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End of August, start of September weather feedback ?
Helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon feedback ?
Least expensive places to stay ( I would LOVE to stay with people who live in the area ! ).
Driving along the Canyon feedback ?

I am a 62yrs old blue-jeans wearer Baby boomer loner.
I want to travel at my pace ( slow ), either alone or with someone who travels like me.
I am NOT a long distance hiker.
Photography is my passion.
Thank you in advance for any and all advice !
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The first thing you should do if you haven't already is get a National Park pass. For those who are 62 it is only $10 and it gets you and anyone in your car into all the parks for free for your lifetime.

For Grand Canyon, IMO the best place to stay is in the park. The lodging on the south rim is not too expensive if you stay at Bright Angel lodge. This allows you to be there at sunrise and sunset for some of the most spectacular pictures. There are also campgrounds that are inexpensive too. Even if you don't hike, do go a little way down into the canyon to get the feel of the place and walk along the rim trail. If you head for hermit's rest on the rim trail, you can hop on the bus when you get tired of walking and ride a bit then get off and walk a while.

If you are not sure of when you'll be able to travel, take the number for Xanterra and as the time gets close, call them and keep calling as spaces open up due to cancellations all the time.

I'm not sure about the helicopter ride, I don't think they allow it in the National Park area any more, but they may. Years ago we took a plane from Vegas that flew over lake Meade and up the west end of the canyon and landed on the airport near the NP. This gave great views of that part of the canyon.

Have a fantastic trip!
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Click on above for Helicopter Tours. We have gone with Papillion twice and think they are great.

Hike down into the canyon for just a short way, to get the feel of it.
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> I would LOVE to stay with people who live in the area

Problem is, the area is so desolate -- which is one of its attractions -- that nobody lives near the national park unless they are connected to the tourist business. So your best (I would say ONLY reasonable) choice is to stay with the NP. This means camping or Xanterra.

> Driving along the Canyon feedback ?

Not much to say here. There's one road along the South Rim and one road that gets you close to the North Rim. I highly recommend the Rim hike, which is flat and can be any length you want. *IF* you are willing to do the necessary preparation, I also recommend you hike down one of the main trails until you START to feel tired or sore. Even if this means fifteen minutes, you'll experience The Canyon in a way that 90% of its visitors don't -- and get great photos besides.
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Nothing like angling for an invitation for free lodging.

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Thank you, Paul.
I heard you !
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Placename, nothing's wrong with asking. She's only asking a question.

Gypsy, get on a helicopter if you can (I can't for health issues). I was on a tour with people who took it, you should've seen their faces, it was once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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to Dayenu :

Thanks for your feedback on the helicopter ride.
I am sorry YOU could not go...

Also, many thanks for your comment to Placename.
After feeling sad due to his/her bitter judgment on my question, I decided to ignore him/her.
This is a person who does not understand THAT kind of traveling.
A much more intimate kind that helps BOTH PARTIES financially ( I never said I was looking for FREE lodging ! ).
I have hosted travelers in my spare room before and have stayed at folks places both in this country and abroad.
Though I am sure it would not work for everybody, it is MY preferred way of traveling, for many other reasons than financial.
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I am grateful for all of your individual comments and suggestions.
This is what this site is all about, isn't it ?
Bless you all !
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I'd recommend September after Labor Day weekend unless you like crowds and standing on shuttle buses. From the Grand Canyon National Park website: Summer thunderstorms frequently occur during July, August, and early September with the potential for torrential rains, frequent lightning, and sudden flash floods. I'd go mid to late in September if you can and even then you can run into a thunderstorm or two. We've been in early Oct and had great weather.

My favorite thing to do at the S. Rim is to walk along the rim from Bright Angel Trail to Hopi Point. The beauty of this is you have several places you can pick up the free shuttle if you get tired of walking and just ride to the next stop. Walking from Mather Point to Bright Angel Trail head is another one to do too. Great Views and plenty of places to take photos!

Have fun,

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Thank you much, Utahtea !
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