hershey, PA

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hershey, PA

I am interested in knowing about Hershey, PA (cost, how many days, good for a 2 and 4 year old, places to stay? any advice that anyone can give me for this location? Thanks, Jenny
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I have only toured the Hershey World and walked inside the hotel. Depends on your budget. Do you want to spend time in Amish country? Go to the park?

Otherwise 1 day in Hershey is more than enough.
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In my experience Hershey Park (amusement park) is not appropriate for 2&4 year olds. Most of the rides are geared to older kids, and have height minimums. You'll pay a lot in admission for any adults, and be very limited as to what you can actually do.

Also, avoid the Hershey Lodge hotel. It's not a bad hotel, but definitely not worth the $ premium they charge. Rooms are basic 2 double bed rooms that get a lot of wear. Grounds are very spread out, and not connected to anything. In short, it's just a hotel.

It's not like Disney where there is something special about staying on-property.

Save your $ and get a room at one of the newer chain hotels like Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Springhill suites, etc.
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Welcome to the Fodors boards, Jenny.

Most of the posters here (including me) have the same opinion of Hershey town, Chocolateword, and Hershey Park.

A search for "Hershey" here provides:

Author: Lori25j ([email protected])
Date: 04/25/2007, 01:24 pm
Thinking of taking our 3 year old to Hershey Park for a night or two, but someone also recommended Dutch Wonderland to us. I've tried reading up on it online, but have read very, very different reviews. Would like a decent hotel too - I think Hershey Lodge is very expensive, any other good ones in the area OR if Dutch wonderland is to be recommended any in that area?
Author: skipop
Date: 04/25/2007, 01:57 pm
With a three year old, I think Dutch Wonderland would be a better call. I would also not recommend Hershey Lodge. It's an average hotel at best that's prioced like a four star hotel. It's simply not worth the money. To be honest, we hav yet to find a great hotel in the area. Every place we have stayed has been acceptable, but we wouldn't recommend them. Perhaps stayiong at one of the nicer places in Lancaster County may be the call.
Author: J62
Date: 04/25/2007, 02:28 pm
I agree 100%.

Hershey park is geared more to older kids - you will pay a lot for admission just to ride on a few kiddie rides.

Ditto for Hershey Lodge. Nothing better than your random roadside inn - motel 6, etc.

Definitely not worth the premium they charge. You are better off at the Hilton Garden Inn or Comfort Inn. (haven't stayed at either of those)
Author: momjay5
Date: 05/09/2007, 08:55 pm
There is a great family resort, "Willow Valley Resort & Conference Center". It is centrally located near Dutch Wonderland & Strasburg RR. They have indoor & outdoor pools, indoor water park, fitness center and game room. They also have a really nice restaurant on the premises. Between Strasburg RR and the town of Strasburg there is a little train shop called the "Choo Choo Barn". It is a minature town w/working trains. I grew up going there every summer and also took my kids when they were small. A 3-year old would love it!

Author: rungirl2002
Date: 09/08/2006, 02:07 pm
Hi- I am planning a trip (maybe more like a family reunion) to Hershey Park this time next year and would like to stay in their hotel or lodge. My question is, we'll have two little ones 1.5 years and almost 3...am I crazy? Is the park good for those ages? Which hotel would you stay in? Thanks! Sarah
Author: J62
Date: 09/08/2006, 02:30 pm
I do not recommend Hershey Park for little ones. There are just a few rides which are suitable for them - basically the same kiddie rides you see at the town carnival. Most of the park is geared towards older ones - roller coasters, etc. The entrance fee for just a few rides is way out of line.

I also do NOT recommend Hershey Lodge hotel. Rooms are no better than your basic Super8 or other roadside hotel, and hotel ammenities are also nothing special. Save your money and stay at a newer chain property like Hampton Inn, or one of the suite type hotels (don't recall exactly what is in the area)
Author: MelissaBeckoff
Date: 09/08/2006, 04:44 pm
Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster would be better for your age group
Knoebels in Elysburg

Author: leahinsc
Date: 09/08/2006, 05:33 pm
I agree with the other poster - Dutch Wonderland is more appropriate for that age. It would be a lot to pay for just a few rides. You can take them to Chocolate World but I doubt they would get it.
Author: Dick
Date: 09/09/2006, 07:20 am
What makes this board intersting is there are different opinions.

I think the 3 yr old would love
Hershey Park. Unlike othere parks, I have always felt that Hershey was geared more toward younger kids as opposed to older teens that want thrill rides.

Over a third of the rides are identified as "kiddie rides"....rides which older kids would consider to be "lame". Many of the kiddie rides havent changed in probably 50 yrs.


I think the entertainment would also be appealing. I can't say how much the 1.5 one would get of of it,,,but they get in for free.

Hershey Lodge has grown into a large convention hotel. I have stayed there many times over the years and would stay there again. As for a Super8, no thanks, I'll pass.

If you do go to Hershey Lodge, consider asking for one of the original older (but remodeled) rooms....they are much larger than the newer rooms.

Author: Kay2
Date: 09/09/2006, 12:29 pm
What I do like about HP for young and old is the kiddie rides are scattered in groups around the park so some in a group could go on a roller coaster while a parent takes small ones on the small planes or other kiddie rides in the same section of the park.

However, 1.5 year old will not be able to get on even most of the kiddie rides. 2+ will be very limited as well. Many of the kiddie rides are for kindergarten-elementary school age.

The big expansion underway is to add a waterpark.
Author: J62
Date: 09/09/2006, 02:08 pm
My biggest problem with Hershey park is not that there are no rides, it's the cost factor. Each adult must pay ~$45 admission, so even for 2 two year olds (free admission) parents will pay $90 admission. This time next year the older child will be 3, with an admission price of $25. When my kids were toddlers they were good for about 2-3hrs at an amusement park max then all they wanted to do was play quietly, swing on a swing or swim in a pool for the rest of the day.

Same thing for Hershey lodge hotel - rooms are fine, but price is > $150/night. There is nothing about the hotel that deserves such a premium price, i.m.o.

But as Dick said, that's the beauty of this forum, two different travelers can have very different opinions.
Author: rungirl2002
Date: 09/17/2006, 11:16 am
Thank you very much...I think we will find an alternative for next year and save Hershey until they are 4 and 5 or so!

I appreciate all of the advice/suggestions.


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Think you've made the right choice. I agree with those who said Dutch Wonderland is much better for the little kids.

What I did want to add for those who may read this thread of messages is that discount Hersheypark tickets are available at the Giant Food Stores in and around the Hershey area - save $10 or so per ticket off the regular price you pay at the gate -- worth a stop.
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I haven't been to WillowValley for quite a few years, my daughter is now 11 years old. But it was perfect when she was 2 and 3 years old. Your kids would really enjoy the Strausburg RR and ditto for Dutch Wonderland. It's fun because I remember going to the RR and Dutch Wonderland when I was very young.
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