Friday Fun: the dreaded W-word!

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Friday Fun: the dreaded W-word!

Let's post funny things happened to you (or anybody!) at work.

I'll start:
my co-worker took a day off. The out-of-office auto reply in his outlook informed everybody: "in my absence please Faina"

He said next time he'll post this on purpose
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My head pro (I'm in the golf business) asked one of the assistant pros who has just returned from his honeymoon today, what married sex was like.

The pro and his new wife had abstained before marriage. He said to the head (never married) pro, "I don't know Mike, isn't your girlfriend married?".
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This is a funny (but really embarrassing thing) that happened to me recently.

My firm sponsored a happy bar at a local bar. I was leaving and said goodbye to everyone. Two blocks down the street, as I was heading to the parking garage, a passerby said "pull your skirt out."

I looked at my back and realized that half of my skirt was stuck into my slip...and that obviously everyone at work saw more of me than I had realized!

I was mortified!
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Mant years ago, at my bank we had a customer who wanted a sex change operation. He came in for a loan, and was denied. He had accounts with us, some under his male name, and some under his female name. Oh, and he was engaged to a man. One time I was trying to help him, and was flustered. That day he came in as the female...I asked a coworker for help and referred to him as a him instead of the "her" as he was dressed for the day. Then trying to cover my mistake, I REALLY put my foot in my mouth and called him/her an IT! I will never forget it...or him...he was an awful looking her. Tube tops on men should be outlawed.
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In a sea of 15,000 employees I was blessed to work with a group of 15 that got along like the best of friends. Five years after the fact many of us remain in contact.

One beloved co-worker was known as the computer guru of the group--the techie. He was young, sweet and innocent, walked the straight and narrow, played by all the rules. One day while conducting a legitimate search on google a large pair of boobs popped up on his screen--like a rocket in his rolling chair he shot away from his computer with hands up in the air saying, it wasn't me, it wasn't me, call eyes, my eyes.... the rest of us were doubled over on the floor laughing hysterically.

Then there was the day one of our co-workers brought in their sons can of fart spray.... I went home many nights thinking I should pay the company for all the fun we had!
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Not always rated PG, but almost always funny.
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I work in a medical clinic. Usually take the stairs to my office but took the elevator one day. I waiting for the door to open along with a group of others and when it opened there was a totally naked man in a pink wig trying to get one leg in his jeans as fast as he could- had an open suitcase on the floor.
We all stared in amazement as the elevator door closed again and he disappeared.

I have been standing at the elevator every day since waiting for his return-
but no luck ( just kidding)
Anyway- it was pretty funny

Heard later he is a cross dresser and was quickly trying to change into his
male clothes.
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This happened to a very dear friend of mine who worked as the Executive Director of a major Cancer Research Funding Agency. One day my friend had to work from home. As it happened, she was scheduled to do a telephone radio interview that day, so she gave the radio producer her home phone number. She did not tell him it was her home phone number. She merely said "You can reach me @ this number for the radio interview". My friend's 3 year old daughter was also @ home that day. During potty training, the child's nanny always used the term "making your do-do's" whenever the kid "had to go". Well, when somebody called from the radio station, guess who answered the phone because Mommy was in the washroom? My friend heard the phone ring, but could not get to it in time to prevent the inevitable: As she rushed from the washroom, pants around her ankles, she heard her daughter say "No, Mommy can't come to the phone. She's making her do-do's!"
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GoTRavel - that is too funny!
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MMS, you post reminded me...

Working in a health insurance company, accounting department, I took a client's call to check her balance.

I gave her the information, but she said: and one more thing, I need to change my sex

I don't know where I got the strength to seriously tell her, I don't know if the insurance will cover that, I will transfer you to our health specialists

After she stopped laughing, she admitted she'd worded her question poorly. Her insurance card said "M" and all she needed was to change her gender on the card to "F"
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Faina--LOL! I had quite the initiation at work when learning about this guy.
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