Freaky Friday rants and raves Oct. 29th

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Freaky Friday rants and raves Oct. 29th

Good morning all!

Rant: "Airline" was not aired on Monday night. Hope they didn't dump it.

Rave: No more lawn mowing
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Rave: we donated $20,000 to our local Botanical Garden. Great feeling!
Rant: We wanted to trim bushes this morning but lines are already too long to vote.

Freaky Friday Rants and Raves -- 10/29

Author: dwoodliff
Date: 10/29/2004, 02:19 am
Message: Well, I feel like I'm sitting in someone else's swimming pool, but, I guess I'll start it. Where the heck are all the usual starters?

Rave: I have the day off, and I don't have to go anywhere this weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love to travel, but it's nice to have a weekend at home every so often.

Rant: Had to replace the battery in my car this week. Took me 3 days to get it jump-started good enough to drive it to the mechanic shop. Got home late that night and discovered I'd forgotten to pay the water bill. Grrrr ...

Rant-to-be: I'm gonna be embarrassed if somebody beat me to this ...



Author: OneWanderingJew
Date: 10/29/2004, 02:30 am
Message: Rant: I posted on the wrong FFRR--the one you wrote to jor! Oh well...


Author: dwoodliff
Date: 10/29/2004, 02:39 am
Message: OneWanderingJew: I'll answer you on this thread, and maybe the other post will fizzle. My daughter had the same scary test results with her 2nd child. She had to go out of town for extensive (also expensive) ultrasound tests every month. Nothing abnormal ever showed up after the first test, and the baby was born perfectly healthy. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your baby will be fine, too.



Author: Alisa
Date: 10/29/2004, 02:40 am
Message: Rave: It is almost Friday and I get to spend the weekend relaxing.

Rave: My BF is getting ready to pop the question!

Rant: My best friend just moved to San Diego.

Rant: There goes my cell phone bill - as if it was not high enough already!


Author: dwoodliff
Date: 10/29/2004, 02:43 am
Message: Oh yeah, by the way ... multiple posts are welcome.



Author: lcuy
Date: 10/29/2004, 02:59 am
Message: Rave: Daughter is knee deep in college apps. I am thankful that she has lots of options.

Rant: Options = decisions= stress. My husband is in California this week, so I am the sole beneficiary of her stress.

Rant: It was raining and traffic was awful coming home this afternoon.

Rave: Saw a great rainbow as I came up the final stretch into Manoa.


Author: mikemo
Date: 10/29/2004, 03:53 am
Message: Rave: the BMW M 6 is on the way to CA and I have 80% of my 1993 purchase price in the bank.

Rave: the buyers (no agent and "as is") of my house (visitors @ my garage sale last w/e) have qualified and the inspector is coming today.

Rant: Voted early (7:00) on Thurs AM and still waited 35 min - nearly all were doing a straight Republican ticket so it was faster than I thought given the lines.

Rant: Texas is going Republican, so my vote is simply a confirmation. I (and my many dead relatives) tried to vote in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, but...

Rant: Microsoft Internet Explorer crashed big time today - took 12 hours to reconstruct - solution: http:/
Should have done that when it was published a couple weeks ago.

Rant: Despite my Seer 19 A/C, my electric bill is rising - $0.107/KWH this month c/w $0.094/KWH last several.

Rave: The many charities coming to clean out the junk in my house left over from the 1 day garage sale.

Happy fin de semana.



Author: MelissaHI
Date: 10/29/2004, 06:02 am
Message: Rant: I just came home from vacation in Napa, SF, and Vegas.

Rant: Now I have to go back to real life.

Rant: Why can't my life be a constant vacation?

Sorry--post vacation grouchiness.


Author: marykc
Date: 10/29/2004, 07:29 am
Message: Rant: I have a farting dog but shes not in my car she is right beside me in the dining room. Her name is Alyson Marie, a black cocker Spaniel. She will not go out and do her thing because it is raining.
Rant: I have a dental appointment at 10:30 and I am so nervous. Is anyone else afraid of their dentist?
Rave: After the dental appointment, if I am still alive I am going to Edinboro to visit my son in college.
RANT: The steelers play New England on Sunday at the same time our town is having trick or treating. GO STEELERS.

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Rave : We've rejoined jor's FFRR thread and abandoned all poseurs.

Rave : Permanently registered for Absentee Voting. No lines!!!

Rave : There will be much bush trimming between now and Tuesday.

Rave : My Muffy eventually made it home in one piece last night.
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Rant: my sweetie is STILL away on concert tour.
Rave: He's coming home on Sunday! And the concerts have been going well.
Rave: I had a great visit last week with my daughter and son-in-law and grandson in New York.
Rant: My allergic cat is itchy again and I have to take him to the vet this afternoon for a cortisone shot.
Rave: At least he's not farting.
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RAVE: My doggie doesn't have melanoma, and is doing great!

RAVE: My sister's knee replacement went great, and she's doing well!

RAVE: Four months and a couple of weeks into my health & fitness program, I have lost TWENTY-FOUR pounds!!! CARTWHEEL!!!

RAVE: It's Halloween weekend! I love it, and will have my usual Halloween supper with friends in, to watch "Halloween" with Jamie Lee!

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Good morning !!
Gorgeous weather.
Blue Angels all weekend.
My kitchen renovation is being finished today!!
Bonnies pup is gonna be OK!
My Pup is at the groomer, he will come home looking like a FouFou Poodle and smelling like a Flower ((&))

Fire ants...I got bitten I have been told to put Clorox on the bites to neutralize the venom which is similar to a rattlesnakes

Stay safe and Happy Halloween!
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Rave: Bonnie's pooch is okay.

Rave: The Red Sox won.

Rave: My hubby is off all weekend (rare), and so am I.

Way too many rants to list this week. I certainly hope next week is better.

Happy Halloween and have a great weekend, everyone!
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The inconsiderates who let the hotel room doors bang shut.
The too important to wait drivers who drove on the shoulder last Friday on I-81 in VA while the rest of waited four hours or more to exit in Buchannan north of the accident.

Rave: Seeing this country at ground level as we drove 7400 miles from Va to San Diego and back, visiting eight of the National Parks in Utah on the return trip.
Rave: Driving down the Moki Dugway.
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Rave--Less than a month til my marathon!

Rave--Getting to go back and visit friends when we go to Seattle for it

Rave--DS football team is undefeated and going to the playoffs!

Rave--Had a great time at our college homecoming last weekend! Great game, weather turned and was good, great tailgater(is there such a thing as a bad one???), saw lots of old friends.

Rant--On our way home from homecoming last weekend DS called and said he was sick. He was staying with a friend, so we felt awful that that family was taking care of our sick child. But we were driving through our wine country anyway, so stopped at one winery, did a VERY quick tasting and bought a few bottles to bring back for that family as well as the other family that DD was with. So didn't get to enjoy the area as much since we were in a hurry.

Rave--Already voted. never any lines...all by mail.

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Scarlett, I am allergic to fire ants--I physically get sick and swell; when I was last bit my husband, Trapper John MD , gave me topical steroids which made all the difference in the world. Before the steroids I tried everything under the sun. Good luck!

Rave: the very funny posters on this board! Disrobing lizards sitting next to farting dogs wearing ponchos in jacuzzis...

Rant: Miss Killer has a bladder infection

Rave: She is getting better

Rave: Season 6 of The Amazing Race!

Rave: Pumkins, butternut squash, the falling leaves, outside my window

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Rant: Husbands deal will be finalized November 1st.

Rave: Husband's deal will be finalized November 1st.

Rant: He'll be temporarily retired and may drive me nuts.

Rave: He'll be temporarily retired and may drive me nuts.

Rant: Not sure when we are moving to South Florida.

Rave: We are eventually moving to South Florida!
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Rave: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!! I LOVE that cartoon!

Rant: Poor Charlie Brown, all he got was rocks in his trick or treat bag.

Rave: Gloomy & foggy here this AM, fits right in with creating a spoooooky Halloween atmosphere.

Rave: MSU vs U of M game tomorrow! Having a get together with my fellow Sparties, hopefully they win, but I'd be happy with a good game given the start of their season! GO GREEN!

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Rave: We've moved back home and it is so great to be back with family!
Rant: Husband has not yet found a job in his career field! I'm praying that he will soon have a "Happy Harvest"
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RAVE: Halloween!

Rave: Bonnie's Dog and sister! And Congrats Alisa

Rant: Scarlett's Bites - ouch!

Huge Rave: Bush trimming!!

Happy Spooky Halloween to Everyone!


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RANT: Didn't see the other thread .

OWJ- best of luck to you and your family... you are in my thoughts.
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Good morning and Happy Halloween, all!

Rave: All moved into my new home! I really lucked out: put the house on the market Aug. 17, open house 22nd, offer 23rd, closing Oct. 7th, and moved in new home weekend of 15th. All in less than 2 months - yea!!!

Rave: Nasty political ads end next Tuesday.

Rave: Autumn, lovely autumn - my favorite time of year.

Rant: Because of move, couldn't get up north to daughter's to see the foliage in their woods and go 4-wheeling with the grandkids.

No other rants - life is good!
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OWJ, all the best of luck. Will be thinking of you and sending good vibes until you let us know that you and the baby are just fine
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Rave: Jor's FFR&R!

Rave: DH is EOQ "Employee of the Quarter" at his company which entitles him to priviliged parking next to the CEO & an AMEX GC...hmmm what's the restaurant of my (I mean his) choice?

Rave: Fodorite GTG TOMORROW!!! Can't wait to meet in person! I will not wear fodorite black!

Rave: HALLOWEEN on Sunday when I can be home to see all the kids!

Rave: No rants this week!

8-X Happy Halloween Everyone!

Don't forget to Vote on Tuesday!

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Rave: Have you heard - The Red Sox are World Champions!!!!!

I've been a fan my entire life. I remember going to Fenway back in the '60s with my Dad and 7 siblings. The guys at the turnstyles let a couple of us in for free because they didn't him to have to pay for so many kids. I think the tickets were 50 cents each. The next time I went to Fenway I was probably a freshman in college, still sitting in the bleachers, drinking beer, hardly watching the game at all. And then moving up to grandstand seats, box seats and eventually to a luxury box on occasion. We've followed the team to Toronto, Seattle and Baltimore. We've been to all the minor league teams games. Its been a long hard heartbreaking roadtrip but its been so great, so much fun.

Rave: Yankee fans who are as dedicated and committed as Red Sox fans. None of this would be the same if we didn't have each other to compete with. Thanks Ryan, Craig, and all of the other NY posters this past weeks.

Rave: Red Sox Fodorites - thanks for sharing this great experience these past fews weeks. Its been fun posting and sharing.

Rants: These flying pigs are driving me crazy.
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happy halloweeny!! to all! ><

rave/rant: nearly all plans fell through/or altered slightly for the weekend. i guess i am supposed to be somewhere else this w'end. just have to go with it...

rave: it's the weekend and either way i will relax.

rave: saw 2 friends this week that i don't get to see that often. :-B

rave: halloween! it's always fun. =D>

rant: is it possible there are too many freaky friday posts to read??


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