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Any opinions between Carribean Beach Resort and Port Orleans - Riverside (formerly Dixie Landings) for family of four (children are 9 and 11).
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We've stayed at both, and we prefer Port Orleans (which was Dixie Landings both times we stayed there). Here's why: Disney doesn't really advertise it, but the (formerly) Dixie rooms have trundle beds. I don't know the gender configuration of your family, but this trundle bed has been great for us, as we have a boy and a girl.

The "quiet" pools at Dixie are nice, and the central, big pool is one of our favorites.

When you make your reservation, see if you can request a room near the central building. If not, insist on it when you arrive. If you're in one of the farther buildings, it can be quite a hike to the food court, etc. The last time we went there, they'd placed us pretty far out, but they agreed to move us the next day.

The bus transportation from Dixie/Port Orleans is very good.

All that said, I know plenty of people who swear by the Caribbean--we just didn't like it as well as Dixie. (I'm embarrassed to say how many times we've been to Disney, but we've stayed at the Polynesian, Beach Club, Fort Wilderness, Dixie, and Caribbean. The Caribbean was probably our least favorite, and Dixie probably our second favorite.)

You might also want to look at people's opinions on wdwinfo.com and wdwig.com--if you think I've been to Disney a lot, you'll be amazed at the people who post there. They need lives--but they do have loads of info.

Also--a few other hotel-related hints, if you've not been to Disney before: rent a fridge (about $10/day) and keep breakfast food in it. It'll ultimately save you a bundle. There are a few supermarkets just off Disney property. Also, buy the refillable mugs (about $9 each). After you have them, you can refill them (free) with coffee, lemonade, and soft drinks. We buy two and fill them with coffee for adults in the morning. Then the kids fill them with lemonade, soda, etc., at various points during the day. They save a lot of money, and they make great souvenirs.

Hope this all helps!
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Don't go to the Caribbean Beach! I just returned from a week & it was horrible - 3hour wait for luggage to be delivered that was promised in 20 minutes, room refurbishment going on @7:00AM just down the hall, walls so thin I could hear the people next door peeing!! I was so disappointed. I wasn't expecting great things out of this resort, but it was worse than I imagined. Oh, no full room service is available (just pizza delivery) and you could be miles from the Old Port Royale center where all the little eateries are. I will say that we found them to be the best place to eat lunch as they were never as crowded as the places in the parks. Good luck!
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I would have to agree with Penny. We found Dixie landings (riverside) to be very pleasant. If they still call it such- request the Magnolia Building in the Dixie Landing complex. It was ideally situated near a bus stop and just a quick walk to the food court and pools. Some of the other buildings can be quite a hike! About a week before your arrival date you can calll the hotel room controller and put in the request.
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Caribbean Beach is one of the first moderate hotels, built in mid-80s, and it's showing its age. Lots of complaints about shabbiness and deferred maintenance -- the place needs a thorough re-furb.

I stayed at Dixie Landings in '94, '95, and '96 -- it was a very nice overall &
lushly landscaped.

I preferred what used to be called "River Bayou" rooms instead of the "Mansion"-looking buildings. "River Bayou" was closer to the front desk and food court, and close to the main themed pool.

I still remember the yummy "Bre'r Fox" ice cream-and-oreo cookie milkshakes at the main pool's bar!
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Have to get on the Port Orleans bandwagon... stayed there 2 years ago- liked the landscaping, transportation (at that time they had a boat that ran to Downtown Disney/Pleasure Island until late at night) and the atmosphere in general. The 11 yr old loved the pool and we liked the size of the resort- not too big.
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Have you considered staying off the Disney property? Prices off season run close to $30 per night and if cost is a factor the inconvenience might be worth is. Some properties will provide transportation but we usually just drive to EPCOT and bus hop to the places we want to visit. Having said this --If you want the Disney atmosphere you need to stay within Disney's properties.
Get a AAA florida book or one of the Disney guide books for ideas
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I live in Orlando and am constantly amazed how much Disney charges for their hotel rooms. Unless being on Disney property is your number one priority, I strongly suggest you look into the south International Drive area, about 15 minutes north of Disney, three minutes north of Sea World, and 10 minutes south of Universal.
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Move to top for Jackie
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Michael Kelly
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Stayed at Dixie in early May. You stay at Disney to get to parks on early mornings and e ticket nights. Then you can ride till you drop. If you want a really nice place, stay at Grand Floridian. Dixie is adequate, stay close to main building for transport. Don't go to Disney with really young kids and try to drag them around, go with kids who can go on all the rides.

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