D.C. Taxi comm. & zones


Jan 22nd, 2004, 02:42 PM
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D.C. Taxi comm. & zones

On the Wash. Post site, it recommends calling the DC taxi commission and getting a copy of the zones to have a head's up on what one should be charged when traveling by taxi through the DC zones. When I called, I couldn't get through to anyone! What's the deal. What should I try to do? Is a zone map necessary? Will the taxi drivers try to rip us off?
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Jan 22nd, 2004, 02:52 PM
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There's a zone map posted in every cab.

But really the whole zone system is quite a mystery to everyone. Your safest bet is to stick your head in the cab and ask the driver the fare to your destination, before hopipng in. Even though you have no idea what it should be, this does discourage him from inflating the rate.

I once stayed in DC with a sprained ankle, took a cab repeatedly between two specific points, and was charged a variety of prices. There are some mysteries we just have to live with.
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Jan 22nd, 2004, 03:01 PM
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There is a zone map in the back seat of the cab. I think at the taxi stand at Raagan the guy at the taxi stand will hand you a paper on the DC zones. And unless you know the zones the map is pretty much useless. Taxis won't rip you off but likely will take you through a zone you don't need to go but you probably won't know anyway. Most locals don't know the zones anyway. FWIW, try to negotiate up front if you are going a long distance. Sometimes that works. otherwise don't worry about.
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 12:15 PM
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In addition to zones, there are extra charges for rush hour, additional passengers, calling ahead as opposed to hailing a cab (at least for some cab companies), increased gas prices, you name it. So the same trip can cost a couple dollars more or less depending on those factors. But I've generally found the drivers here to be pretty fair. The only time the map might come in handy is if you happen to be right on the border between 2 zones and simply crossing the street before you hail a cab could save you some money.
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 02:32 PM
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Having lived in DC for over 10 years, I second all of the above. The zone system is at least slightly mysterious to everyone, and most locals have mastered the "correct" fare for one or 2 routes they travel often; the rest you leave up to fate. The maps in taxis are almost indecipherable, certainly to a visitor.Anonymous gave you good advice--ask about the fare if you must, but don't obsess. Have a good visit!
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Jan 23rd, 2004, 03:24 PM
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Thanks for the info...Bardo, I got the map, I appreciate the link!
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