Colorado Springs - That Bad?

Jan 18th, 2004, 07:29 PM
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Good heavens, people! Colorado Springs is no more extreme than San Francisco. I grew up in Monterey County and moved out to Colorado Springs for a few years. The city sprawls a bit, but it's in a beautiful location and is convenient to a number of old mining towns/ghost towns (definitely see Georgetown. Cripple Creek isn't far off) without being as crowded as Denver.
Some nice golf courses in the area. It's kind of like a lot of new towns springing up in California these days, though in the mountains.

It amazes me that so many of you can be so intolerant as to label Focus on the Family a major downside to the area for a vacationer. That's a warped perspective, unfairly taints the image of the town, and it a bit politically intolerant, as well.

We were up in San Francisco and made the mistake of showing up during Gay Pride. My teenage son was groped by a man (I think) dressed in leather with condoms taped all over his body. Somehow this merits no protests but CO Springs is unbearable? Right.

Colorado Springs is far less extreme than the Bay Area or NYC for that matter. I promise, you won't be attacked by any right wing "nuts."
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Jan 18th, 2004, 10:59 PM
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To put Colorado Springs in the same sentence with San Francisco or New York is a joke. That's like comparing Fargo ND and Paris France, there are no similarities.

Some see Colorado Springs as a wonderful, beautiful community and that?s fine. Others (especially ones that have lived in Colo Spgs and other parts of the state) see it as something different. The only thing I find beautiful about Colo Springs is Pikes Peak but I have also lived in Denver where we have just as spectacular mountains and extremely similar attractions like Red Rocks which is a dead ringer for Garden of the Gods. It is just a fact that Colorado Springs has a ridiculous amount of churches (even my husband?s uncle, who has lived here for more than 20 years, agrees) and many of those churches are pretty right wing in my opinion. A few months ago I saw a church near our movie theater that had about 200 white crosses adorning their lawn. Their sign was was preaching about all the murdered babies lost from abortions. Last summer we also had a church that decided to have some sort of anti-terrorist training for their members smack dab in their parking lot at the corner of a highly visible intersection. They were wielding, what onlookers thought, were guns which turned out to be toy guns but succeeded in freaking out more than a few people driving by. We have also received a couple of flyers on our door from neighbors that recently moved here and surprise, surprise they want to make a difference in the world and help people by opening yet another church in the community. In the meantime they will be operating out of their garage. Besides the religious views, the city has rampant overgrowth, poor planning in general and a fair amount of crime. They also have what seems like a very high percentage of murder/suicides for such a cozy little community.

The Broadmoor is a very nice affluent area (which there aren't a ton of in Colo Spgs) and Garden of the Gods is pretty as is the rest of the mountain areas just outside of town but aside from those locations it's really not that nice. I can think of many other cities/towns in Colorado that would be nicer to visit or live in and that is why I post my opinion of it. Believe me, after living in Denver for over 13 years and in other parts of Colorado, Colorado Springs has a very different feel to it. I think anyone coming from a fairly large city would find quite a few annoyances if they lived in Colorado Springs. That?s the feedback I?ve heard from others who moved here from more urban communities as well as my own feelings. Some may like it as it is and some may appreciate hearing others views so they aren't disappointed.
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Jan 19th, 2004, 05:11 AM
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interesting thread. just wanted to point out that the original poster was going there on a business trip, but also mentioned in subsequent post that they might be relocated there. so characterizations of the town are relevant, she was not just looking for travel tips.
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