cheap but clean/safe hotels in manhattan

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cheap but clean/safe hotels in manhattan

I'm travelling to Manhattan in April for 3 days/2 nights with my 13 yr old son--any suggestions on inexpensive yet attractive, clean hotels? I'm overwhelmed with what I've found online--would love to stay near Penn Station (arriving by train) so we can hopefully dump our suitcase and explore until check-in time, and vice versa on checkout day. Would like to keep hotel bill under $ that realistic???

Also...any suggestions for off-broadway shows appropriate for young teen, besides Stomp and Blue Men? And--we both loved greenwich village on a day trip we took last year.
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Try the Four Points in Chelsea, which is about six blocks from Penn Station.
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Staying in Chelsea is a great idea. The area immediately around Penn Station isn't that attractive, but Chelsea is more interesting and not that far. I think the Hampton Inn in Chelsea may be a better price.

For probably a better bargain, the Red Roof Inn is not far and very good value. The Affinia Manhattan is very good (an all suite hotel) and there's also a brand new Residence Inn opening on 38th & 6th.

For a show, we've heard Drumstruck is also good.
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I will also put my recommendation in for the Red Roof Inn, 6 32nd St., mere blocks crosstown from Penn Station. Clean, inexpensive, safe, albeit on a busy street in Little Korea (who am I kidding? A busy street that IS Little Korea). A few blocks east and you're in Murray Hill.

The kicker for the Red Roof is that it has king bed rooms. The mattresses are somewhat soft, sure-- but they're kings. If you want them. Chelsea and the Village are mere blocks away.
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My 13 year old son really enjoyed Spamalot and the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. You might also consider the Travel Inn. I stayed there years ago and notice that it still gets good reviews for a budget hotel.
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And some of the hotels on the applecore website referenced above include breakfast. Some of the breakfasts are danish and juice and others include toast, bagels, cereals, fruit etc. Not fancy by any means but it will help you save a little $.
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I just recommend Red Roof Inn to lauradublin on another thread. She is going right before Easter in April and Red Roof Inn is $159 on Expedia. I also recommended Super 8 in the Times Square area although obviously not by Penn Station.

I checked several April dates for Hampton Inn in Chelsea. Rates are running from $344 to $394 a night. Crazy...for a Hampton Inn!! The Milburn on the Upper West Side was running around $179 although I know this is not the neighborhood you were inquiring about. I think I would book a room quickly before the reasonable hotels fill up.
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Super 8 rate was $169. I would check each hotel on their individual website. You might also get a discount for AAA if you belong.
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Try not to stay right near penn station.IMO a very ugly loud part of town.I live in NY and this area would be my last choice.Check out trip advisor or
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Bid on Priceline.
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The problem with Priceline you have a good chance of getting only one bed, if this is an option, probably one of your best price options. I like Super 8, very nice breakfast and convenient to Times Square and subways. $500 is unrealistic for 3 days, including hefty NYC taxes.

Try Slava's Snowshow, good for all ages.
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Posts: 234 - they are great suite hotels all over city at a very fair price.
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Affinia hotels are great for a moderate price - but they don;t fall into this budget category. Checked several times in April and they don;t have anything available under $800 for 3 nights - plus taxes etc.

Agree that the OP should reserve something cancelable ASAP and then look for better choices if possible - since the city seems to be filling up fast for spring.
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The OP is only staying for 2 nights (3 days) so $500 is realistic if she books the Red Roof or Super 8. There is also a relatively new Holiday Inn Express in midtown that is running around $169 a night also. I would book one of these hotels ASAP!
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I haven't stayed there, but a friend of my mentioned that Radio City Apartments is a great deal in a great area .... anyone have any experience staying there? (Looks nice on the web site and location on 49th seem perfect.)
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I know some people on this board aren't impressed with Radio City, but my friends and I have stayed there twice and we were very pleased. Our rooms have been clean with no problems. There were 3 of us in a room so we had a 2 room suite plus bath. We thought the location was excellent. We are planning a trip to NYC later this year and are planning to stay there again.
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Try the Gershwin. Your son will think it's cool. I'm staying there this month for 2 nights and have stayed there in the past. It's a little spartan in the rooms but there is lots of art in the halls and a TV in the room and a fine bathroom. And the hotel is clean. I think the price ($109/night) includes continental breakfast. They are not too far from Penn Station, they're on 27th and 4th while Penn is what -- 32 & 10th? The neighborhood is fine, nothing spectacular but it is safe if you are a savvy tourist.
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tandoori girl-The $109 rate at the Gershwin is for one bed. I doubt the OP wants to share a bed with her 13yr old son. If she wanted to do that, she could use priceline. The Gershwin does have two twin beds for $179 or two double beds for over $200. It does look like a fun hotel but unless they don't mind twin beds, some of the other mentioned hotels are probably better bargains.
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thanks all for your suggestions...just made a reservation at the washington square hotel in greenwich village--a little more expensive, but got good reviews, and photos look nice...and my son loved greenwich village when we were there for a day trip last year.
wanted to take him to a show one night--thinking about gotham comedy club--i will call them, but appropriate for 13-yr old? can anyone under 18 get in there at night? i saw they have a junior comedian night somewhere, so thought it would be OK.
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