Delta: Any opinions

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Delta: Any opinions

I haven't flown them in 10 years, but may have to soon. I remember my experience was NOT a good one back then. I caught several of their flights on a rather long trip, and on many of the legs, I thought the flight attendents were rude. Well....not so much rude, but more like they didn't really care that you were there. Talking among themselves, no hello or thank you, no smiles, not even looking at you as you board or leave, that kind of thing.


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As long as I get an assigned seat, the only real difference I see in airlines today is in-flight entertainment. For long flights, it really helps to pass the time to have a personal TV (JetBlue & Song have them, for example, as does BA).

Flight attendants? I don't care. As long as I get my little bag of peanuts and a Diet Sprite, I'm happy.

I will say, Delta is the only airline that has ever "lost" my luggage, and it took 3 days for them to deliver it to my home after it was misplaced.

Assign me a seat and let me watch Sportscenter . . . no complaints.
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Delta is my favorite airline by far. I always find their staff friendly and my flights of late have all been on-time and/or arrived ahead of schedule. If you're traveling to an area serviced by Delta Song, I can't recomend that branch of the airline highly enough. I have paid more for a ticket in the past just to fly Song as opposed to a competitor.
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Last year we flew Delta to Portland Or and it was fine, not one complaint.
This year we are doing it again.
I don't care if they say hello or goodbye, but now that I think of it, they do. They stand at the door when you board and greet you, and say goodbye when you get off.
I ignore them anyway- I listen to music and read (since recently discovering that I have outgrown the risk of airsickness when reading!
In 10 years, I think things might have changed
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Delta is our preferred carrier. Probably because for so many years we had no choice.

We recently flew them with several connections and everything was on time. We had exit row seats where the flight attendents sit during take off and landing and every single attendent chatted with us.
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Good to know things are better.

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they are probably no worse than the average american airline, which isn't saying much. don't do the credit card deal, that's a complete waste of money. all things considered, they might be able to stave off bankruptcy longer than others.

Airlines -- direct, cheap flights like jet blue and song are beating your pants off. Hello???? ever hear what people want?!?

airlines execs must be the studidest people in the world.

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Another vote for Delta. My DH who is a frequent business traveler prefers Delta.
When I have flown them in the past couple of years, the flights are always on time. The only down side is they discontinued a non stop flight between LAX and BOS that I liked to take. Now, I have to change planes and often fly through SLC. The flight attendants have been ok.
I have experienced delays with AmericaWest. Also, about my worst experience was with American with very long delays because of mechanical problems with planes.
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I have never found Delta staff any worse than any other airline - although there are good and bad everywhere. My bete noire is American - I swear they give both flight attendants and gate agents special classes in being as rude - and unhelpful - as possible.

I won;t bore you with any of the incredible stories - just note that Delta staff certainly isn;t as bad as American.
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Delta is about asgood as any other US carrier.

I flew Continental to Mexico last winter and was surprised how much they have improved.
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Not long ago someone on these boards said that the best airline is the one that gets you there
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If you have not flown in 10 years, things have changed on every airline. First, there seems to be even less room between seats. Most flights are now full or close to it - one used to be able to count on a seat nearby in which to spread out - this is very rare these days. Space in overhead bins is consequently tight.

Service is minimal in coach. No food, not even pretzels or peanuts in many cases. You have probably read that some airlines have removed pillows, blankets and magazines. Politeness of flight attendants is almost irrelevant, since there is not much in way of service to offer you. I have found little difference among airlines in way of their pleasantness, with no real complaints about any. Among the many things that happened on 9/11, I think we all got reminded about their primary safety function.
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Hi,I flew Delta to Atlanta a couple of months ago. I have never liked Delta and the flight to Atlanta did not change my mind. But on the way back to CA the flight was great. Well maybe not great but a big improvement.
Personally I do not think any airline offers much in the way of service or comfort. Flying is just a way to get from point A to point B.
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I have flown with Delta fairly regularly for most of my life. Two things have been occuring all too frequently the last few years:
1). Overbooked flights - to the point that they have to insist that some people give up their seats. Twice I have seen parties of people broken up into multiple flights. Once the group was composed of mainly kids and they were all frightened and upset. They had reserved their seats together many months in advance.
2). I can reserve seats for my family together - even picking out our seats online - and then get there only to find they've separated us. I don't feel comfortable having my children sit with strangers in this crazy world we live in.
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For the most part, I have had smooth uneventful flights on Delta. They are usually on time and we have never had our luggage lost. I have had some issues when they did a slow down some years back and stranded me in Florida. Us Air flew me home a couple of days later.
We fly Delta because my husband needs to for where he flies for business. Our points are racked up there and when the trip is free, we don't complain too much!
I wouldn't worry about flying Delta vs Us Air vs continental, etcc.... They are basically all the same.
By the way, the attendants at all the airlines I have flown have been very nice. Just like anywhere else, smile and people will smile back. If they don't then too bad for them.
I wish the airlines would hire people in reservations that can speak clear english!!! Now, that is a real peeve for me. Whenever i call the airlines, I get some foreign person with a thick accent who can't understand me and vice-versa. That is ridiculous. I usually hang up until I can speak with an American person.That also takes a lot of patience since you then have to dial a million numbers and wait forever for the next human. If anyone works for the airlines, pass that information on.
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