Gasoline company credit cards?

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Gasoline company credit cards?

Are these a good idea?
I have never used one but am considering one for our college student.
I saw an ad somewhere for one that offered a special discount on gas.
We would get one that has convenient locations to campus.
Does anyone have advice on this?
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My son has a regular credit card that he uses for gas and shcool expenses. He's a cosigner but the only user on the card. It's easier for me to pay the card every month than to send him money for this stuff. This is in CA.

We get points on Amazon which he can use to buy his books.
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The offers I've seen are for a limited time only - xx% back on gas purchases for the 1st 3 mo or something similar. I haven't carried a gas card in eons primarily because of the limited use at only those co stations.

Having a gas only card is fine if the stations are convenient and cost competitive, and you don't want your child to use the card for other purchases.

I myself would probably just give my kids a credit card with an understanding on what it can be used for & spending limits - more versatile
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Many Visa cards offer a 5% cash back for gas.


Be very cautious when handing out a credit card to a youngester.. You never know what can happen...

You may want to check into a re-loadable prepaid gift or debit card. Visa offers them... That way you can add cash as needed and you can still be in charge.

Google .. Visa® Reloadable Card
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I have always had one - Shell - which the manufacturer of my car suggests anyway!
I have given my duaghter one as I dont want her to be in a pinch where she does not have gas to get anywhere - she does not have a regular credit card though.
I have had to have a talk with her not to buy car washes, junk food and soda!!
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When I was a college student my first credit cards were gas cards in my name (no parental co-signer) - easier to get than a "regular" card, and helped me build up a credit record. I actually had cards from several oil companies (as well as department stores) before I got one of the "big" credit cards right after I graduated.

Of course, I used them wisely and paid off the balances in full each month. But gas cards especially might be a great way for your student to get experience with credit while having only limited "exposure" (no shopping sprees at the mall to worry about, for example).
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Thanks for all your thoughts. We have provided a Visa check card, which is easier for us to manage, and we provide a weekly 'budget' for necessities. But, a gas card might be a good back-up, too. I looked at the Shell card, which looks good, but it links to a checking account, so it wouldn't do more for us than the debit card does. I'll keep researching it.
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