Apr 13th, 1997, 02:39 PM
Goran Kozuvarovski
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Family of 8 planning to take a trip to WDW. We don't plan on leaving ORLANDO...We plan to stay for a week We come from the North so we would like to take every oppurtunity to see as much as we can of Disney on a tight budget,if anyone can give us any advice on where to stay for seven nights and any precautions to look out for ( would be greatly appreciated).Five adults & three children.Thankyou! Thankyou~!
Apr 14th, 1997, 12:46 PM
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I went on a family vacation last August with my family - 5 adults & 8 kids. We had a blast. We stayed at the Carribean Beach Resort, which is in WDW. It was quite expensive. I would recommend staying at one of the hotels on International Drive, such at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort. You can read about it in the Fodor's Hotel Index. Also, August is extremely hot. I am thinking about going back this year, but in June instead. Be prepared for long, long lines - sometimes in excess of 1 hour. I would suggest getting a very early start every day or a very late start, like after 5:00. A must visit is Universal Studios(US). The rides/exibits/shows are spectacular - like nothing you have ever seen. The movie technology is unbelievable. Be sure to see the Jaws, Back to the Future, Terminator, & King Kong exibits. Also they have opened the new Jurassic Park exibit, which open for the first time this season. For small kids, US is the home of Nickolodian. All of the WDW water parks are well worth the money. They are beautifully landscaped. If you want to get away from the parks, make a trip to Coco Beach, one hour away and the home of Kennedy Space Center. They have a wonderful tour and a neat rocket park. Also, in Walt Disney Village, they have a movie theater is you need a break and a Planet Hollywood restaurant which is fun for kids and adults. I hope this helps.
Apr 14th, 1997, 08:29 PM
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I went to WDW last July and all I can say is to not stay at the Holiday Inn Maingate West. The room smelled like mildew, the staff was very unfriendly, the laundry facility was disgusting.I hope the sunspree that was suggested is ran the same way, but beware! Make sure you bring lots of sunscreen and a good book for the long lines.I suggest you get there early and then take a break in the afternoon.Good luck!!
Apr 28th, 1997, 08:25 AM
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My only word of advice for you would be DO NOT EAT MEALS IN THE PARK. The restaurants at great. They are top-notch and have top-notch prices. Fix breakfast and lunch meals in your room, and if you must eat dinner in the park, split entrees between at least two people. The portions are usually quite a lot of food, but VERY expensive!
May 3rd, 1997, 06:28 PM
P. Jernigan
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We stayed in a town called Davenport, less than 15 minutes from Walt Disneyworld. The motel was the Susse Chalet Motor Lodge. Phone 1-800-258-1980 or
(813)424-2521 (I do not know if the area code for Orlando has changed.) My kids (and adults) liked Sea World as much as Disney World. We also visited Tampa for Bush Gardens. Everyone is right when they say it is HOT in Aug. It also rains...buy some pocket sized raincoats (ponchos) and keep them with you...KMart has them for less than $2.00.
May 16th, 1997, 09:56 AM
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It's not the heat, it's the humidity!! Wear hats, sunglasses, sweatproof sunscreen and drink lots of water. Dress for comfort. Don't miss Sea Word - worth at least one full day.
May 20th, 1997, 10:21 AM
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WDW has the cleanest, largest, most beautiful campground in the US. Lots of large trees and plants for privacy and the bathrooms are spotless and air conditioned. Think about renting an RV and staying in the campground. We have visited WDW five times and always stay in the park. Once you set up your campsite, transportation is free all over the park - monorails, trams, and a boat over to the Magic Kingdom. There are free outdoor nightly movies for the children - a must - and every night different, plus free light show on the lake from the campground each evening. Also free beach. You can buy your WDW tickets from booth in campground and avoid long lines at entry. There is a restaurant in the campground offering family pizza night - also a Hoop De Do Show ($ extra) the whole family will enjoy. The campground has several huge pools free to campers, too. We let our older children travel the transportation system - extremely safe. Please give this idea some thought. I wouldn't dream of staying anywhere else with children in WDW.
May 20th, 1997, 10:23 AM
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Forgot to mention about making reservation for WDW campground. Even if they only have one or two nights, take it. They always have cancellations and our one-two nights always worked out to a full week.
May 20th, 1997, 01:45 PM
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I went to WDW two summers ago in August..very, very
hot!! The lines are unbelievably long but they do
set tents up so you are somewhat protected from the
sun. We stayed at the Quality Inn Maingate east or
west I don't remember, but the rooms were cheap and
they had two pools, one was huge with a Hawaiian
theme. It was in Kissimmee, which is quieter than
Orlando, but it is close to WDW and has just as much
to do. There were alot of low-priced restaurants in
the area also, like Denny's, Country Kitchen, etc.
A friend of mine just went with 8 kids and she
stayed in a youth hostel, that slept 6 in a room
for $30.00 with a kitchen, I don't know the name but
that might be an option for you also, it was on Lake
Beuna Vista and had some watersports. Have Fun!!
May 26th, 1997, 03:58 PM
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If you are looking for inexpensive, then 192/Kissimmee area is what your looking for. The best places are near Old Town and I-4 area. The Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites is located in the Old Town area. Lots of places to eat a good breakfast at a low price. I recommend at least one breakfast with the characters. These are located on Disney property. Even with older kids, they get into it. There are a total of 8 character breakfast at this time. For lunch you might want to go back to the room or the resorts because the parks are expensive. The restaurants on property are great, but they are expensive. Eat at the resort it's cheaper. Then there are the dinner shows located off property Capones, Wild Bills, and King Henry's Feast, they are great too. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.
Sep 18th, 1999, 12:41 PM
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Has anyone stayed at the Holiday Inn Sunspree in Orlando? We are going there in a few weeks. Book and travel guide descriptions are nice but learning from someone who actually stayed there (with kids) is most helpful.
Sep 20th, 1999, 05:10 AM
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If you stay off property you give up the chance at "early entry" -- where you're allowed to enter the parks 1 1/2 hrs before everyone else. This allows you to hit the busiest rides when there's fewer people there and also when it's cooler. Don't know about getting a family of 8 ready that early though! If you'll be there a week and will be at the parks more than 5 days, you should look at the price of an annual passholder -- if at least one in your party has one you can get discounts on rooms -- but these rates aren't announced till about 3 months prior to that month. The All Star Resorts are fairly inexpensive but are just so-so quality. Personally I'd rather be on property, but if it's cheaper to stay off, then hey -- do what you need to. Also -- a consideration . . will a family of 8 fit in one rental car?? If on property you can use the WDW transportation.
Sep 20th, 1999, 09:13 AM
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i agree with julie..with a group that size the smartest thing to do would be staying on WDW grounds. you won't need to worry about transportation to or from any of the parks and won't have to deal with the hassles of parking (and remembering where you parked) the WDW trasportation system is absolutly one of the biggest perks of staying on site. look into the all-star sports/music resort..i think you can get a room for 79-89 a night (sometimes) I always go to disney the last week in august. i never found the lines too unbearable, but the humidity does get disgusting at some points. There was also a deal running through american express one time that included breakfast each morning. good luck

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