Nov 2nd, 1997, 10:24 AM
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Im planning to travel to the east coast of USA in January.From Miami to NY,staying in Washington, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. But I have a problem, Im not sure about the weather in NY .Is it really that cold? Can the weather be a problem? Where should I go in NY, Chicago, etc? Please answer me.
Nov 2nd, 1997, 11:44 AM
Betty MacInnes
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All of the cities you mention except Miami are going to be cold with Chicago and New York probably the coldest. Bring a warm coat, warm gloves, boots and a hat, and you'll be OK. There may be snow anywhere with Chicago most likely, New York and Philadelphia perhaps and Washington rather unlikely. There are days in January which are below freezing even in the daytime, and there are clear days with sunshine and temps in the 40's. Chicago and New York both tend to be windy, and that makes you feel colder. Have a good trip; the weather probably won't be a problem.
Nov 2nd, 1997, 11:49 AM
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Why are you going? Are you going alone? Visiting relatives? If you don't have things you want to see then why go. We lived in New Jersey for one year and went out to Potomac River on Christmas Day to see a reenactment of George Washington Crossing the Delaware and I thought I was going to die it was so cold. The sun was out, but it was l4 degrees. had to go sit in the car. I don't know how the actors did it. They had to wear old gloves with the finger tips cut off to look "real" and their fingers were blue! When I traveled and planned back there I used AAA books and guides and Sunday newspapers had great articles. My favorite thing to do at Christmas is Williamsburg, VA. They have candlelight tours in the evening. We would put on our thermals and boots, etc, go on the tour and then have a nice colonial dinner at an inn. Check out the EXCITe search engine. Sometimes you can find virtual tours of areas on line. Type in "travel in Chicago" or "travel to New York" Good luck!
Nov 2nd, 1997, 02:56 PM
Nancy Cooper
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Why January? Is that the only time you have available to
travel? We were in Florida two years ago over Christmas
and wore jeans, sweatshirts and were cold. The weather
was unusual, true, but still... Chicago is cold. Do you mean
New York City or the state of New York? New York is windy
and you can expect it to be cold. My sister lives there. The
roads might be a problem as some places (like DC) do not
usually get heavy snow and do not have the equipment to
remove it if they get a storm. Are you travelling alone?
Why have you picked these particular cities? They are all
neat places to go - but in January? Lived on the east coast
for 28 years, have family there. Been in Philadelphia, Chicago,
New England, New York City, Florida & driven I-95. Will respond
to E-mail questions.

Nov 2nd, 1997, 03:33 PM
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I live in the Maryland suburbs of Washington and 14 degrees is very cold for this area. Usually in January the days are sunny and range between 25-35 degrees with nights somewhat cooler. Humidity is average. Weather gets colder from Pennsylvania to points north. Chicago will get your attention though. Important to know how to dress properly. Layered clothes, avoid tight shoes, boots and gloves. Wear a good hat or cap as 30%25 of body heat escapes through the head. Read about avoiding frostbite in Chicago. Elsewhere it won't be a problem. A hooded parka is the most practical garment I think. Don't worry, millions of Americans live in these areas without problems. Remember indoors are all heated comfortably. Protect feet and hands from excess moisture.

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