Help, a hotel with a SHARED bath?

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Help, a hotel with a SHARED bath?

I have never stayed at a place like this, but I am trying to go really low budget on my trip to Seattle next week. Lots of inexp places with great locations have shared baths. What is this like..they seem to be nice places and the inn keepers say they have very little occupancy...should I try it?
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The only time I have stayed with a shared bath was in Europe and it was fine. Never any problems, always kept clean. I did take shower shoes and my own bath towel.
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This is one of those questions that is impossible to answer. In most cases there's never a problem, but there's always a chance that you're going to share the bath with a slob or someone who monopolizes the bathroom for hours. And you have to remember to bring something like a light robe to wear to and from. The key question to ask is the number of rooms in proportion to the number of baths. I once stayed in a guest house in Maine with ONE bathroom for three bedrooms, each of which was occupied by two people. You can imagine what mornings were like!
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Owen O'Neill
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Just do your homework first to make sure the hotel is not a fleabag. There are plenty of fine older hotels that have some rooms with shared baths. I've stayed in such places in both Phoenix AZ and NYC. Had good experience in both. In many of these places there are also rooms with private baths and you may find that youre sharing the bath with a limited number of other people. The shower shoes are a good idea as sometimes the floor may have a bit of water due to several people taking showers before you. In my experiences the bathrooms were clean and well kept, towels were supplied and there was a sink in the room for shaving etc. I was hesitant to use a shared bath room at first but considering the fact that I shared a bath with three family members for years and with a floor of other guys in college... it didn't seem unreasonable. When I travel with a lady friend we always opt for private bath but I don't hesistate to save the $$ when traveling alone.
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Another way to look at this, you might luck out and be able to have your back washed.

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I think I've done the shared bath thing three times, and all were fine. In Britain we had two rooms (me and husband in double, daughter in single next door). The bath was "shared" but since all the other rooms had private baths, we only shared with our daughter. The bathroom, btw, was spotless and posh!

B&B in Tennessee...shared bath, but we were the only guests. No problem.

Shared bath at the AMC lodge in Pinkham Notch, a dorm. Lots of stalls, sinks, one shower. Very clean, and since I was only there for one night, no problem. Forgot my comb at the sink, and it was still there the next morning.

As Owen, said, do your homework, and take a robe/slippers and you should be fine.
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Just how cheap is it?

I saw some winning Priceline bids for 3 star hotels in Seattle for $25/nite.

Check out for details.
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Are you staying at the hostel? The main Hostelling International in Pike clean,and bathrooms are well kept and no difficulties sharing..bring own wash clothes and towels.

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