Daniel Boone sites

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Daniel Boone sites

I've just finished an outstanding biography on the frontiersman Daniel Boone by John Mack Farraquar. Gave a lot of insight on the violent struggles in the American frontier that I didn't fully understand or appreciate. I've come to be fascinated with Boone and company. I was wondering if there are any museums or historic sites in Kentucky, Missouri and North Carolina.
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Ol' Danny boy trekked thru southern and central Indiana. Southern Indiana boasts Squire Boone Caverns (and state park?), where Daniel's brother Squire settled down for his last 1/2 of life. Eagle Creek park in Indianapolis' NW-side claims to have THE tree where Danny "Kilt a bare"... NOT in Kentucky.
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Daniel Boone's family's store is still standing in Kansas City, Missouri. It is the oldest building in the Westport area and it is now Kelly's Bar.

See these links for more info:


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Legend has it Daniel Boone came to Hillsborough, NC (near Chapel Hill) at some point in his life. There is a monument dedicated to him in downtown Hillsborough and a shopping center named for him (with a giant 30-40 ft. statue of him) just off I-85.

Town of Boone, NC named for Daniel Boone
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I'm sure there are others, but the few that quickly come to mind in Kentucky are (1)Fort Boonesborough State Park,where they have a reproduction of the old fort;(2)Cumberland Gap National Park;and (3)Daniel Boone's grave (although there was controversy over whether he is really buried there) at the cemetary in Frankfort.
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If you're interested in Daniel Boone, have you read "The Frontiersmen" by Allan Eckert? It's an incredible book about an incredible time -- the opening of the Ohio Valley frontier. I've read it twice.
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I recall a family vacation about 15 years ago through Missouri where we spent quite a lot of time tracing Daniel Boone. I belived it was northern Missouri. I can't help much more than that.

RichinKy: Funny thing...I think we saw his grave in Missouri! ;-)

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Boone died in Missouri at one of his three surviving sons' homesteads. He was buried there. Thanks for the imput so far; after reading the bio, I have found a new passion in history--the violent struggle between red and white in the Ohio River Basin and Misouri. Sort of makes silly that old Fess Parker TV series.

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