First time Travel, give me ideas !

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First time Travel, give me ideas !

I am traveling around the world starting in October for my 21st birthday. This is my first trip overseas and it would be great if you all could give me some ideas. Info on weather and transport would also be great. My itinery is as follows -

Oct 3 - 5 Sydney, Australia
Oct 5 - 7 Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 7 - 10 Frankfurt, Germany
Oct 10 - 14 Paris, France
Oct 14 - 17 Chambery, France
Oct 17 - 20 Washington DC, USA
Oct 20 - Nov 7 New York City, USA
Nov 7 - 14 Vancouver, Canada
Nov 14 - 21 Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Nov 21 - 22 Sydney, Australia
Nov 22 - 24 Melbourne, Australia
Nov 25 - Home to Brisbane, Australia

I have all my Accomodation worked out and paid for, I will be staying at HI hostels in most Cities or at other hostels close to the cite center.
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Post an inquiry on the Canada board about your time in Vancouver. A week is a long time to spend there IMHO. You could go up to Whistler, or on a whale-watching trip (might be expensive?). Are you traveling alone, or do you have someone to share all of this with? Sounds like you will have enough memories to last a lifetime.

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I am traveling alone
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Not sure what transport info you're asking about. Is this a round the world ticket that covers all these stops and you're asking about local transport? Or are only some of these stops covered by your air ticket and you need info on other transport (for instance Amtrak from DC to NY)?

You can find weather info for almost everywhere on

Your times in DC and NYC are definitely fall - a little warmer in DC but you will need sweaters and a medium weight jacket (leather?) but not a heavy winter coat - its unlikely to go below 40 (not sure about Vancouver).

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Transport info I am looking for are details like best way to get to & from airports, travel passes etc. also what does IMHO mean ?
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I guess you're not concerned with what you see or experience, just that you can say "I went around the world"?
I'm trying to figure out any earthly way to justify flying all those miles (even if they were free) to spend two days in Asia before going to Europe, or is it somehow necessary in order to get to Europe from Australia? What is the point of all this exactly?
How did you arrive at determining these cities? You say you have your accomodation worked out. Does that mean you're staying in New York for a full 18 days and only doing day trips? And in Vancouver for a full week?
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ryan w, this does sound like an opportunity of a lifetime, so excuse us if we seem a little critical of your itinerary. Perhaps there are reasons that you would spend only 3 nights in Paris, and 18 nights in NYC? If it were me, I would spread those NY nights around a little more and see some of the great sites of Europe. By the way, IMHO means "In my humble opinion."
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For Washington, DC and NYC, you need to tell us which airports you're using to give you information about transportation to/from airports. There are three main ones in each city.
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Your choices of cities in Europe is surprising. Of all places in France, why Chambery? Do you have friends there? It seems your main focus is not Asia or Europe, but NYC, Vancouver, & Oahu. From your prior posts, you're interested in sports, but what else do you want to see/do? That would help us advise you. NYC has so much -- music, theater, cinema, restaurants, ethnic areas, fantastic museums, as well as must see tourist sights. But it depends on what you like & what your budget is. If you can be more specific, you'll get tons of tips from people on this site.
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I have visited most of the destinations on your trip and live in Vancouver. Be aware that Vancouver in November could be relatively cold and wet (cloud and 12-14c likely). There is not much to do indoors in Vancouver so maybe shorten your time spent here, (summer is amazing however and a week is easy to fill time). Whistler will have snow and should be great for skiing (but check in advance as it was raining last year in Nov.). Whale watching tours will be finished by November as the Orcas move out to the ocean by then.
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I am exhausted reading your itinerary. Glad you are 21 and not my age.

This is a lot of flying, hope jet-lag will not slow you down. Why 3 days in Chambery, France and 4 days in Frankfurt? 4 days in London would be better. Not much in Frankfurt.
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I agree......I am from LI, NY area and also feel that you have too much time in NYC. Since you plan to fly to Vancouver, what about the other amazing places in the US to see between NY and Vancouver........Grand Canyon/Zion/Bryce. There is also upstate NY which is beautiful that time of year.....Adirondacks, Niagara Falls, etc.
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Hi Ryan

For Washington DC in October 17 thru 20 you'll need a light jacket. The weather here will probably be great.

Transportation - around Washington DC you'll love using the Metro (subway) it's a great, clean, quick means of travel. If you are arriving from France I believe you'd be coming into Dulles Airport (IAD) which is in Virginia and you'll need transportation to reach downtown DC. There are shuttle buses, taxis, as well as public transportation that can be used.

For three days of travel in Washington I'd suggest that you concentrate on downtown Washington as it's a very easy city to get around. There is much to see on the Mall - the Smithsonian museums, the Capitol, the White House, then on to The Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. You'll find great shopping in Georgetown as well as many other young people your age.

Any questions - just ask and we'll try to help.

Sure wish I had gotten a trip like this for my 21st birthday. I'm green with envy. However I am going to Sydney AND Brisbane next week!!
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If you get bored in NYC you can always tour NY state or go into New England - you have lots of options.

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