first time trip to San Diego with my family

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I was there a couple of weeks ago and my daughter and I spent a fun day at Ocean Beach- its like a little town within San Diego with an atmosphere of the old Ca surfing town- definately not upscale-surfers, hippies- variety of people and shops. There is a VERY long pier to walk out on that takes you out past where the surfers are- and at the end of the pier there is a little restaurant- didn't eat there but it was kind of cute- had mango panckes for breakfast.
Then we went to the adjacent "Dog Beach" What a riot that was- every breed of dog you can imagine running all over the beach with balls and frisbies and playing in the water. We found it pretty entertaining.
Anyway- I thought it was fun- not the typical place people recommend you visit in the SD area but we enjoyed it.
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Bear900, I'm sorry to tell you that Bazaar Del Mundo is no longer there. The Bazaar and its restaurants, including Casa de Pico, closed a week or so ago.

After thirty succesful years as the most profitable concession of all the California State Parks, the contract was given to a company from Baltimore who promised to make even more money. They are completely changing the park. It has been a very unpopular decision in San Diego, but now we'll just have to wait and see.

Many of the Bazaar shops and restaurant will be re-opening in different locations and I believe the Casa de Pico will be moving to Grossmont Center in La Mesa (east on I-8) either later this year or next year.
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I'm going to go throw up now. We have SO many fond memories of SD and Casa de Pico was one of them. A good friend of ours and native San Diegan who played guitar and sang beautifully, was often asked to join the musicians as they strolled the patio. And the home-made corn tortillas! <screaming!> I would even schedule breakfast meetings there I liked it so much. Oh well, the world changes and life goes on. I'm not familiar with Grossmont Center in Le Mesa, but I can't imagine it being the same. We lived in the Kensigton area.

Still, I loved living in SD and made many good friends and memories there. I must admit, that made the city special to us.

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Bear900, if you go to

you'll get all the details about closings and when and where things will re-open.

The Guadalajara Grill will still be there as it's not on Park property.It's very good too.
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Oh, so sad. I've been to SD very infrequently but LOVED Caso de Pico. I just like the entire Old Town area as it is so laid back and just user friendly for all.
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Thanks for that site. The virtual tour made me homesick for Old Town. It appears Bazaar del Mundo is to be relocated to Seaport Village with perhaps another Casa de Pico in it?

I have taken friends and relatives to the original one and they all fell in love with it - great food, huge margaritas, and good music on the weekends. It truly captured the "old Mexico" Hacienda type atmosphere.

Perhaps all is not lost afterall. Thanks again!

~ ben
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Kevinnj, I live in San Diego and have raised 3 kids here.

June is less crowded than July and August in San diego. Yes, it will be overcast at the beaches in June. But you can still take a walk on the beach and build sand castles.

But June is a great month for visiting the Zoo, and the Wild Animal's not too hot yet for walking around all day.

I have lived here since I was 12 myself, and in my opinion our ocean water is only warm in August! That's also when the beaches are so crowded I don't enjoy them. If I'm going to the beach in August, I like to wait until about 3:30, when some people start to go home to make dinner, and you can find some parking. It's still warm until 7:00 pm in August.

Have the kids been to disneyland yet? they are at great ages for disneyland and the California ADventures Park, right next door. Stay at the Candy Cane Inn, in the bigger rooms (I think they're called deluxe rooms)...The Candy Cane Inn is the only hotel near disneyland that has its very own free private shuttle, that does not stop at any other hotels. this makes a great deal of difference...No waiting in line and missing the shuttle. No paying for the shuttle.

You can also walk to disney from the Candy Cane Inn, but most of the time you will want to take the shuttle.

They also have a small pool your kids will enjoy, and an included continental breakfast buffet that is better than many of the cheaper hotels in the area.

Be sure to collect fastpasses at disneyland to save time in lines. There is another post on disneyland on this web-site, where you will learn how to use fastpasses. they are free and will save you time waiting in line at many attractions.

Unfortunately there aren't any fastpasses for the older rides in the Fantasyland. Peter Pan, the most popular of the older wooden rides, will have a 45-minute line all day.

At disneyland you can get fatpasses for the Autopia (kiddie cars), Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion. Using the fastpasses, your wait in line will only be from 5 to 20 minutes at the most. Is your 4-year-old afraid of the dark? Haunted Mansion might be scary for a 4-year-old who is afraid of the dark.

At toontown, Roger Rabbit's cartoon spin also has fastpasses.

The parade is great at disneyland for your kids, and there's a show near It's A Small World that is also good for families, on the stage.

Spend the night and visit California adventures park the next day. It's less crowded. Also has kiddie rides and lots of fun things for families to do. there's one place in California adventures where you can pick which disney character you want to be on the computer...darn I forget what the attraction is called...It's not a ride, it's a lot of fun things to do for a family. We love it and my daughters still enjoyed it as teens!
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Sorry if this has already been mentionned (this is a VERY LONG thread!), but I have taken my children to Legoland in Carlsbad and they really enjoyed it. It is really made for the younger set with rides that suit little kids. If your children play with Duplos or Legos, they might really enjoy it. There is an Outlet Mall nearby for anyone needing some shopping therapy!
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Thank you very much for all the responses so far. We will be in San Diego from June 26 through July 3, and will spend a couple of days at Disneyland. We are trying to finalize our hotel. We are thinking about Residence Inn or Woodfin Suite Hotel? Has anybody have an opinion on either one of these hotels? Any other recommendation (we need a suite)? The price is around $200 per night.

Thanks again.
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I usually don't like to disagree with others, but I have to say your family will be missing out not taking a daytrip into Mexico. Of Course we all know Tijuana is a hell hole, but there are other areas of Northern Baja worth exploring. Puerto Nuevo is a beautiful little fishing village 35 minutes south of the border. Great cheap lobster dinners. I highly recomend going there. There is also no need to worry about a language barrier; basically everyone speaks good english.

Tijuana, when I first went there was an eye-opener. I saw extereme poverty first-hand. It made really apperciate what I have.
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I'm with Melissa5 on San Diego. Zoo is top notch for kids. We prefer the Marina area as it is just grand to stroll around in the evening after dinner. We travel with grandsons 4 and 6. Look at Expedia or Travelocity for best hotel deals. As grand as San Diego is I'd skip Mexico until your children get older.

Disneyland is great, too. Hotel suggestions to date are good - do make sure there is a dedicated hotel shuttle - kids will get tired and may need a nap - then go back at night for Electric Parade and Fireworks. Walking Downtown Disney with family is wonderfuland the more you can go back & forth with young ones and get them to rest the more "Mom & Dad" can also enjoy themselves.
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can anyone recommend a hotel in "Old Town" area? Prefer hotels with swimming pool. Thanks.
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I think we ended up in a Best Western in Old Town. But I do remember that I bid the 4 or 5 night stay on Priceline and there were at least 3 or 4 hotels within a couple of blocks from the B.W. I don't think B.W. had a pool. It was a two star at best, but it was fine and we walked in the evenings- never took the car out at night. There was a circle of hotels near the highway and about 6 to 8 blocks from Old Town, but that was not as nice at all. I liked near the Marina or right in Old Town.

It has been a long time since I did Priceline in S.D.- but I would suggest if you want to try to bid at least 3 star and know where the exact Old Town area ends- and then see what happens. Or they have the new section in Priceline that details factors like pool etc. Or try for a better description if that doesn't pan out. Any of these ways, you have to know exactly when and it is non-cancellable. Many state they would never bid without resorting to or other web sites like it, but if I don't have time I will bid up to $65 or so, just to see what happens. You get lucky sometimes, just know that your credit card will be charged immediately and you are written in stone. For a one or two day stay- it is definitely worth trying first before calling direct.
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I have stayed at the Best Western Blue Seas Lodge at Mission Beach and enjoyed it- has pool, hot tub, right on the beach so you can hear the waves all night, lots of entertainment on the boardwalk, easy walk to restuarants and shops - not sure they have suites although our room had a fridge and microwave .
I personally like staying oceanside rather than the bay -
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