First time visit to NYC Oct 5th - Oct 13th

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First time visit to NYC Oct 5th - Oct 13th

Hi there! My husband and I are coming to NYC for the first time. Our flight gets in early evening on Oct 5th but we'll have 7+ full days to adventure. I've been reading on the site trying to get ideas, suggestions, etc. Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far I'm getting the impression that to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island it can turn into an all day event and that you have to purchase tickets in advance on-line? We're in our mid 50's and most of our travel has been over to Europe. So this vacation we decided it's high time we get ourselves over to the East Coast and see NYC! I know there's so very much do to and see and that purchasing tickets to some of these events should be done like now? Most definitely want to take in a show or two, TOTR, Met, Wall Street, Ground Zero, Central Park, Time Square, whatever we can cram in but need to be realistic as not to totally over do it. Any definite MUST SEE's on the first trip? Oh, any feedback of Rock of Ages, thinking about seeing that... Thanks in advance for any input!
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My best friend and I just got back several weeks ago from our first trip to NYC. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island were a must for me. Purchased tickets on line about 10 days ahead of time. We took the 9:00 ferry, which turned out to be great. When left the statue about 11:30 and the line at the statue was already pretty bad. My advice is to go on the 8 or 9 am ferry. 10 am at the latest. Here is the link:

Here is the link to our trip report:

Good luck,

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When you purchase tickets for the SOL and Ellis Island you pick a time slot. You still have to go through security, but if you pick an early time slot the wait isn't so bad.
I loved the TOTR at night. We picked that over the ESB building because it was nice to see the ESB from the TOTR.
You really can see a lot in a day if see several things in one area of the city vs. going around town all day.
What hotel or in what area are staying?
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Hi, thanks for the info... Well finally decided on midtown, but not too close to Times Square (noise!). So were staying @ The Sheraton Hotel & Towers. After reading reviews for what seemed like 3 hours, finally said enough already, this will work! What about tickets for TOTR, do you need to purchase those as well prior to arrival in NY?
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TOTR is actually best at dusk - that way to get to view the city both in daylight and as the lights come on after dark. You don;t need to buy far in advance - and may want to make sure you have a day with good weather - since louds/fog will really impede the views.

What you need to buy in advance are the SoL with ferry and Broadway shows. For hits try to get tickets now from the on-line seller. For discounted tickets go to, get the discount codes and go to the online seller. This will give you more choice of seats than waiting until you arrive and standing on line at the TKTS booth.
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Make sure to explore Open House New York on the weekend. You should be able to get a booklet beforehand at the NYC Information Center across the street from your hotel!
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Hi Jen57! Seven full days in NYC is a nice chunk of time to explore the Big Apple. If you time your visit to the Statue of Liberty well and follow MichelleY’s advice, you could have time to explore some of Wall Street or Ground Zero when you come back on the ferry into lower Manhattan.

As for the things on your list, they’re all the big awe-inspiring monuments, but I’d also include some time to wander around one of the smaller downtown neighborhoods: A walk down Jane Street on Greenwich Village, a stroll through Washington Mews, around Washington Square Park and into SoHo, or doing a little shopping in Nolita. For me, this is where the city is at its most charming. Have a great time!
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Definitely do Open House New York on the weekend - two full days of free entry to many sites which normally charge admission or are closed to the public. I've been a volunteer since it started and it's a wonderful event, and it gets better every year.

You might also want to watch the Columbus Day Parade on Oct. 12th. It's very colorful. Best viewing is up in the 60's where it's not too crowded. Starts around 11:30 a.m.

When you're in the Wall St./WTC area, you might consider walking over to the Brooklyn Bridge and walking across. It's lovely at sunset if you get a clear day. Have a meal in Chinatown or Little Italy, or in Brooklyn Heights on the other side. See the view of Manhattan from the Bklyn Hts. Promenade.

Your ticket to the Met will also get you into the Cloisters up in Fort Tryon Park on the same day. It's the medieval branch of the Met, with the Unicorn Tapestries among its collection. You can get there by train or bus. If you're not into medieval art, it's worth the trip just for the views and the beautiful setting.

I agree with MariaHart that you should also plan to just walk around and explore some of the neighborhoods. Take a free ride on the SI Ferry for more great views of the city.
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Thanks everyone! Have our tickets purchased for SOL/Ellis and taking the 9:00am tour. Yes, I'm hoping there will be time afterwards to check out Wall Street & Ground Zero. Depending on time hopefully the Brooklyn Bridge, too. Oh a definite on strolling and through the neighborhoods! Guess we lucked out on our timing, Open House New York and the Columbus Day Parade? My list is growing, I'm getting so excited. Keeping my fingers crossed the weather cooperates, if not, I'll have an excuse to purchase an umbrella!
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An advice : if you walk the Brooklyn Bridge at dinner time,you could eat at Grimaldi's pizzeria ( ), they make a really good pizza!
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I hate to throw a wrench into your hotel choice but the Sheraton is one of the biggest and most impersonal hotels in Manhattan. While the location is just barely outside Times Square, the front of the hotel and lobby are always packed (both Sheratons as they are across the street from each other).

I would suggest taking a look at one of the Affinia properties that offer a kitchenette because of your lengthy stay in Manhattan, you may want a fridge.

Also try the NY Salisbury and the Carnegie Apartments. Both are very close to the location of the Sheraton but a little better location wise.

Have a great time, you picked a glorious time of year to be in Manhattan!
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Hi GoTravel, it's too late on the Sheraton as we're booked and unfortunately it's non-fundable... We'll just have to make do and hope it's not too noisy. Fron the reviews I've read on the Sheraton, it sounded like a good location with comfy beds and yes, good water pressure in the showers! I try and justify the fact that we're basically only there to shower, sleep and store our stuff. Hopefully it won't be too noisey, but I never travel without my earplugs, ya just never know!

Yes, we thought first part of October would be a pretty time of year to visit and the temperatures should be just right, not to hot, not to cold. Keeping my fingers crossed~
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I second that Affinia's are wonderful. I wouldn't stay anywhere else in Manhattan.

As for a suggestion on something to do...On our first morning we got a great feel for the city just by taking a long walk.
Here's what we did: We walked up Lexington and cut over to Grand Central Station and took that in. Beautiful. Then walked up to I think 46th? which was the diamond district and experienced that, which was different and interesting. Then we walked over to Times Square and then had lunch at the Cafe Edison in the Edison Hotel. We had the best matzo ball soup ever and really enjoyed the "realness" of the place. Lots of theater types were in there having lunch and talking shop. Then we walked up to David Letterman's theater and visited Rupert. He was so sweet.
Then we walked up to the park and the John Lennon memorial. Cut through the park and came out by Park Ave. and then stopped at St. Patricks, which was beautiful. Did some window shopping at Tiffany's, etc. Then a visit to Duane Reed for shoe insoles!

We had the most fun just out walking around and the city. My advice is wear comfy shoes and walk as much as possible. Plus it helps burn off all the great food you're going eat.
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That's a good trick LOL!


Presumably in the other order?
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When we travel in Europe I've always had my trusty red Michelin guide... has helped us find good places to eat when we're out wandering around. For NYC I suggest you get a Zagat guide. It's broken down by neighborhood, food type... etc. Could be helpful if you find yourself hungry in an unfamiliar place.
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Don't be too concerned or worried about the Sheraton. You'll be fine there. For want of a better word, it's more than decent!
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sf7307 aren't you a dear... I guess I should of said "walked or strolled" through the park and came out at Park Ave. Maybe you'd like to give the OP some suggestions for their upcoming trip.

Jen57 , I'm sure the Sheraton is fine. We looked at that property while planning our trip too, but the Affinia's were having amazing sales at the time so we went with them. Enjoy yourselves.
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Jen57, I've stayed at the Sheraton a bunch of times and it is just fine. Groups do stay there often--I think it is the headquarters hotel for the marathon--but I've always liked all the activity in the lobby. The rooms are plenty nice enough, the beds are wonderful, and I've never been bothered by noise from the lobby. And the location is great. Not to worry...
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Oh this is all so exciting to read. I've been on the computer for about 2 hours now (that's just only today - the hours must in the hundreds by now!)and finding some wonderful ideas between here and Trip Advisor. We are also staying in NYC from Oct 5 to Oct 12, at the Affinia Shelburne (good deal on internet)and it sounds like it is the most perfect time to be in New York. Can't wait!!!!!
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I stayed at the Sheraton less than a month ago. The lobby is always crowded. There was no noise in our room, which was on the 26th floor. The hotel is in an excellent location for Times Square and the Theatre District. Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, MOMA, and the lower end of Central Park are within walking distance.

There is a deli across the street that is very convenient for breakfast and for picking up snacks and beverages to take back to your room. There is a subway entrance right next to the hotel.

I would have no problem staying there again.
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