Hotels in DC

Sep 3rd, 2000, 08:37 AM
Callie Gray
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Hotels in DC

I'm traveling to DC in October and am on a very tight budget ($500 for 4 nights hotel expenses). I've reserved a room at the Wyndham City Center for $99 per night. It's 3 blocks from the Foggy Bottom Metro. There is another suite hotel called the St. James that's $115 per night and the Metro is right across the street. However the St. James has very limited services like room service. Is anyone familiar with this section of town? Is it safe, as I will be traveling alone and will have to make use of the Metro.

Thanks for any guidance
Sep 3rd, 2000, 04:06 PM
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I'm not sure where the Wyndom City Center is located. If this is the same as the Wyndom Bristol, it is a fine location close to Foggy Bottom and a short walk from Georgetown. Foggy Bottom is one of the nicest areas of DC and fairly safe (as safe as any area of a large city). You sound like a 'street savvy' person so you shouldn't have any problems. Don't know about the St. James.
Sep 4th, 2000, 07:08 PM
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Both locations are fine for safety as both are basically Foggy Bottom, a good area. However, the St James is only about a half block from the metro stop which is very convenient and the Wyndam is further, as you know, plus you have to cross a bad street and traffic circle to get to the metro stop, it's sort of a pain. If I were going to be using the metro a lot at night, I would probably choose the St James, not because that area is that dangerous (although I think Madeline Albright got mugged right around there once, so do be aware), but due to the traffic and walking 3 blocks at night is not that much fun if you don't have to. However, the Wyndam is closer to Dupont Circle, you could walk there in a few blocks, so that's sort of a plus for it. If you prefer the deal at the Wyndam, I'd probably stay there, especially if you were mainly using metro during daytime or early evening. (BTW the Wyndam City Center is not the Wyndam Bristol, it's on NH Av and used to be a Sheraton). Also, if weather is good, the Wyndam is only about five blocks from a different metro line, the Farrugut North stop, so that gives you more versatility (and you don't have to cross that bad street and traffic circle going that way). Also, there aren't that many restaurants around the Foggy Bottom stop, especially south of it, so the Wyndam would give you greater variety in that regard.
Sep 4th, 2000, 07:30 PM
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I stayed at the Wyndham City Center for $99 in April and loved it. The room was just okay, but I thought it was worth the low price. Good location overall.
Sep 5th, 2000, 05:27 PM
Callie Gray
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Thanks to all who replied. You left some very helpful information.

I'll stick with the Wyndham City Center (as it's about the only thing I can afford) but I'll keep my Metro outings limited to morning and evening. It looks like I'll use the Metro in the morning to get to the attractions I've outlined and then to get back to the hotel in th evening. I can cab it at night to explore some of the restaurants I've read about on this forum.

Again, thank you.


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