Freaky Friday Rants and Raves 7/30/04

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I read in yesterday's newspaper that some scientists in British Columbia are coming up with a strep vaccine. That would be pretty good - no more strep throat, scarlet fever, toxic shock syndrome or flesh-eating disease. They expect it might be out as soon as 2 or 3 years from now.
Rant: not soon enough for GoTravel!
Rave: it's a long weekend up here in Canada.
Rant: It's raining. And, it's hot.
Rave: Some dear friends from BC are spending the weekend with us.

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Birthday wishes to all you young whippersnappers who are still able to tell their age without wincing!

Cheers to those of you who are diligently shedding pounds. Great Job. You go bonnie and rj! To those of us stuck on some #$% a dear friend loves to say..."feh" on those pounds!!

Many cheers for rj's sister, doing great. YES! I'm so glad to hear rj...keep us updated.

Rants: my high speed internet works only sporadically and the person who was to come fix it either Wed or Thurs afternoon never did, nor did he call. You know where I was Wed and Thurs.

Rave: Dinner with friends tonight, nothing pressing for the weekend and the most stressing will only be whether we tack or jibe the boat!
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Thank you for all your well-wishes on my wedding next Friday!

I promise to repay everyone for all their help with a big, fat Hawaiian trip report
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Rave: The sun is shining in Central NJ.

Rant: Its 90 degrees and about 90 percent humidity.

Rave: Congrats to you all for your various celebrations (and to you my beloved son...happy 22nd).

Have a great weekend...I'm going to watch Manchester United thump AC Milan tomorrow at Giants Stadium. Ah...the beautiful game.
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Beachgirl, & to you on your wedding day next Friday! Have a beautiful ceremony, and a memorable trip to Paradise!

Thank you to all you nice people who are wishing me well on my new fitness journey....... you're the best, and I appreciate it. I'll keep on sweating........

A wonderful weekend to all!!!
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RAVE RAVE... RAVENS start today on the road to another Super Bowl! RAVE: Orioles beat the dreaded Yankees for a change. RAVE: We are leaving for our house high in the Colorado Rockies this week..can't wait for the solitude,beauty and lack of heat and humidity! No rants today (so nice!)
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Rave: I joined a gym and my energy level is sky high after only 3 workouts!

Rant: Supposed to take my (from out of town visiting nephew) to Toronto for the day tomorrow, but "all-day" thunderstorms are predicted.

Rave: I live in Buffalo - a 90 mile drive from Toronto - so we'll just go on Sunday instead (cuz the weather is supposed to be good).

Rant: My wonderful (from out of town visiting) nephew returns home in one week. We will miss him!

Rave: I will spending the last week of August in a beautiful beachfront house in Hyannisport.

Super Rave: I don't have to pay for the above mentioned stay in a beautiful beachfront house in Hyannisport!

Super Duper Rave: We're healthy!
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Rave: learned a new english word

NOVERCAPHOBIA = fear of your stepmother

Don't believe me? See for yourself:

I'm yet to determine what to do with this knowledge... call my steppy "noverca"?
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Rave: My daughter is home from camp all excited and rested!!

Rant: It's HOT here and we don't have a pool. Waahh!!

Rave: Bought four great books to read at Barnes & Noble on Wed. night

Rant: Our Huntington Lake condo is rented out all this week

Rave: We get to go up for three nights next week and escape this dreadful heat!!

Rant: Our skylights are still broke from our roofers

Rave: New roof looks great!!

Rave: Had the best pedicure ever at a spa in Astoria, OR and it still looks great!

Rant: I wish I was there now and never had to come back to this heat!!!

Rave: Tonight we get to go to Red Robin with the kids and see The Village

Rant: I'll proabably walk out of this movie, scared. I'm sure a sissy!! LOL

Rave: Went to a beautiful wedding and reception last Sat. night. The bride was glowing and so happy!!

Rant: Even my dogs are miserable in this heat!!

Rave: I get to plan a wedding for a very special couple!! How fun!!!! Happy Summer, Happy Travels!! ***kim***
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The Village is not that creepy
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Ms Scarlett,

Faina2-I have "phoebephobia"...I can't watch "Friends".

Mikemo-Since I've been a bit plugged up, I may take a 12'er of regular ol' Coors! Usually does the trick!
Or Kona Brew Co Fire Rock Pale ale. Mrs Kal will stick to her "Ultra"!

Addtl Rant:
Obnoxious Raven fans. They should have class and dignity like all of us Steeler fans!!!
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Rave: Traveling the rest of the summer, to Houston next week for baseball and family, then to NY w/my son for a week for work and fun, then to the Outer Banks. No laptop is going w/me (if I can swing it re work). I need a technology break, time to read a few real books and relax. See you all in September!
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Rave: After a 3.5 hour delay at the Phoenix airport today I am finally home after spending a week at a figure skating training camp in Salt Lake City...could my legs be more sore!?!?! The fuzzy wonder greeted me warmly at the door and is currently weaving around my ankles

Rant: Southwest Airlines thinking! I was scheduled on a one stop, no change of planes between Salt Lake City and San Antonio. In Phoenix, SW donated the plane I was on to another flight that was delayed due to mechanical problems only to move us to a new plane that, once everyone was boarded, had mechanical problems! Sitting on that tarmac in 100+ heat with little air is not my idea of a fun afternoon! What were they thinking?!?

Rave: Could have been much worse and oh-so grateful it wasn't! Cold libations in the fridge!!

Congratulations, BonnieBroad on your latest achievement! Beachgirl, wishing you a life time of happiness!! EMD, hope you enjoy a lovely vacation! FainaAgain, re: fear of mother-in-law, what hoot!

I hope everyone enjoys a nice weekend! >-

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First the travel-related bits:
RAVE: Idaho -- who knew it was so amazingly beautiful, especially the Salmon River and Sawtooth Mountains
RANT: Hotel showers with no adjustment for water pressure. When did this become the standard? Sooner rather than later the drain gets clogged a bit and you end up taking your shower standing in ankle-deep water. Ugh.

And the personal bits:
RAVE: bonniebroad & rjw congrats and keep it up!
RAVE: Congrats to you, kikahead, and to A. Have a great weekend!

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Thanks for all the warm wishes. GP has me on horsepills. 875 mg amxclln 3xs a day! Huge pills! Uh, doc, my throat is swollen shut. How am I supposed to swallow these?

Hey Scarlett, maybe the East Village is a little teeny bit different after midnight? LOL!
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Scarlett was right, the movie was not scary at all. Boring is a good word for that movie, tho! I'd wait for the video and save my time an money for other films.

Maybe the Notebook tonight! I read the book eight years ago and just found my old copy and read the whole book in a couple of hours on our way home from our last OR coast trip. ***kim***
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Sorry - I MUST add a Saturday RAVE: Six-year old GRANDDAUGHTERS! Visiting for 2-1/2 weeks! It doesn't get any better...
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Best wishes to everyone here. Lots of good news to go around this week!!

Hey Bonnie, are you changing the way you eat as well, or is the weight loss from the walking alone? Either way, congrats and you must be feeling SO GOOD!

New rave: my beautiful 4 year old daughter got her hair cut this morning and now she has bangs, for the first time. She's been primping in front of the mirror all day.

New rant, too, though: our builder pushed back our move-in date...AGAIN. Remind me to never build a house again.
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Jocelyn, the weight loss is definitely from changing eating habits, too. Have dropped my intake to about 1600 mostly healthy calories a day.... it seems to be working! Thanks again to all who are wishing me well!
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Wow, I'm sure that's a challenge! Yes, it's obviously working, and I applaud your willpower. Once you've reached your goal, I have a great book to recommend to you: "Eating Well for Optimum Health" by Dr. Andrew Weil. He's NOT a part of the low-carb craze, rather he provides very well-researched (and sometimes pretty technical) nutritional information, so that you can make educated decisions regarding your eating lifestyle. He's all about whole-body wellness, not just losing weight, and he stresses how the joy of eating is a major part of life (psst--he says chocolate is good for you!). He travels the world, learning about other cultures' diet and resultant medical issues. For example: Japanese women have a very low rate of breast and ovarian cancer, which can be attributed to their high soy intake. Did you know that if you eat or drink bitter things (bitter greens, teas, etc) it curbs your cravings for sweet? WHO KNEW! Anyway, I go in cycles with Dr. Weil's philosophies, but when I follow his principles I feel great and don't miss what I'm not eating.
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