Can anyone describe the suites in THEhotel?

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Can anyone describe the suites in THEhotel?

Is there a separate living area from the sleeping area? The executive suite in Mandalay Bay looks like there is no separate living area, just a couch at the end of the bed. Is this the case?
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Hi acsproul, may I gently suggest that the title of your thread does not give any idea or clue as to what hotel you are talking about. THE hotel? What, where? Etc.

May I suggest that you repost and entitle your thread something like "Question about The Mandalay Bay Hotel in (insert the city you are referring to). That way you will no doubt get answers to your question.

Best wishes.
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I cannot contribute to this thread other than defending acsproul, LoveItaly.
To my knowledge there appears to be a separate Hotel from the Mandalay Bay which is located at the same resort and is actually called THEhotel.
Even though the title might appear to be a bit on the broad side, the OP did not have any alternative!
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well - then he could have at least put Las Vegas in the title . . . . .
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Hi hsv, no reason to defend acsproul IMHO. I just gently suggested that the title of this thread did not give a clue as to what hotel or where.

I was just trying to help him/her get some responses to the thread. The question did mention this was about Mandalay Bay. I thought, perhaps, this was in Las Vegas,but not sure as I do not go to Las Vegas as it does not interest me.

As Janis said, if Las Vegas had been included in the title it would have been more clear.

If titles gave a better clue as to what the question is regarding I believe (as do many others) they would get better responses to their questions. Just my thought, for what it is worth. Take care.
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We stayed at Thehotel last April, and yes, there are 2 seperate rooms. It has a very contemporary feel to it,decorated in browns,blacks,and orange. The living area has a couch,chair, full size desk with printer/fax machine, and the large plasma tv. There are floor to ceiling windows in both the bedroom and living room. The bedroom has lots of storage,and bed is very comfortable. There are 1-1/2 baths.Main bath has seperate tub and shower, lots of granite and another plasma tv. We really enjoyed it there.
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I agree that including Las Vegas in the title would be great. But the subject does give a clue as to what hotel. The hotel name is "THEhotel". I know it's weird, but it's true. It's within Mandalay Bay, but is actually a separate hotel. ascproul is comparing and contrasting THEhotel's suites with Mandalay Bay's. They are not one and the same. Just to avoid any further confusion.
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People should lighten up, for those of us who know Vegas...I knew exactly what the poster was referring to. jd has already answered sufficiently, for others, if you don't know, don't respond & move on.
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I just want to second JD--completely separate rooms for a living room and bedroom, each has a flat-screen TV, there's a small wet bar in the living room (but no coffee pot), and there is a half bath by the entrance. The other very nice thing about THEhotel is that it has its own entrance and you don't have to walk through the casino to get to the front desk. The cab lines are usually shorter, too.
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SanParis - I think it's just honest confusion here. No one's trying to be mean or rude, they're just confused about what is what. No harm done I would think!

Besides, this post is not just useful to acsproul. The great thing about this forum is that people who might not have thought to ask a question can still get insight by reading others' posts. So, someone interested in Vegas hotels may stumble across a post such as this and learn not only that THEhotel exists, but that it has these suites that are separate rooms, etc. It's just a great reference in general, and no one would find the post if they were searching for Vegas hotels, unless the word Vegas were in it somewhere.
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not wanting to argue here, but I knwew exactly what the poster meant when he spelled THEhotel in that way...

I stayed there last spring. There is a separate living room in THEhotel bedrooms, but not in the Mandalay Bay rooms...
The living room has a flat screen sofa -- just like a regular living room, the bedroom also has a tv...
The decor is very modern, very "brown", not my taste, but my husband and son liked the room a lot,
I much preferred the Venetian rooms, but it's very popular.
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frankie - you knew that, as did I, because you are familiar with Vegas hotels. Clearly, as LoveItaly shows, not everyone is.
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For starters, I clicked into this thread because I knew exactly what what hotel the poster was referring to.

Second, I have not stayed there, but my travel agent has, and she said THEhotel is very posh. It would possibly be next on my list to try, if it weren't for the soon to be opened Wynn Hotel.
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I did too know what the original post meant. THEhotel's and the Mandalay Bay's suites are two separate entities. And yes acsproul, the ones at THEhotel have the living area separated by a door from the bedroom.
The sad thing about LoveItaly is that not only he/she is showing the lack of knowledge about this matter but replies and tries to defend it.
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Why is it sad to not have knowledge of all the hotels in Las Vegas?
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I knew exactly what the original poster meant. I have not stayed at TheHotel, but I have stayed in an executive suite at Mandalay Bay. It is one big room. It was a very nice room, but it did not have a separate bedroom. There was a king sized bed, sitting area with sofa and chairs and a dining room table and chairs with a wet bar.
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Well, count me as one who thought the OP was referring to a hotel in MIAMI. I clicked on the thread because there is a hotel that is commonly called THE HOTEL in Miami, which is very popular and is commonly referenced on this board. Vegas in the title would have cleared up confusion.

In fact it is common practice on this forum to put the name of the place (in addition to name of hotel or whatever info you'd like) in the title of the thread. If you don't, you are unlikely to get many helpful reponses. LoveItaly is a frequent and very helpful poster. I believe she was just trying to be helpful so that the OP could repost and get more responses about the actual hotel (of which there are few here) than responses about how to post (of which there are many).

ALL of you might want to read the thread titled "To Fodors Posters both New and Old". It's helpful. I'll top it for everyone in a minute.
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I had no clue...and am proud of the fact that I don't know more about LV hotels! LOL

Food fight!!
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