Going to Maui again! Need recs for 2nd trip.

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Going to Maui again! Need recs for 2nd trip.

Hi Folks!

Better Half and I just traded in some credit card points for two cheap tickets to Maui in July. We've booked a small condo on Napili Bay for seven nights. What I would like is recommendations for some less touristy, less expensive things to do this trip. We did all the touristy stuff the first time. This time we'd like to do some off-the-beaten-path sightseeing, eat at some hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and enjoy some out-of-the-way beaches. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Napili is a great area, Napili Bay is a wonderful beach to swin in and relax on. The Gazebo is a fantastic place to eat breakfast, there is always a line and it is always worth it. Eat there early in your trip, and I'm sure you'll go multiple times. (I still dream about the macadamia nut banana pancakes and fried rice with scrambled eggs) Prices are pretty reasonable. There is also a pretty good rotisserie BBQ chicken place in Napili that makes for a good cheap dinner one night. I think they only have take out, so you can sit on your lanai and watch the sunset.

You can hike to the Nakalele Blowhole, which is great.
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From my 2006 trip report:

We drove Central/west Maui stopping at ‘Iao Needle. {I don't think was any fee]. The hike up the steps left many people winded and struggling, but for us, coming from 6200+ feet, caused us no problem. We also walked down among the gardens. It was a lovely, spiritual place and had true rain forest like foliage.

We had gotten lunch at Safeway, so we continued back towards the main road and stopped at, Kepaniwai Park and Heritage Gardens. [Again, no fee] This was an unusual place in that it had different buildings and memorials dedicated to all the different people who settled in Hawaii.

We continued on the road heading north and then west around the island [West Maui Highway], amazed at the roads [a lot like the ones we have here in sw CO, but with ocean at the bottom of the cliff. not rocky valleys like here]! I guess this must be what the road to Hana is like?

We got Banana Bread in Kahakuloa and then shave ice right down the road! Good thing we don’t eat like that everyday! From there we continued to Nakalele Blowhole – which was so powerful to watch from the rocks. It was so unique, we went back the next day and walk all the way down to it and got sprayed royally and took some neat pictures.

A word of caution about being down around the blowhole. Use caution and common sense. Don't get close to edge of cliffs and don't get near blowhole. There have been accidents because people hadn't packed their ability to think in their luggage. Seriously, enjoy it but be careful!

Gazebo Restaurant was great, but get there early as the lines form early 8 am!

It was everything everyone on here said it way and more! We had mac- nut bananas with creamy white coconut syrup – YUM! We were tempted to order fried rice along with it and when we saw the size of the orders, we were glad we didn’t get the rice! The pancakes were the size of a large plate and a short stack brought 2 of these babies each!

We had dinner our first night at Leilani’s on the Beach {lower level} at Whalers Village. We were exhausted from a long day that started at 4:30 am Mountain Time. We started off with fried calamari which was delish! It was a very different kind of calamari than we are used too – no little rings and squiggly parts. It was long, meaty chunks that were oh so sweet. They were no the least bit greasy and came with a nice spicy dipping sause. We had fish chowder that had all sorts of great things in it and very little potatoes which is how we like our chowder. It was creamy and tasty! I had a nice salad and we called it a night.

Had lunch at the Sea House next to Napili Bay the first full day because we had made an early start and wanted to get to beach ASAP and didn’t want to bother going to Safeway. It was good and convenient.

Hope this helps...
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Lots of websites for Maui:

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Have you been to Upcountry yet? It's my favorite area on Maui. I enjoy walking around historic Makawao and stopping in at some of the local shops and galleries.
Beautiful drives up Kula Road or over to Haiku, looking down the slopes of Haleakala to the isthmus and blue, blue ocean below.
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Not exactly off the beaten track, but if you have not seen the Warren & Annabelle show, I highly recommend it. So much fun! It's in Lahaina.
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Thanks yall, for the wonderful replies!

Bikom - I've heard many great things about The Gazebo, but this is the first time I've heard about the rotisserie chicken. Sounds like that would make a great picnic.

Deb - I notice you and Bikom both mention the blowhole. We will definitely be putting that on the list. And we will keep a respectful distance, trust me. We also plan on seeing Iao Needle and it's surroundings. The pictures I've seen look enchanting.

Dusty, as always, excellent links. Thanks for being a wonderful ambassador.

Barbara - I've heard so much about how lovely upcountry is. Better Half has seen more of it as the last time we visited the island he went off to do some 4-wheeling. I plan on getting my own look this time. Will definitely add a stop in Makawao to my list.

Dave - it's so funny you mention Warren & Annabelle's. We've discussed doing one "expensive" thing and I think this might be just the ticket. On our first trip we did all the Luau, ate at the beautiful restaurants, etc. so I think this would fit the requirement for "different." Did yall just buy show tickets, or did you buy the package with the drinks and appetizers? Would you do the same again?

Thanks again for all the suggestions.
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We did Warren & Annabelle's and really liked it. . We got the drinks/pu-pu/dessert combo package and it was really good. The show is absolutely amazing…Warren will simply have you astonished! We sat in 3rd row and honestly, you just couldn’t believe what he was doing was possible! His show was 2 hours and is a must see!

This was nice too:

Paragon Sunset Cruise – I booked this when we arrived in Maui. We had 2 nights that we could have taken it and I wanted to be sure that the weather would co-operate. I had found them online and liked the idea that they used motor only to get into and out of harbor, the rest of the time the catamaran was under sail. The drinks were plentiful and the first batch of mai-tais would have cleaned rust off a pipe! They weren’t as strong in subsequent rounds – by request. They served appetizers that were very tasty including: wings, sw type egg rolls & 1 more that escapes me at the moment and fruit platters. We met some really nice folks aboard and had a great sail. The sunset was blocked a bit by clouds. {Unfortunately, there was a lot of vog around the entire time we were in HI. I may be prejudiced, but the sunsets we have here in SW are nicer color wise -- except we don’t have the ocean to reflect the sunset.}

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You're certainly welcome. I believe there is only one main shopping area as you enter Napili, and the chicken/rib place is in that strip mall somewhere. I believe there is a grocery store there as well. it does make a good, inexpensive picnic, for sure.

and I guess I'm going to have to see Warren and Annabelle the next time I go. Deb usually has excellent suggestions
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My brother-in-law lives in Makawao, and he raves about Warren and Annabelle's.

Lee Ann
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That chicken place is in the Napili Plaza strip mall. It's called Mama's Ribs and Rotisserie...and it is yummy!
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We absolutely loved Warren and Annabelle's! It was one of the highlights of our trip. We are headed back to Maui in 2 weeks and unfortunately, Warren will be on vacation! I am so bummed. Anyway, IMO the food was not very good at all. I would have preferred to have had dinner prior to the show, and then just purchased the drink package. Also, make sure to bring your drink from the Annabelle part of the show into the theater for the main act, they do not serve once you are in the theater.
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We did the full Warren and Annabelle's package. We thought the food was pretty good. And they did not skimp; there was plenty to eat. I would say if you have something else in mind, do that, but I don't think you would be going wrong if you ate there.
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I agree with the Iao Needle recommendation. I thought it was amazing. You'll find a few tips about visiting it here: http://www.govisithawaii.com/2007/07...ey-state-park/

As far as restaurants, in Kapalua, there's a neat old store that has extensive menu for a deli. It's the perfect place to grab something for a beach picnic. The name of the store in Honolau and it's inside the Kapalua Resort kinda between one of the golf courses and the Ritz Carlton. http://www.govisithawaii.com/2008/01...cnic-supplies/

Another off the wall idea is to stop in at the Lavender farm in the Upcountry http://www.aliikulalavender.com/akl_lifestyle.asp
and a Surfing Goat Dairy farm that makes gourmet goat cheeses http://www.surfinggoatdairy.com/

Though a bit touristy, Kapalua has opened an new outdoor adventure outpost. They have some free short hikes worth considering. Here's some details on that:

I hope this helps...have a great time.
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We loved the Gazebo, too for Breakfast! Don't miss it - it is SO good and what a great location on the beach!
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MauiPigFarmer, mind telling what this "small condo" on Napili Bay is? A link perhaps?
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The lavender farm in upcountry is a wonderful spot to wander around and have a bite to eat.
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Thanks again yall! I think I read or heard about the lavender farm last time we were in Maui and it sounds like a neat and different kind of spot.

NeoPatrick, I don't mind sharing at all. It's called Napili Bay Resort. http://www.alohacondos.com/napili/ There are also some of them listed on VRBO. We chose unit 215. It's upstairs on a corner. It has a bit of ocean view, and we're hoping there will be some breeze up there.

We've decided to splurge for a convertible. Can't wait to get away with Better Half and put the top down and do some sight seeing. Wooohoo!
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bookmarking - thnks!
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Drive all the way up Haleakala, do it before noon so hopefully the clouds haven't moved in. Then take a left on the way back and drive around to Tedeschi winery / Ulupalakua ranch. Great spot and excellent views along the way. You could go further all the way around the "back" but I believe the road is closed due to rockslides nearer Hana.
We always wanted to go up the mountain to Polipoli State Park, redwoods up there ! However, road is bad and rain/mud stopped previous attempts. I believe it's closed now but might reopen in time for the summer.
Anyway, upcountry is great too
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