Do you tip for turndown service?

Old Oct 7th, 2002, 05:23 AM
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Do you tip for turndown service?

I feel really dumb for asking this but all they do is replace towels and pull down the comforter. They are in and out in five minutes. Would you tip them for this service?
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rarely...only when I'm traveling on business and can charge it to my expenses. I figure having clean towels and the bed made is part of the hotel fee I'm paying. That's their job....if the hotel isn't paying them enough that' s not my charitable cause. We don't tip the folks at Burger King or McDonalds for getting our food and I'm sure they don't get paid very well either.

I also don't make big messes in the hotel room either. There's not much to do in my room other than make the bed and pick up the towels which I put into a neat pile.
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I think that is all a part of the tip we leave for the maid when we check out of the hotel.
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Hotels that provide turn down service are almost always more expensive, which means they are covering services like this. I don't consider that something special the main has done. Providing a clean room, a made bed, and clean towels is nothing I tip a maid for. And that goes for evening service as well. I do tip a maid if she had to "work around" my luggage all over the place, or for doing something special, like coming to the room to clean up a mess I spilled.
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I hate "turn down" service! I tip them to stay away @ that time in the evening! I find it intrusive & a real pain to have someone flitting around my suite in the evening. And, besides if you can't "turn down" your own bed you shd. probably be in a hospital not a hotel!!
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I so totally agree with what Susan said. Turn-down service is intrusive and unwelcome in my view. I've rejected accommodations that offer this service.
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I think turn down service is great. I really like having fresh towels if we've used the towels already. I like to have the romm re-tidied if we've left it in a rush and I like that a light is on when we enter the room in the evening. That said, I do not tip differently for this than the usual tip I leave for the maid service.
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Turn down service is great. I view it as being included in the general tip that I leave at the end of the stay.
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No need to tip for turn down service, even if it's something you request specifically, as is increasingly becoming the case in cost cutting days.

It is *available* in most all upper tier hotels and resorts and to "reject accommodations that offer this service" would seem to indicate that you are booking lower tier simply to avoid something that is entirely optional to begin with. If you don't want the service, simply stick that privacy card on your door if you are in a hotel where turn down is the norm, or call housekeeping and request that they not come. Sorry, but it's hard to buy your rejecting a property on something that is so easily avoided!! That's a bit extreme.
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My tip is a piece of chocolate.
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OliveOyl has a point. It is a bit extreme to reject accommodations based on one provided service. I guess I tend to favor the most casual lodgings. I've found that, even with privacy sign displayed and a polite request to leave the room as is, the staff often forget or are directed to provide service anyway; it doesn't always work out to be optional. {:
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No, I don't tip extra for the turn-down service. I just leave a tip in the morning for the regular housekeeping service. I don't really find the turn-down service instrusive because I've noticed that alot of good places seem to "magically" know when you're out of the room, say at dinner or wherever. If we're in for the night and don't want to be disturbed, we just put the sign on the door. End of problem.
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I so enjoy the chocolates that sometimes get left for turn down service. Also, when I am on a "beach" vacation, I always need those extra towels.
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