Clinton, NJ

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Clinton, NJ

My husband and I will have next Saturday afternoon and evening (8/11) to "kill" in Clintonwhile our traveling companions are visiting family. Any specific suggestions?
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Ah, my home town...

Although Clinton is a very picturesque, quaint town, I think it'd be hard to kill an afternoon and evening there.

There's one main street with some interesting shops, plus Center Street, above Main that has some wonderful, restored Victorian houses.

The old Red Mill is the famous landmark, and if you're into Americana, you can tour that and some other small buildings on the grounds. Across the river and dam is a small, but interesting art museum.

There are at least 6 coffee shops and 3 tea shops, all with oudoor seating and good people watching. I think the best view for dinner is the Old River House outside right below the falls; notice I said "view" not "food." Clinton House or Tomato Grill probably have better food.

If there's a concert at the old mill on Saturday night, that is usually enjoyable and would help to kill some time. I'm not sure of the schedule, but can find out if you're interested.

Come back if you have more questions. Will you have access to a car?
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Thanks, Clousie. I did look Clinton has a nice Web Site and some good information, but my concern is that by the time we get there, most of the places will be close to closing (the hours seem to be 'til 5 on Saturday).

Yes, we could arrange to have the car.

I'd be interested in the concert schedule if it isn't too much trouble.

Also, do the shops stay open into the evening?

Thanks again.

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Clinton?!!?? Ohmygosh. And someone else knows about Clinton? ?!! Double ohmygosh! I NEVER thought I'd see Clinton on a travel site!

I'm from that area too, Clousie -- a little farther north and west, though. Belvidere! At least Clinton's changed a little...Belvidere was caught in a time warp that last time I was there.

Ellen -- Clousie gives good advice. It all depends on how much time you have and where you're from. Walk around, take it in. If you're from more of a "city" area, you may find it charming and enjoy the "feel" of the town. But I wouldn't count on being entertained for more than a few hours (less if the shops aren't open) unless there is something else going on.
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Not sure about the distances,but maybe one of the Clintonites can comment. If you have a car, maybe a drive to Princeton?
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How much time will you have? Princeton is a little far, and won't be open either, I don't think. Where will you be coming from? Going to? Clinton is tiny. Farm country. I'm racking my brain to figure out where to get you, but I'm afraid everything else around it is tiny too. Oooh! You might try Flemington! Outlet shopping (I believe -- haven't been there in a few years, was the last time I was there) and a little bigger than Clinton -- should be open until 7/8 or so. Flemington should have a web site too.

When my husband and I were dating (and in college), we went to the Daz-O-Dell to play video games and share french fries. Sadly, it has been replaced by a McDonalds. Ah, those were the days....

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Hi Ellen and Chris,

Oh, my God! The Daz-O-Dell! I never expected to see Clinton on this site either, but much less the Daz. Also spent many hours there in high school and college.

But back to helping Ellen...

I did check about concerts, and alas, there is nothing planned for Saturday night. I know this won't fit the picture Chris and I have described, but the only "event" in town for this weekend is a motorcycle rally on Sunday at the old mill.

Princeton is about 45-60 minutes south of Clinton and quite nice to walk around. Not sure of hours, but the campus is always available to walk through.

Flemington is 15 minutes south on Rt 31, and I just checked, and outlet stores in Liberty Village are open until 9 pm on Saturday. This really surprised me as I thought they closed earlier.

Some of the "river towns" are fun to walk around (don't know hours) but they have good restaurants, shops (if open) and you could always stroll along the canal on the PA side of the river. River towns?? Frenchtown (smaller than Clinton), Lambertville, and shall I say New Hope? The latter would definitely be open late, but can be very crowded and touristy.

Although this is a lovely area and gets lots of tourists, it's hard to pinpoint an exact place to spend time. Let us know what your interests are, and perhaps we can be of more help. Shopping, great restaurants, brew pubs, walking areas, old buildings, churches, possible hot air balloon watching, whatever...

Are you staying in the area? Clinto does deserve at least a walk through, but won't take up a lot of time.
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Wow! This is the first time I've used this message board and I am mightily impressed. Thank you all!

I think we'll be getting in around 1 or 2 and will stay overnight at one of the local motels. We could arrange to get the car. We are interested in whatever is interesting. My first love is theatre...but when in Clinton, hot air ballons are great theatre. We are also American history buffs, so that whole area seems ripe.

I've never been to either New Hope or
Princeton but Flemmington looks closer. We can "do" a mall, but rather a museum or historic site, or take in the flavor. As we are driving , I'd just as soon not do too much more behind the wheel. Glad to stir up so many memories.
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Ok Clousie, was Dig Dug the video game when you were there? Wait until I show my husband this post! He lived in, drum roll please, High Bridge!!

Back to you Ellen (sorry, but it's reunion time.) Lambertville and New Hope are interesting, and will be very crowded, like Clousie said. They are full of antique stores (Lambertville) and some, well, "eclectic" is how I'll put it, stores (New Hope.) Flemington is nice (as far as I know, it has been a while) with the outlet center (it's set up like a little village) and the Victorian houses in Flemington.

I'm of absolutely no use to you as far as restaurants go. I had heard that Flemington had a couple, but that was ages ago. They had one with a terrace across from what used to be (and may still be called) the glass factory which was supposed to be pretty good.

If you don't want to do a lot of driving, I would say that Flemington is probably your best bet.

For American history? The mill in Clinton is about it, can't really think ....wait ... Flemington used to have a steam train you could ride! I knew there was something about Flemington that I had forgotten!

You could also head down to New Brunswick (about 30-40 min, I believe) and see Rutgers Univ. If you do that, you have to eat at Stuff Yer Face -- it was "the" college hangout (strombolis, large or huge!) -- or Tumulty's (ask the bartender to run the train for you, and they used to have GREAT steaks of the melt in your mouth variety). If you're looking for a little more "refined" but not fancy dining (good food, nothing extraordinary but oh the desserts!), go to Old Man Rafferty's (but get there a little early or you'll wait forever.)
We went to RU and then settled in that area after college, so that I know pretty well where to eat down there.

Thanks for sending us on a trip down memory lane! I'm still chuckling and shaking my head. The Daz...
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Hi Ellen,

Hope you're still hanging around the forum, and can tell us what you ended up doing in Clinton or vicinity. Please tell.
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Searching for Ellen

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