First trip to Hawaii

Aug 10th, 1997, 11:55 AM
Dave Mongovin
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First trip to Hawaii

We are retired and like to travel but have never
been to Hawaii. Any suggestions for 1st visit.
Plan to spend one to two weeks. Hotels, places
to eat,see etc.
Aug 10th, 1997, 03:15 PM
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The Big Island is a terrific place to start in hawaii. There are two resorts there that are wondeful. The Kahana Villa Maui Suite Resort right next to the ocean and also The Waikoloa Villas with golf course. Food is terrific there. When you get there you can pick up a listings of local dining. I am a part time travel agent if you need advise please let me know. You'll defenitely will enjoy Hawaii.
Aug 10th, 1997, 03:17 PM
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I forgot to give you the Hawaii website. If you need help planning your trip let me know.
Aug 10th, 1997, 06:07 PM
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If you are a senior, which is 62 or older I believe, then you can get 10%25 off your UAL airfare and probably the same on all airlines. There are lots of good deals to Hawaii since lots of folks want to come here - airfare and room for a reasonable amount. The coolest months are coming up but we also have rain in Dec. and Jan, Feb.. more so than in other months. There is a seniors program - I can't remember the name - which is a study vacation all over the world. I don't know if it is available during the school year because they use Universities for classes. Their programs are a good deal and you meet some interesting folks. If you have time be sure to visit Maui, Hawaii and Kauai as well as Oahu. Each has its special sites. So go to a bookstore and get a book or two on Hawaii and read up on our islands. Aloha
Aug 11th, 1997, 07:53 PM
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Just got back from our first trip to Hawaii. Its gorgeous. We stayed on Kauai and the Big Island. Nice places on Kauai - Makahuena at Poipu (East shore) really nice condos on the ocean; also right down the beach from the Kauai Marriott - we walked through their grounds and it is just gorgeous. Also on Kauai - stayed at the Hanalei Bay Resort (North shore) - another really nice place. Next to Princeville Hotel, (pricey!) which had the most fabulous Sunday champagne brunch with a view I can't even describe!
On the Big Island - In Hilo, the Hilo Hawaiian is a nice hotel and reasonable.
Places to avoid - Kona Islander Inn in Kona (on the Big Island) and the Kauai Sands Hotel on Kauai - both had bugs!
Aug 12th, 1997, 03:29 PM
Neal Sanders
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There are two Hawaiis. Which one do you want to see? One of them has very nice weather, palm trees, and streets with names containing lots of vowels, but which is otherwise undistinguishable from, say, Ocean City, Maryland. That Hawaii is very easy to find: just look for the high-rises, condos, and Kahuna Joe's taco stands. The other Hawaii has largely disappeared, but is the reason why lots of people visit the state. It is a more graceful place where people laugh a lot and life moves at a distinctly slower pace. Hana, Maui is such a place. I have a long-term love affair with Hana and its 500 people, most of whom are native Hawaiians. There is one hotel, the Hotel Hana-Maui, and the hotel is actually staffed by native Hawaiians in capacities other than housekeeping. The rooms are very comfortable, there is no TV, the food is excellent and the fish fresh, and the staff knows your name after a day or two. Hamoa Beach is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Call them and ask for a brochure (800-321-HANA), or just talk to Momi Kawaiaea at reservations.
Sep 12th, 1997, 04:21 PM
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please advise me on cheap but nice hotels in waikiki
from the 29th.sept to the 21st oct.
Sep 15th, 1997, 12:57 PM
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What is the legal drinking age in Hawaii?
Sep 17th, 1997, 08:06 AM
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My wife and I went for about 8 days 3-4 years ago. She handled the planning, as it was a surprise for me. We spent the first few days on Moloka'i, which was truly beautiful and, at the west end, has the highest sea clifts in the world. Not that many people love on the island yet, and so it's not yet overrun with hotels, etc. It was a great way to really "get away from it all" at the beginning of our trip. We then flew to "the Big Island," where we were able to visit the usual historic and cultural sites, as well as the volcanos National Park, where you can walk directly up to the lava flows. We stayed in Kona there. We finished the trip with a 3-day stay on Oahu, just below Diamond Head. There, we were able to enjoy the incredible restaurants, etc., and see Pearl Harbor. Make sure to also visit the Submarine Museum if you go to Pearl; even my wife, who's no "history buff," was fascinated. We stayed in a condo at a complex called Paniolo Hale on Molokai, and at The Colony Surf on Oahu, and can recommend both highly. If you do stay on Oahu, MAKE SURE to try the restaurant at The Colony Surf--Michele's. The food was incredible, and it has large open windows that look out over the sunset. One of our most fond memories is eating there and realizing that the kitchen staff had paraded out to where they, too, could watch the sun go down. In the words of our waiter, "you'd think that you'd get used to it, but you never do!" Also--and I'd say this any without regard to this being Fodor's site--we found Fodor's descriptions of the hotels, restaurants, activities, etc. to be DEAD ON. Study your Guide. Enjoy your trip--doubtless you, like us, will quickly be plotting how to stay permanently!
Sep 18th, 1997, 07:53 AM
Paola Contini
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My husband and I just returned from our honeymoon in Kauai and Maui. I would highly recommend Kauai as we thought it was very beautiful and not as busy and developed as Maui.

We stayed at the Hyatt at both islands and would very highly recommend them to you especially the one in Kauai which is a beautiful hotel!

Restaurants that I would highly recommend in Maui would be Swan Court, Nicolina's and Mamas Fish House.

Definitely do the Road to Hana if you visit Maui and visit the Waimea Canyon in Kauai.

Have a great time.
Sep 20th, 1997, 08:22 AM
Andrew Wezeman
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My wife and I got married at the Kahala Hilton, on Oahu, and think its the most wonderful hotel we've ever stayed at. It is located 1/2 hour from Honolulu, on the "other side" of Diamond head volcano. It has a secluded private white sand beach, pool, dolphin pool, and either rooms or suites. We stayed in a beachfront junior suite, and loved being able to walk out of our room and onto the empty beach. One restaurant is fine dining, and there is an outdoor restaurant by the ocean that is probably the most perfect place to eat in the world! Its impossibly beautiful. Service is excellent. Its worth the money to stay at a place where you can get away from it all, yet be only 1/2 hour from Waikiki beach and the shopping district. Other islands are said to be "prettier", but we found the entire island of Oahu to be gorgeous. We rented a car, and spent a day circling the island. My only regret is that we didn't visit Pearl Harbor, but we will when we return. P.S. - I believe the Kahala Hilton was going to be purchased by someone else, so it may have been renamed - a travel agent could help you out.
Oct 31st, 1997, 05:31 PM
Dan Lauer
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For Maui, Hana is a must see. Haleakala crater for sunrise. Snorkeling and dinner cruises are priceless. Take a picnic lunch and go on a hike in hana. kayaks and bike rides are high on the list.
Save money on car rentals with aa aloha cars r us.
1-800-655-7989. Have fun.

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