely this was planned before the accident. If not, the whole thing is even that much more tasteless.
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I understand this show has been in the works for a couple of years now, since way before the accident. You would think that having worked on it so long it would be a masterpiece. After the accident, both Siegfried and Roy wanted to keep on with the cartoon, I think as a kind of tribute since they would no longer be able to do their act. Unfortunately, it appears the show is not very good. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.
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Patrick, I've read some very good reviews for Father of the Pride. I haven't seen the show but was curious what you found tasteless? Like South Park tasteless or Roseanne (the TV show not the comedienne) tasteless? Thanks!
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This post was not in response to the new cartoon....I have not seen it. I just saw that Roy Horn was about to be interview by either Barbara Wawa or someone. I noticed his hand looked paralized. I am curious when the interview will air and how Horn is doing. Is the mirage going to replace the show soon?
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Flame me if you must but I think the Father of the Pride is hysterical. Very clever adult humor (my kids are not pleased that we won't let them watch). And it's nice to see S&R can poke fun at themselves.
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Siegfried and Roy's LV show has not been replaced. The showroom is sitting empty altho there is going to be another Cirque de Soliel in there in 2005. I am a huge fan of S&R and belong to an organization that has followed them, and Roy's recovery, in great depth. He will be interviewed by Maria Shriver on 9/15. He has made a remarkable recovery but it is apparent that he has paralysis on his left side (leg and arm). He DID attend "Havana Nights" (at Stardust) last week as he and Siegfried are co-producers of this revue. He came in his wheelchair and stood with assistance. He also greeted the cast backstage, again standing with assistance. Roy has come a long way, but as with most strokes there are still problems. That he can talk, think, joke, etc. after all he went through is a miracle in itself. Roy spent a short time at Craig Hospital in Denver in August for extensive evaluation and therapy. He also spends at least 6 hrs a day doing rehab.

As for FOTP - I admit the first show was pretty bad, But the Second Episode (the Matt Lauer one) is hilarious. S&R have the ability to poke fun at themselves and the result is very very funny.
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Thanks, Lori, for the detailed information. I could not stand that for the most part he was not in the news any longer. I love Vegas and I need to go back soon. It just won't be the same without S&R, but I am so glad to hear that they have produced "Havana nights"! I will check it out!
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I heard he looks grrrrrrreat!
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wtggirl: Check out the next issue of People Magazine - S&R have front cover and a big article. Also, Havana Nights just closed at Stardust (limited engagement and they had visa problems to get out of Cuba so they were only there about 2 weeks). Rumor has it the troupe will be back in Nov. for another engagement. Several of my friends attended various performances and Siegfried was at all of them and was very kind to fans who came up to talk to him. Roy attended once (that we are aware of).

You may want to check out the Gordie Brown Show at the Golden Nugget (downtown)on your next visit to Vegas. Gordie is an impressionist/comedian and is very good.
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"Father of the Pride" tasteless? No more than other sitcoms.

But I found it boring, didn't even think about watching a second episode.

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