Honeymoon in Maui - Aug06

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Honeymoon in Maui - Aug06

This is my first time on this message board. I hope everyone can help me with this decision.

I am in the process of booking my honeymoon (HM) for the end of Aug. 2006. We will go to Maui for 8 days & Kauai for 5 days.

I am have having a difficult time choosing a hotel for my fiancee and I.

I have heard mix reviews on the Hyatt however I like the location and that breakfast is included. But I hear that it has a lot of kids (no offense to anyone w/kids) & the beach is not that good. My fiancee & I would like the option of relaxing & enjoying the pool & hotel PLUS, we enjoy a decent nightlife. Nothhing crazy but when we want to go out & have a beer we have that option.

OPTION 2 - The 4 Season. Since its out HM we want to go all out! I have never stayed at a 4S so this would be a great opportunity. I hear the beaches are much better. However, breakfast is not included, its more $$ but mainly - the location? Is there anything to do at that side of the island? We don't want to be board?

Looking for suggestion on what 2 - 30yr old honeymooners should stay.

Any advice would be great appreciated.

Thank you!
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Why not stay in a nice condo with a good pool area (eg. on the ocean side of the building)? Not as crowded, not as expensive, you can have your breakfast and coffee on your own lanai (kitchen facilities are great).

You can go to the big hotels to see them and eat at them if you wish but it is nice to go back to somewhere quiet and relaxing.

Just my 2 cents.

Just my two cents.
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Again ... that would be:

just my two cents ...

sorry for the repeat
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The Wailea area is lovely - great beaches for one thing. Several major resorts are lined up along a beach walk with nice restaurants in each one. The Shops at Wailea there has a Tommy Bahamas and a couple of other restaurants. Mulligan's is a neat Irish bar with entertainment often at night. More conducive to a honeymoon IMHO than Kaanapali, though it is nice as well. Go for the Four Seasons. It's not that long of a drive to get almost anywhere on Maui and I believe Wailea is just as good a base for touring as Kaanapali...
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Dear HawaiiAug, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and your choice of place for r and r afterward. A Hawaiian honeymoon is a beautiful way to start married life together.
Assuming you stay with the resort option, and don't chose a condo vacation...
Re: Four Seasons Wailea--see above forCrazy4Hawaii's comment. Go for it--luxury and pampering on your honeymoon--what could be better?
HYATT--do you mean the one on Maui or the one on Kauai?? If Maui, defintely chose the FS over the Hyatt, which is located on the Kaanapali resort/beach area ,with you'd find with a "busier" feeling thatn at the Wailea resort area.
IF Kauai Hyatt--it is the best hotel on the island, IMHO. I can't see anyone not loving it. There were loads of young couiples looking very relaxed, when we were there (with kids--and no, we parents and grandparents understand !! )
IF you want a quieter area , you can requst the wing nearer to the Anara sppa, which is further away from the (fantastic) pool area.
True, the oceanside beach there is not good for swimming, but you'll be sooo close to golden Poipu Beach (a 5 minute drive) which is usually easily fine for a swim in August.The Hyatt has many things to make up for a gorgeous, cliffside, but NOT swimmable , beach. As for the relatively quiet nightlife on Kauai, there's a wonderful bar in the Hyatt called Stephensons' LIbrary were there's music in a great setting. My 2 almost 30 yr old (son and his wife) family members loved it.
For info on a romantic-setting Maui luau, if you want to do that, see recent post to your fellow Hawaii honeymooner MarriottGuy.
Aloha, and have fun planning the wedding and the trip!
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For you HM and first-time visit to Hawaii- stay in a nice resort hotel, not a condo.

Maui- I'd chose the 4S over Hyatt. Hyatt is in a very busy area with many many kids, and it's not as upscale. Wailea beach is lovely. You can just relax and enjoy the wonderful sunsets, paddle around in that heavenly warm water, take snorkeling trips. There's plenty to do. It is all more upscale than the urban sprawl that has become Kanaapali.

Kauai- The Kauai Hyatt is full of HM'ers and wedding parties. The are very attuned to your needs.You can enjoy the fabulous pools (just made for romance) although the beach is not good for swimming. And the spa there is gorgeous. And I agree- Stevenson's Bar is wonderful- just adore those lemon drop martini's. Get there early to get the outside balcony tables which are actually the best tables in the entire hotel. You can order from the bar menu or the Italian menu downstairs and enjoy it on the balcony. I'm not so impressed with Poipu Beach. I think it's pretty small and crowded and the snorkeling is not interesting at all. You can always take a trip up to the beautiful beaches in Hanalei. You might want to consider the Princeville Hotel. It is in a simply stunning setting and has a nice beach area.
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If you are going to be in Kaua'i in August, you ought to seriously consider staying on the north shore Check out the Hanalei Bay Resort and the Princville Hotel. I'm not a huge fan of the Princeville Hotel (I think I'm in the minority, by the way), but the location is amongst the best in the world.


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We've spent many weeks at the Four Seaons over the years. You'll never forget your honeymoon if you stay there. It's an absolute dream. Prepare to be pampered.

As for Kauai, the Hyatt is nice, very nice. We prefer the Princeville area, though. It's paradise with Bali Hai in sight and the beautiful sunsets.
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Thank you everyone for your help. While the condo would help save us money it is our HM so we would prefer to be pampered for 2 weeks.

It appears the 4S would be the better choice of the 2. I hear mix reviews on the Hyatt in Maui and I'd rather not chance it on my HM.

As far as Kauai - I believe we will stay at the Hyatt. I heard very positive reviews and I am looking forward to some R&R!

I get the impression that stores, other hotels and even restaurants are in somewhat walking distance from the 4S. That would be nice. We like to venture out of the hotel and site see!

Thanks again!
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I agree with the other posts that you have made the right choice in the Fours Seasons on Maui and Hyatt on Kauai. My husband and I were in Maui last Fall for 6 nights and Kauai for 5 nights. On Kauai we did stay at the Hyatt (WOW what a hotel) very romantic. We have a trip report and lots of pictures of the Hyatt if you would like to see them just email me at [email protected] and I will send you the link.

PS When on Kauai do the isalnd Helicopter ride with Inter-island which includes a picnic landing at a secluded waterfall. You can swim in your own private waterfall and fly in a helicopter with no doors way cool! we did and it was the highlight of our stay on Kauai.

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We stayed at the Hyatt on Maui recently. The grounds are beautiful and the breakfast buffet at the Swan Court was great, but our room was in need of refurbushing which I hear will be happening soon. Also, the walls there are thin and the rooms are adjoining. There was lots of noise from the people next to us. The room was way overpriced. We've never stayed at the other properties mentioned, so I can't comment on those. Have a wonderful time wherever you stay and congratulations.
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On MAUI, we stayed at the GWR and dined at the 4S. Later in our 10-day stay, we stayed at a great condo on the 4th green of a course in Kaanapali - Outrigger something. Both were excellent for different reasons. The beaches (sandy beaches not so rocky, the views, aromas, proximity to great diving, wind direction, etc.) of Wailea are superior, hence, premium hotels bid for these parcels.

Breakfast at 4S and GWR are similar in price, as a couple, we averaged $52 every morning (incl-gratuity) whether it was at a table downstairs, or room service on our room's patio facing the water.


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