Four Seasons Maui - How's the beach?

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Four Seasons Maui - How's the beach?

I have searched many posts about FS Maui, but couldn't find mention of the beach. Is it nice? Is it accessible? Or, does everyone stay at the pool? My husband and I are beach people, and are considering the 4 Seasons & Rennaissance for our upcoming trip.

We are also stuck on the value of our dollar because I know what exceptional service we could get at the FS. We can get a garden view at the Renn. for $195 or a garden view with car at FS for $410; i.e. an extra $175. Any thoughts? Would it be worth it, for 8 nights to spend the additional money?

Thanks for the input!
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I just returned from the 4 Seasons and it was fabulous. The beach is great--smorkeling right out front. Plus, the wondering folks at the hotel bring you ice water as you are lounging at the beach. It's very accessible. My boyfriend prefers the pool, I prefer the beach--their both right there. I have not been to the Rennaissance.
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It's a matter of how you prefer to spend your money but I personally don't think the FS is worth that much extra.
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Consider staying in a condo in Wailea if you're staying a week or more. Rent directly from an owner!
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to answer your question about the beach, the FS is on Wailea Beach, voted #1 beach in the world by Conde Nast at some point over the last 5 years. White sand, blue seas, snorkeling, diving sunbathing BEAUTIFUL. Walk down from the pool, only a few yards and you're there. The Renaissance is on a beach also, not quite as pristine and wonderful but right up there. Also great snorkelling but a little more publicly accessible and therefore busier. FS is the better of the two - check out The Grand Wailea which is right on Wailea Beach also for their rates
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We stayed at the FS for our honeymoon and it was worth every penny. It is a very beautiful hotel and service is great. Beach was wonderful. If you're concerned about the cost, why don't you stay a few days at the Renn and finish it off with a few days at the FS?
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The beach is gorgeous, same beach as the Grand Wailea...which, as a hotel is a zoo.
why don't you check out American Airlines travel packages? You can comparison shop and their prices are great internationally? We go to Maui 2X a year and just booked last trip with them. The Maui Prince has the best beach and snorkling. Less crowded (before I told you this!) and very calm. The wind does come up from about noon to 4 so if you want to snorkle or go to Molokini do it early AM or later afternoon as people do get sea sick if not used to "swells!"
Wailea is our favorite as it has the best weather and less wind than west Maui and rain in Kapalua.
Oh dear, just told our secrets!
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I agree with a previous can rent a 5 star condo/timeshare for a week for not too much more than you'd pay per night. There are many condos with ocean views that are on the beach, with great pools etc. You'll have more room and a larger lanai. Use the money you save for fancy dinners.
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Hello. My husband and I just returned from the FS Maui and it was GREAT. Wonderful, amazing beach. Keep your eye peeled for sea turtles. AND bargain harder. Ask for the reservations manager and ask for the deal my husband and I got--full ocean view room, breakfast, and car rental for $325 per night plus tax (upon reserving the room all they could guarantee was a partial ocean view but I called the night before and got them to give us a full ocean view). One BIG tip: don't eat breakfast at the restaurant; instead you can order $60 worth of room service breakfast. Wonderful! Better food than the buffet and you'll avoid all the pestering birds that hover over your plate at the restaurant. Have a great time!

Other info: food is SUPER expensive there, but the BEST dinner is at Serrento's on the beach in Wailea. Go for it! Get their island sea bass. Best meal we've ever had.
--more commentary: I wouldn't rank the FS as the best hotel we've stayed in. We would rank Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe, Regency Chiang Mai, Grand Hotel d'Angkor in Cambodia, and the Peninsula Bangkok as better hotels. Granted, these destinations were more exciting than Maui, but the hotels themselves seemed better. The thing we didn't like about the FS was the small pool area and the fact that it wasn't very remote or secluded. We thought that for the price it should be more of a hideaway. Good luck!

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Thanks for adding your personal comments to the discussion about the FS Maui.

One thing I'd point out though regarding your comments about value (that the FS Maui wasn't a good value compared to the other upscale hotels you mentioned). All the other hotels you're comparing to are in countries in which the exchange rate for the US dollar is extremely favorable. And compared to those places, you're right, the FS Maui doesn't stack up well on the value scale.
But to be fair and complete, you should keep in mind that compared to the best hotels in London, Paris, Vienna, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc, the rate you got ($325 with brkfst and car) was quite competitive. Even the FS Big Island is quite a bit more expensive...and much more secluded and 'exotic' feeling, perhaps more what you were expecting.

Anyway, glad you had a great time and thanks for the comments.
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I'm just curious when you got the great $325/night deal. Was it recently? We have stayed at the FS Maui twice before, and the FS BI 2 times last year, and were not offered that deal. We are going 12/5-12/14. How did you get such a great deal?
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Thanks for all the feedback. But, I am still a little stuck on the beach issue. When I talked to my husband about it, his first reaction was that the FS doesn't have a beach. As he recalls, the pathway along Wailea beach is bordered one side by the FS (pool, grass areas) and the other side by cliffs. So - is there a beach on the property that we just missed? Or, do you have to walk down the beach aways to in front of another hotel? And, are there any problems with the lounge chairs on the beach (or, even at the pool?). We seemed to have probs. in May at the Rennaisance with the chairs if we hit the pool or the beach at the wrong time.

I'm trying to find answers so I can convince my husband to do the FS (which as of right now, he is inclined not to). So, even any other pluses of the FS besides the luxury?

Thanks for all your time.
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I stayed at the FS Maui in Feb. There is a fantastic beach! You have to walk down stairs from the pool area which sits above it. There is a FS concierge on the beach and they will rent you snorkle gear, kayaks, dive gear, etc. The water is warm and beautiful. I snorkeled by myself and felt very safe! The FS beach is a part of Wailea beach but not right in the main public area so it wasn't as crowded. I can't remember about deck chairs as I lounged by the pool and then walked down to the beach to swim, etc. Have fun! You will both love it!!
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It is easy to show him the beach at the Four Seasons at They have aerial shots of all the hotels that include the hotel beaches. The specific link to the maui hotels is
You can see from there that the hotel has a great beach right out front.
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Thank you, thank you kt!!!!!! That is exactly what I need to show him the resort. Hopefully I'll also be able to talk him into the price. I appreciate everyone's help!

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