Cedar Point Accommodations

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Cedar Point Accommodations

My sister & family are flying in from California in August and we'd like to take them to Cedar Point and spend one night.
I just called Breakers Towers and rooms run
$195/night. We need 2 rooms so this is out of our price range. Anyone have any recommendations of accommodations nearby?
Also, does anyone know if you can utilize the
beach during the day if you buy an evening pass (2 of us aren't roller coaster fanatics)? Any info. appreciated! Diane

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Hi Diane --

If you haven't already done so, check out Cedar Point's web site at www.cedarpoint.com.

There are numerous places to stay in and around Sandusky (home of Cedar Point). Did the Breakers Towers rate include park admission? The beach is literally the Towers back yard - weather that time of year will be hot, buggy, and muggy.

Have a great time!!
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I think you'll find that most of the hotels in Sandusky are overpriced in the summer, especially on the weekend. Take a look at www.sandusky.net under lodging. There's a list of all the hotels in Sandusky, which should all be in close proximity to the park. We usually drive from Chicago and stay in Toledo, about an hour away, but you will probably want to stay closer to the park.

Cedar Point has a published guide with admission coupons and discount rates on hotels. You will probably be able to order a copy at www.cedarpoint.com.

Have fun!
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Thanks for the info! I'll try the
sandusky.net website. The Cedar Point website only listed their own resorts.
Would still like to hear from anyone who
could recommend a specific hotel in Sandusky around $100/night. Thanks, Diane
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I grew up near there and should be able to help out if I have more info. Will you have a car? The Breakers is the only hotel right on the Cedar Point property. Email me. I don't check this site that often.
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We actually just went to Cedar Point four days ago (and had a wonderful time with fantastic weather and short lines)! While driving home (we live to the east), I took note of the large number of hotels within a short drive of Cedar Point. Radisson Harbour Inn looks really nice (but is probably pricey), and there's a Comfort Inn and a number of mom and pop hotels very close by. If you're a AAA member, get their Ohio book and check out the Sandusky listings. Vermilion, also, is only about 20 minutes away and a nice town (not sure of lodging options). Also, at AAA, you can get discount coupons for $26 vs. the $32 you'll pay at the park. Admission to water park is separate. I think you can get on the beach with admission to park (but we never do ... we LOVE the coasters)! You'll hear it a lot ... it's the "Rockin' Roller Coast!"
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Thanks to all who posted. We ended up making reservations at the Sandcastle Suites Resort right on the beach at Cedar Point. Has anyone stayed there? It sounds really nice.

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