Chicago pizza

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Chicago pizza

Visiting Chicago next week for the first time in 10 years. Last time I was there, I had my first, and only, taste of Chicago style deep dish pizza. Someone took me to a place with graffiti all over the walls but I can't remember the name of it. I'd like to go back this trip or find another place to eat great pizza. I'm staying at the Hyatt on E. Wacker without a car. Also looking for a good place to have a drink and hear some blues.
Thanks for your help,
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Pam, I hate to not answer myself, but I have no fraction of the knowledge about your hotel and surrounds or re the blues clubs in comparison to what's already on this board. Do a search for Chicago blues club and you will see what I mean.

I have stayed at the Hyatt E. Wacker and there are literally 60-100 restaurants within short walking distance. There is also an underground walk/connection to several other hotels and lots of "joints" are down there.

You may want to take a walk thru this to the Swissotel and go to the floor with the work out / gym/ swim facilities or just look out anywhere over there. That view encompasses the entire curve of Lake Michigan all the way South to Hyde Park if you can get a vantage point in the Swissotel. Do this especially if you aren't going out onto the lake through the locks during a boat tour.

The pizza was probably Gino's East because they used to have writing all over the walls. But Lou Malnati's, Uno's or Due's (Original only) or Giordano's all have their followings. You can see more decription if you do a search on that as well.

You are a short walk over to Millenium Park, don't forget to walk through. It's all open now and the water features are all running. It cost so much money, so someone should enjoy it.

Others can help you greatly with the drink and blues- but if they don't, do try the search.

Have a wonderful time and I hope you have sunny days and if you don't get over to the Field and see King Tut. Or buy tickets ahead of time. Also if you possibly can, see Wicked. Those tickets are available through Ticketmaster and you can get them ahead of time. You could walk there as well.
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My friend from Chicago says that Giordano rules!
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It was Gino's East but it's not there anymore. I think it moved into the ghastly old Planet Hollywood building. The pizza may still be the same but the atmoshpere won't be. All the recos for an alternative pizza place on here will suit you just fine. Ane they're all walking distance from your hotel.
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Gino's is an overrated tourist trap with lousy pizza. Giordano's would be my first choice.
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pizzeria uno is popular with visitors as well
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Though it seems unlikely that Gino's East would have changed their pizza when moving from their old location to the newer one, I agree that it's just not the same. I used to love Gino's East, but I hate the new location, and feel the pizza at the new location is also not very good.

That said, you can still find plenty of excellent Chicago style pizza in Chicago, so no need to despair.

Also, don't let your lack of car hold you back. Whatever you can't get to easily by train/bus you can do by cab easily and inexpensively.
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I went to Giordano's in the 90's. It was good, but not quite as great as I was expecting.
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Hi Pam,

The pizza place is Gino's East and it is down e. ontario street, past the hard rock cafe and the chicago chop house. It use to be on the other side of E. Ontario street walking toward the lake, but they moved a few years ago. But another good pizza place that you cannot go wrong at is pizzaria due or uno and they are caddycorner from each other I would suggest going to dinner early. I am from baton Rouge, LA and my husband and I go every year for vacation see the cubs play and for me to shop. Please do not go to Giradono pizza. It is the worst. But they have a great outside restaurant right across the street called the stinking rose. Also, all of those blues bars and restaurant or right down the street from the stinking rose on rush street. You have to walk a few blocks once you come to chestnut and rush then you are close. Everything is within walking distance from your hotel. I have stayed at the swisshotel. I loved the walk at night over the chicago river bridge. Take care and have great trip. I forot to tell you if you are looking for some really great italian. I discover a place where it looked like a lot of locals go, a very nice lady told me about it when I went on my shopping trip last fall by myself It is in the old downtown area by Marshall fields called the Italian Village. I ate there for dinner everynight at the bar, but what is so neat is that they have 3 different kinds of restaurant all under one roof. It was great. have fun, Liz
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Run don't walk to Kingston Mines Blues Club!!! They've got live Blues every night in 2 rooms until the wee hours of the morning! I used to go all the time when I was in college in Chicago, but it's definitely not a college kid crowd. It, however, is the most fun blues club IN THE WORLD. Maybe the universe. Maybe even heaven.
if you're on the southside, The Checkerboard Lounge is a good place for Blues.
As for pizza, you'll be well fed at any of the famous names. But if you get tired of pizza, hit up Greek Town for a little Souvlaki, if you're in to that kind of thing.
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Wow, thanks for all the great advice!!! I'm heading out tomorrow. Hopefully work won't get in the way of all this fun!
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you ate at Ginos and it's now in a huge old Planet Hollywood building on Lasalle. Instead try Pizanos, orig at 700ish N CHicago. Awesome old joint with wonderful pizza!
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We ate at Lou Malnati's while we were in Chicago 2 weeks ago. My DH and I both agree it was the best pizza we ever had. Fabulous crust (ask for butter crust), great cheese and sausage. Everything was mild and I didn't get heartburn like I usually do at the local Pizza Hut here in my little town.
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For Blues I go to The Halstead and Lincoln Street area, you can choose between Lilly's, BLUES, and Kingston Mines. They are all within walking distance of each other.
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