Chelsea Market

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Chelsea Market

I have read several posts about the Chelsea Market as a nice place to visit (if you are in the neighborhood), but I can't find a reference to this in any guide book.

Can you tell me the address and more about this spot? Is it the same as the flea market (referenced in many guide books)? Or the antique annex?
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Chelsea Market is on the west side of 9th Avenue, between 15th & 16th Street.

They have somewhat upscale food shops. I live in the neighbohood and they have the best produce in the area. I wouldn't go out of my way for a visit.

The flea markets are on 6th Ave (Avenue of the Americas) around 24th-26th Streets. They're open only on weekends, they're parking lots on weekdays.
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Chelsea Market is more of a food/shopping mall. Mall might be a bad word, it is an inside annex between two avenues( 9th and 10th?)around 14th street? (I walk a lot thru the city and I am not sure of these addresses) It is a nice place to visit for coffee and pastery on a chilly NYC day. Great place for deli lunch. A green grocer area, a Liquor Store, a Bakery, office bldg. a really neat space to rest on a downtown trek thru the city!
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Wow--I love Chelsea Market and think these posts aren't doing it justice! I go once a week and would go more if I worked nearby. It is not a normal tourist destination, but if you're walking in the area, it's a wonderful stop for lunch, a snack, or an early dinner. But the shops are mainly for locals grocery needs. There's:

-a great plant/flower store
-fruit/veg market
-Chelsea Thai, which I think has some of the best Thai food in the city
-Buon Italia, an Italian food import store
-Moroccon furniture store
-a patisserie (this is pretty new)
-a fish/seafood store
-Chelsea Wine Vault (only wine, no liquor or beer, they do great free tastings over the weekends)
-Ronny Brook Farm Dairy
-Eleni's Cookies
-a deli (not a very good one)
-Fat Witch brownies--spectacular brownies, great gift to bring back for someone

-severak other places, but I need to run to work now!

Chelsea Market has a website, just do a google search on it.

It's one of my favorite places to go in NYC as a local.
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I work across the street from Chelsea Market and try to eat there at least twice a week.
It is the Old Nabisco Cookie and Cracker Factory. The Oreo Cookie was orginally made here!
If you are in the neighborhood, stop by. It is between 15 and 16th Street on 9th Avenue-10th Avenue.
I walk through there on my way to the subway. Great on a rainy or cold day!
Many different kind of shops and places to eat. Please stop by Ruthy's Bakery for something decadent!! Hale and Hearty soup is another favorite. Soups are made right next door. Great cominations and exotic flavors.
Next to Franks Meat Market is a new restaurant called FREIGHT. Yep was an old loading dock. Has good food and becomes a nightcub later on. Enter through Franks or around the corner on 16th Street. Hope this helps!
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Is there a Conran's store near the Chelsea Market, too?
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The only Conran's store in NY is under the Queensboro Bridge, around 59th street and 2nd avenue.

Like J. and others, I LOVE the Chelsea Market, but just understand that aside from an occasional event going on (a clothing sample sale, or something to do with NY1, a cable news channel based in the building) it's ALL about food.
[And Eleni's cookies are fabulous--the expensive ($4-$10 each!) are great gifts, the cheap ones ($1.00-$1.50--oe halfprice after 5PM) are delicious]
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Is this different than the Chelsea Antiques Market or are they in the same building.
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"Chelsea Market", as explained here, has nothing to do with the Chelsea Antiques market/ flea Markets, etc
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OK so where's the Chelsea Antique Market and is it fun to visit?
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The Chelsea Market and the Antiques Market are in different locations, the CM is at 15th St and 9th Ave
AM is all along 6th Ave from 24th to 27th St. There are also several buildings in the area off 6th AVe as well. Most of the antique markets are in parking lots in the area so just walk around and you should be able to find them. According to Martha Stewart, the time to get there is early in the am as the market opens.

A bit north of the antique area is the flower district and some wholesale stores, (they will sell retail, just ask)

Have a good time while you are here.

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