Dallas in July

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Dallas in July

Hi, I am going to Dallas over the 4th for a convention. Will be staying at the Mark Adams
Any suggestions about resturants within walking distance. Also I want to take a tour of the city any suggestions on which company to use. Thanks Kathy
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Kathy, do you mean the Adam's Mark?
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Dear x, thanks, I do mean the Adam's Mark Hotel. Thanks again kathy
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I stayed at the Adam's Mark last year and hated it. The hotel is MUCH too large and impersonal. Downtown Dallas closes at night, too, so there's just not much to do without cabbing it to another part of town. Personally, I'd rent a car and stay at the Melrose or Stoneleigh, two nearby hotels with charm.
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Hi Kathy-

I'm a native Dallasite, so feel free to email me with questions about our city. I will second the recommendation to rent a car. Dallas is not a pedestrian-friendly town, adn the temperatures in July will be hot enough for you not to want to spend any unnecessary time outside!

There are no restaurants within walking distance of the Adam's Mark that are open at night. Downtown, with the notable exception of the West End District, shuts down after 5 PM. The West End would be a short cab ride from your hotel. There are lots of chain restaurants there, such as Friday's, Planet Hollywood, etc. There are also some good local places, such as Lombardi's. Ask the concierge at your hotel for a guide book of the West End, or go here for info about all of Dallas: www.guidelive.com

Another part of town with good restaurants that is a short cab ride away is Deep Ellum. It's mostly known for the funky and eclectic nioghtclubs, but there are lots of good restaurants there, too. Sambucca, St. Pete's Dancing Marlin, East Wind, Momo's Pasta and Baker's Ribs are just a few.

I honestly don't know any companies that do tours of Dallas. (Like Gray Line, etc.) Most people here just drive. What sort of sights would you like to see?
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Sorry that I don't know much about the Adam's Mark. But, I do know that I second the suggestion to avoid the big hotel in favor of the Melrose, which is a wonderful boutique hotel 2-3 miles north of downtown.

Downtown Dallas does have a reputation as "deadsville" at night. I suspect the only other people around at night will be Adam's Mark guests and the occasional condo resident.
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As you're to be in Dallas for a convention, I'm guessing that maybe you're staying AT the Adams Mark as the convention itself will be held at that hotel? Therefore, you may not be interested in changing your hotel to the Stoneleigh or Melrose (altho both are charming boutique hotels). Strongly suggest you hook up with another one or two of your fellow conventioneers to jointly share the cost of a car rental. Dallas is one of those places that is ruled by the almightly auto and is the primary (as well as secondary) mode of transportation.

Previous poster listed a good site (www.guidelive.com) that is part of the Dallas Morning News website for you to pull up listings of restaurants as well as current activities in area.

On the "Dallas in July" issue, you are aware that it'll be HOT, HOT, HOT ---- guarantee that every single day in both July & August will reach temps in excess of 90 degrees. And what's really a drag is that after a sultry daytime high of 95, temps still hang in the 80's even when sun goes down.

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Ask for a room in the newer part of the hotel (center tower) - the rooms are considerably larger and newer. South tower rooms are small and old. There really aren't any restaurants close by with the exception of the Dakota - which is a good restaurant that you can walk to (about a 10 minute walk)
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Sorry this doesn't answer you question directly, but I would visit The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. It is the old Texas Book Depository building and the "grassy knoll" that is famous for the Kennedy assassination.

Inside you can even be a Republican to appreciate how they set up the events leading to the shooting, then replaying the days events. The video, copies of news flashes, etc are very well done.

I strongly recommend taking some time to see The Sixth Floor.

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