Cab Ride in NYC w/infant

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I know I missed Tosca's trip, but just for future reference:

We would never bring our 6 month old in a cab without a car seat! How could you forgive yourself if something happened? Cab drivers aren't the worse drivers, but there are tons of cars in Manhattan, and fender-benders aren't rare. Also, don't forget that cabs have a partition between you and driver, and you and your infant could be thrown into the partition in any quick stop situation, even with no accident.

Cabs do not have car seats, and if you don't have one with you, take the bus or subway if at all possible.

When taking a cab, most NY'ers use infant seats with Kolcraft's Universal Car Sear Carrier or a Snap & Go as a stroller, or they use a travel system (most stroller companies make adapters to attach infant car seats to strollers).

When you move out of the 20lb car seat class, it gets a lot tougher, and we are taking public transportation more and more. Slower, but its just not a risk we are prepared to take.
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Matty, my three girlfriends who live in Manhattan (two UWS and the other W.Village) only use car seats in their own cars. On the few occaisions they take cabs, they hold them in their laps.

Love it or hate it, right or wrong, it happens.
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To all who have responded to Tosca's Question: I too am in a dilemma. I am about to head to NYC from Melbourne, Australia, and I am therefore unable to carry our own infant child restraint. (especially seeing as we will not be hiring a vehicle in NYC).
I wanted to know what anyone's views were on doing the one trip from JFK to Manhattan with a 10 month old were. I have spent weeks researching, using travel agents etc.. to try and find a car service, hire service or anything to put my daughter in a child restraint, but they are simply not provided by anyone. What are peoples thoughts about this? I am nervous about carrying her on my lap (even in a hire limo service??) Thanks for your thoughts. Emsta
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Emsta - you do realize that you've resurected a thread that is over 2 years old.

Regardless, in NYC you won't find taxis that have car seats (it would be a very rare occurance if you came across one) so the majority of people with young children using taxis either supply their own or just do without. Depending on the time of day the ride from JFK to Manhattan takes 30 to 60 minutes. Tens of thousands of cars make the trip every day without mishap so the odds are in your favor nothing untoward will happen on your one single ride. If you are not willing to take the chance than your only real alternatives are to either bring your own car seat (and take a cab) or use a pre-arranged car service that will gurantee they will have a car seat for your child - this will be much more expensive than a regular taxi but you'll have the peace of mind that your child is properly restrained.

FYI millions of us old-timers survived without having carseats when we were children and I dare say when my children were young a car seat was nothing nore than a padded "booster seat" with two metal hooks that you placed over the seat back in the car. The "safety strap" was a plastic belt that wouldn't restrain a doll let alone a child. The children managed to make it through life unscathed.

I'm also intriged by your comments about not being able to bring your own car seat with you on the plane. Does that mean your child will not be restrained during your flight from Australia to the US? Are you not concerned about your child's safety in an airplane travelling at 400+ MPH? If you are willing to take the risk of not having your child sit in a proper child seat on the aircraft during a 20+ hour flight why are you concerned about the child's safety during a 45 minute cab ride? The risk of potential injury is essentially the same.

I'm not trying to make light of the situation or advocating child safety on airplanes (that subject has been discussed ad nauseum on this and other forums) but rather pointing out that the safety of your child is your responsibility not the airline or cab company.
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Emsta, if you call one of the car service companies to transport you from JFK into Manhattan, they may be to provide a car seat. Try Dial7 or Carmel.
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You do not need a carseat.

NYC's taxi drivers are not "bad" as a general rule. They are NYC taxi drivers.

In fact, a recent study showed that NYC taxi drivers have fewer accidents per miles driven than "civilian" drivers.
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On another post, mclaurie pointed out that has a box to request child seats.
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oops, that should be
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