Everglades National Park

Aug 27th, 1998, 03:58 PM
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Everglades National Park

We are thinking of going to Flamingo Lodge in Everglades NP next year, probably in early July. However, we have been getting some info that the mosquitos are horrible at that time of year. This is the only time of year that we can go. Does anyone have any first hand info on Everglades NP. Thanks.
Aug 28th, 1998, 04:44 AM
Paul Rabe
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Check out
for info.
I've been to the Everglades and enjoyed the subtle beauty of an almost unique ecosystem. Not overwhelming like the Grand Canyon, but still entrancing if you're willing to take the time to look. Had no trouble seeing alligators in the wild, and also saw river otters, blue herons, and ospreys.

If you go to the wetlands of Florida in July (as I did), you'll be hot, humid, and covered with mosquitos. Why do you think the US Army had to use treachery to defeat the Seminoles -- the wetlands were so miserable the Army couldn't follow them into there! My only advice is you're determined to go there at that time of the year is to cover yourself with thin cotton clothes, wear a hat, and then swath yourself with sunscreen and DEET (or mosquito netting).
Aug 28th, 1998, 05:48 AM
Jo Tilley
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We have just got back from a trip to Florida which included a jaunt into the Evergaldes. MOSQUITOS WILL BITE THROUGH YOUR CLOTHING. If that is the only time you can go, do so - it is amazing - we went on the Anhinga Trail and saw loads of animals, insects and things BUT wear DEET everywhere(under your clothes too) and get into an out of cars as quickly as possible because the mosquitoes fly in and then you have to cope with that too.
Also take binoculars with you and plenty of film.
You could also plan some days by the coast because we found the best cure for bites was to swim in the sea!!
Aug 28th, 1998, 08:47 AM
Mike Miller
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John, concur with all the above. We were there last June and you've never seen swarms of bugs like they have there. The Flamingo Lodge and Restaurant are so bad, I considered complaining to my Congressman about them. I had a terrible brown salad there and when I complained to the Restaurant Manager, I got one only slightly less brown. Next day, I personally saw the Flamingo Manager who did refund the money for all the meals but I'd never, never eat there again and the rooms are only slightly better than the meals.
Aug 28th, 1998, 10:32 AM
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I'm a year round resident on the gulf side. The mosquito is the Florida State Bird (they're that large !

Do heed the advice here and consider staying in Marco Island and driving the the Everglades during the day. You will have the beaches and beautiful turquoise water of the Gulf to look forward to. July is really great for beaches. Also, I will make my pitch for the Audubon Society's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary about 15 miles east of Naples. This is a majestic place that has been an Audubon sanctuary for almost 100 years, but is not always mentioned. A fewer miles further east is Lake Trafford where you can almost walk across on the gators...the antithesis of touristy, you can take a pontoon from the only marina (ask for Ski who is famous around there) and see a very endangered lake but full of wild life. Tell them Sharon Sullivan sent you.
Aug 28th, 1998, 10:46 AM
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We have stayed there in August and what people say about the mosquitos is true. We manage well however with light weight loose fitting garments and 37 percent deet until we went into our room. They were swarming there. Word of warning. The park is proud of the fact that they have 37 diffenent varieties of mosquitos and the shop there does not sell any insect spray since they want to protect the natural world. TAKE A CAN OF FLYING INSECT SPRAY FOR YOUR ROOM. The nearest place to buy some is about 50 miles away. We burned mosquito coils by our bed which was almost as bad as the mosquitos.

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