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Flordia Keys

Old Jul 13th, 2009, 07:11 PM
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Flordia Keys

I am planning a trip to the Florida Keys and I am looking for a great place to stay. I would like to have a nice, affordable beachfront home. Also, I would like to know of any all-inclusive resorts.
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Old Jul 14th, 2009, 07:27 PM
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Casa Marina -Key West
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Old Jul 14th, 2009, 07:52 PM
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You might get more replies if you get more specific. Does it matter which key? They're not all the same. What's your idea of affordable? How big of a house? How many people? Age range? Laid back or very active? Lots of night life or not interested? Try to focus what you're looking for and then doing a Google search for realtors when you select an area. Then post again with more specific questions. I've stayed at Casa Marina and it's very nice, but very large and not always what I would consider affordable (depends on when you go and what your definition is).
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Old Jul 15th, 2009, 12:54 PM
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The Keys can be an awesome vacation!! Margarettaville awaits and Kokmo is a state of mind but when you get there you will never want to come back!! I have had very good luck in Key Largo and Key West! But Key west is where you want to be!! Do you homework and red the reviews-some reviews are done by the resorts to decieve guests so read all of them!! I stay with chains such as Hyatt, Mariott, etc. And I call ahead and talk to their sales department. Out of fear due to bad hotel stays in the past--I do my research!! And in todays economy where the travel and hospitality industry is hurting and all of the cut backs in the hotel industry I have FEAR!!

One place I suggest you not stay is Hawk's Cay Resort in Duck Key!! I had began staying there 20 years ago and have stayed on and off over the years but my worst hotel stay was recently at this hotel/resort! The resort was recently remodeled and looks good for the most part. And I am easy to get along with. If there is am issue I tip well to get it corrected immediately!! At Hawk's Cay the moment you walk up to the front desk you know by the attitude and lack of organization at the front desk that you are about to have an intresting and rather UNPLEASANT experience. On my first trip I made the reservation and asked for a cake in the room as a suprise! I drove from Naples, Flordia for this one night just to stay at this resort and had confirm the reservation and the cake several times. To my suprise I walked into mass confussion at the hotel where everyone for hours had been told to leave their cell number and they would be called when their rooms were ready and of course those calls were not made! I also found that the lady I made my reservation with and who I was settling up the suprise with--was to my suprise no longer employed there! So nothing was done and no one knew anything. Finally after all the attitude of the conierge a cake was to be delivered and I then paid the vallet (who seemed to know what was going on $20. to help get me to my room so I could be on time for my dinner reservations back in Marathon). After dinner I came back to the hotel to find a beautiful BIG cake. I headed to the front desk for matches and spoke with a gentleman who they said was the manager he sent a bottle of champagne (which the car rental people loved) and gave us a late check out. To my suprise now we went to cut the cake and the entire top layer of the cake slid right off!! It was like a bad cartoon!! The next day by the pool unless you were waving money you were not getting service! And the front desk at check out was a very unpleasant experience yet again!! After several emails I was invited back to the hotel for 2 nights with 2 morning of room service breakfast! Lord help me. I had trouble making the reservation--if you have a gift certificate you need to fax it in and then they will call you to make a reservation! I contacted Jeff the resort manager to make the reservation since I had been in a car accident and I was not moving and most do not use a fax anymore from home. I got to the resort handed the front desk clerk the gift certificate for 2 comped nights and 2 mornings of comped room servce breakfasts and the front desk clerk gave me attitude when I questioned why she would be putting a $400 hold on my cash card when I am comped and will not be eating any other meals in the hotel. I was That was the begining of the end!! The vallet laughed when I told him what happened-he said yet another bad day!! Our evening was wonderful. We watch the sunset and eat over the water at the Loeli. The food is good and the entertainment is usually good as you watch the sunset and think life is good!! We got back to the hotel and danced to the music in the main pool--all was right in paradise. Life is really good!! Then came morning!! Life is bad!! LOL!!We ordered our comped room service (this comped room service breakfasts are etched in my memory for life!) breakfast and they forgot some of it and had added an extra milk. So we called and it was delivered of course most of the other breakfast was now cold! And of course being on the balcony over looking the pool and the ocean we had the BIRDS!! I watched as my eggs wound up in my orange juice and what a mess. They ofered to redo my eggs and I need a new oj and a new fork! (This has happened to me before in jamaica and they just redid the meal-no problem mannn!) Ok so now I watch the other person eat lol. I called and cancelled the eggs but said I still need the oj and the fork. Ok the oj comes in a bit with no fork! I took the other persons fork who was done and finished eating. Ok that was a new story to tell and we went about our day to Key West!! The next morning I find the bill under my door and I have been charged for the room sevice-I immediately call the front desk and explain that the room and the breakfast room service is comped-it is on the gift certificate presented on arrival and to contact Jeff or Wanda to verify. (Now they were given the names of the people t verify this with!) And note: this will be the only nice call this day!! I wish I had a camera to show what happened for the rest of that morning!! I then began recieving a series of phone calls from the front desk telling me that I have to eat in the dinning room on the package-I have no idea what the package is but please check the gift certificate and contact Jeff or Wanda to verify this. After 4 calls like this and alot of attitude from the front desk and my morning routine now shot I headed for the shower and no wash cloth-I cringed as I called the front desk and was told "what do you want now"? I cannot tell you how I felt at this point-I had had enough. I was being the complaining jerk. I was trying very hard to be nice and not have my day ruined while being harrassed by the front desk staff. And when I asked for the manager I was told there is no manager on duty. That they have to email Jeff to contact him about problems like me! And this is a big hotel and they have other things to do. (Thank you then stop calling me and do your job please.) When I called room service I am told that I am not allowed room service per the front desk--by now I am in tears!! I even have an email from Wanda at the resort stating that she will tell all her staff that I will be recieving room service breakfast! The room service called back and said they will do it anyway and took the order. (We all had a nice morning planned I had brought champagne to make mamossa's this morning and everything!) By the time the food arrived I was all cried out and had to force myself to eat. At this point we ate in the room as to avoid the birds! We dressed for the pool and I went to check out. the attitude I got at check out was amazing-it was so bad the girl would not even look at me!! I asked for my bill and I was told "you owe nothing. Jeff told me to take care of it and I did." I asked to speak to Jeff and was told that he is a dentist also and had several appointments before he came in today. I said after listening to "Jeff wants to talk to me and Jeff will have to deal with me then I would like to talk to jeff please." I was told when Jeff comes in I will tell him. Needless to say I never saw Jeff or Wanda. And I am so sorry again that I did not tape any of this harrassment! After 3 emails to Jeff after coming home Jeff finally responded "we are sorry that you did not have a perfect stay. We hope you will stay with us again in the future". Basically a form leter! So if someone stays here and you have a good stay then your are a rare person and a special person in life. I listened to other complain about their rooms. I watched a couple in the adult pool sink a towel to sit on it-the pool need to be cleaned but also needed to be painted. So it appeared very bad. In the state of this economy and the tourist industry and with the way they treat guests this resort is actually its own worst enemy!! There is nothing to do near by. Key West is an hour and a half away. The hotel rates even off season are on the higher end-is it worth it to have your vacation being paid for from your hard work be like this? This would ruin a vacation! There front desk staff (all college age kids who have I could careless attitudes) needs to be changed and possibly the hotel management too-you harrass a nice guest! Lord I need to be mean sometimes!! Thank God for our "airport in and airport out" hotels. The Hyatt/Pier 66 and the Bahia Mar in Ft Lauderdale were awesome with excellent guest/customer service! As a former hotel manager--never ever take the treatment that I put up with at Hawk's Cay that day! I did not ask for special treatment or any special service-why this happened I do not care to know. I only know that I will write the reviews and tell people what happened so no one experiences that again!! Enjoy your vacation!!
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The Keys have very few beaches. Beachfront homes are rare. Waterfront homes are abundant. If you are looking for a home, check out VRBO, they have many search options.

All inclusives might include Hawk's Cay (despite the above), Cheeka Lodge in Islamorada (if they are open following a fire this winter). Casa Marina mentioned above is a very good resort hotel in KW.

A resort new a couple of years ago is Tranquility Bay in Marathon that is pretty from the highway and has received some good reviews here.
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I do offer an apology for my spelling above and the fact that I did not review before sending it to be published. I was extremely upset by everything that happened at the resort and even today am still somewhat upset. The person who was with me said that I was actually quite gracious in what I wrote concerning Hawk's Cay. They obviously need better help and better management! (Someone who cares about the resort and its future!) I did stop for a rest room break at an info stand in the keys and was told when asked where I was staying that they do not recommend Hawk's Cay-I now know why!
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