First Time to New York, Need Some Advice!!

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First Time to New York, Need Some Advice!! thinking about going to New York (from Edmonton)on May 24th for 4 nights, with my husband..

Firstly, which airport is better to fly into..LGA or JFK??

CAN anyone recommend a decent hotel, not necessarily a 5*, but a nice hotel in a good location....And where is a good location?

Would like to be somewhere central, if there is such a place...and see the main tourist sites and some shopping...We are well travelled, in our 40's and like a little adventure.

Love Indian food, dim sum, and even could go for your typical hot dog or food court...

So what can u recommend for us?..Thanks.

Also like a nice casual place for a beer...
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I'll start. Transportation into Manhattan is cheaper, quicker, and easier from LGA than from JFK, so I'd do that.

What is your budget per night for hotel -- that will mean more than a number of stars -- but I'm guessing you're thinking $300 - 400 or so a night for a NON Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental type experience? The Michelangelo is a nice place and seems a bargain for the quality in "overpriced hotel NYC". It's close to the theatres, Central Park, Rockefeller Center and all kinds of transportation.

While some (particularly locals) may try to steer you away from the center -- or the theatre/Times Square general area -- if you're looking for big city feel and bright lights rather than quiet residential I think that midtown is indeed where you'd want to stay.

Don't even think about a casual place for a beer. Depending on where you are at any given time there will be plenty of choices for you to just pick what looks neat.
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The good thing about NYC is that anywhere in midtown is relatively walkable, and NY has a great subway system -- so you can see different parts of it relatively easily. Times Square is bustling, neon to rival Tokyo, but very touristy for food, etc. You're walking distance to Midtown east -- MOMA, Rockefeller Center, high end shops on Fifth Avenue.
If you like Indian -- 6th St in the East Village is Indian Restaurant Row -- many are so so but Angon on the Sixth is really really special --
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Do not suggest you stay near Times Square. It is loud, birght, mobbed with people (like so many you have to walk in the street- many teens on tours or in packs) and full of tacky shops and chain restaurants with bad food.

If I were you I would look at either Central Park South or upper east or west side. All are handy for transit, close enough to walk to some sights and busy with lots of street life without being frantic and tacky.

You don;t say what your hotel budget is. You may want to look at Priceline - but do 4* only - since some 3* are not that pleasant. Or you can look at the various search engines and hotel web sites to see who has deals. A pleasant hotel will be $300 minimum - a deluxe one is in the $500 to $600 range minimum.

Check out the Lucerne on the upper west side as an example of the $300-$400 range.
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Hmmmm..i had no idea how expensive hotels are in New York!! I was thinking no more than $200.00 per night, but that doesn't look possible!!!!

Anyhow...i see this is a long weekend in the U.S...Do u think that is a good time to go, and perhaps hotels will be full...I checked a few and they had no availability (Casablanca was full, i thought that looked interesting, but i will continue to look)..

I think for a first time visit, i would prefer to be in the centre of things..I am used to crowds, have spent alot of time in India and S.E. Asia...

Thanks for the suggestions so far, i am checking them out.
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TracyB, is showing the Michelangelo (Theatre district) averaging $240 on those nights, On the Ave (Upper West Side) for $239/night, and the Warwick averaging $265/night. Lots of others under $300.
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All of the above are perfectly pleasant hotels (perhaps 3.5*) or you could do bid 4* on Priceline. For $200 you're definitely looking at budget properties.
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Hi Tracy, We've stayed at the Belvedere Hotel twice and really liked the location. It's on 48th Street one block over from Broadway. We paid about $160 a night a couple of years ago. While it's not fancy, it was clean, safe and was perfect for our needs. Here's the link.
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I see Hotel 373 for about 250.00 and it looks like somewhere we would like to stay..Has anyone stayed there, it is fairly new?

Also..what about going to see Good Morning America or Regis and Kelly..Anyone ever did that?? What other shows are there??
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I'd fly into whatever one is cheapest but if it's close we found LGA great to fly into. Try to get seats on the left side of the plane and you'll have a good view when you fly past the statue of liberty. Taxi was less $30 for the both of us together.

Where to stay should be near the majority of the things you want to do. We did a lot of theatre so our midtown location was great and near two subway lines not that we had much of a choice since we stayed in a timeshare. You may be able to rent a room there and there was a recent thread on it the manhattan club. I wouldn't hesitate to try Check out or to see what rooms are going for but with that being a holiday weekend I'd lock in a cancelable reservation now and keep trying in case rooms are released late.
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There are lots of shows on and off Broadway. Check out the Theatre Mania website or Playbill to see what's playing and to order advance tickets. For last minute tickets go to the TKTS office in Times Square.
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If by shows you mean tv, all three networks are in NY. You could try to get tickets for David Letterman -- you're guaranteed one celebrity, a band and a bunch of silliness with audience participation.
What holiday weekend (did I miss this)? Many holiday weekends in NY can be quieter (relatively speaking) if the natives take off to go elsewhere.
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I thought it was Memorial Day on Monday, May 28th?? Maybe i am wrong..But i was thinking TV shows!! I'd luv to see a live taping..What about David Blaine...Is he still around New York??

Anyhow...also still waiting to see if anyone has stayed at Hotel 373, i am just about ready to book it!!
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We paid about $160 for the Belvedere in 05, but last I saw, their rates are over $300 a night now.

Here are two ideas - May is high season, and I beleive that is Memorial Day weekend, so it might be even more. and
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You can watch Good Morning America being taped at their studios in Times Square, or can ask for tickets to be inside the studio. Be aware that it's standing only, but it can still be fun. We did this last year and enjoyed it. Here's where you can find out more info and request tickets:

There's so much to do in NY, have fun! I went twice in a year and can't wait to go again. I live in a rural area so I really enjoyed staying in the bustle of Times Square.

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Ya me too Featherwatcher...I live in a rural area in Alberta as well, so i don't mind a few days of hussle and bustle in Time Square either...

Thanks for the suggestions i will check them all out...
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The Millenium UN Plaza is $209/night (plus tax of another ~ 15%) on for your dates. It's cancellable and no prepayment. The Mill UN Plaza is a lovely 4* hotel with enclosed rooftop pool and great views from all the rooms. It's only downside is it's across town from Times Square. But it's still in midtown, near the UN building and a nice hotel.

You might want to book this and keep your eyes on closer to your trip. I'm sure there will be specials on some hotels that are closer to Times Square.

If you're prepared to pay a bit more, agree the Michelangelo is a very nice choice nearer theaters.
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I always prefer LGA. Maybe I've just been lucky, but there are far fewer delays than at JFK. You can also check Newark (EWR). Sometimes it's cheaper.
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You asked about Hotel 373. Have you read reviews of it on Trip Adviser or elsewhere? Most seem mainly to rave about location -- I suspect they needed to be there for business. 35th and 5th would not be my first choice of area for someone who says they "would prefer to be in the center of things". It's an OK neighborhood, but I'd much prefer to be as you said "more in the center of things" which I'd define as mainly between 42 and Central Park and between 5th and 8th Avenues.

But a tiny, tiny room with NO closet and not even an armoire, only a couple hooks to hang clothes on, and NOT A SINGLE DRAWER? It might be OK for one business traveler, which seemed to be most of the reviews, but sounds mighty cramped and claustrophopic for a couple for 4 nights. Where would you even put an empty suitcase I wonder?
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I agree with Patrick. I used to work in the Empire State Building--35th and 5th is a "dead" area. You are close to the EPS and Macy's, that's about it.

If I were coming from a small city in Canada, I would really enjoy staying in Times Square (I highly recommend W Times Square Hotel) with all the hustle and bustle. It's EXCITING!
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