Bring car seat for baby to Hawaii?

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Bring car seat for baby to Hawaii?

I need to ask expert travelers for your advice. I am going to Hawaii for two weeks with husband and one year old son. He is flying for free... he will be sitting on our laps. My question is: should we bring our own car seat for the car when we get to Hawaii? Or is it best to rent it when we get there? What do I do in the taxi or car service from our house to the airport, and when we return? Don't they require that the child be in a car seat? I was thinking of bringing one along, and when I get to the airport, putting it in a big duffle bag, and checking it in. I found out that is costs $5 a day for rental. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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Take your own car seat all the way to the gate. if your flight isn't full, they will let you take it on board for the baby, since it's SO dangerous and uncomfortable for them to fly in your lap. If you can't take it on board, they'll check it for you. Call your airline the day before your flight to confirm this strategy and to discuss their particular requirements. Some car seats are authorized for use on planes, others aren't.
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Jen has good advise. I traveled to Hawaii when my baby was 8 months old. My mother went with me. We took turns holding her. It was an 8 hour flight...whoo. Thank goodness she slept most of the way.

Do take the car seat with you...and to the gate. I don't think it would fit in an overhead bin..hmm...that $5.00 really adds up for a rental. We rented one once (but the $6/hour clerk only charged us a total of $5.00-and not $5 per day..tee hee). The car seats are real cheap they rent you..not quality stuff. ANother reason to take your own.
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I am obsessive about car seats which is why I read this thread. Maxine, it is never a wise idea to rent a car seat. You have no idea what condition it will be in. Even the tiniest hairline fractures can compromise the safety of the seat. If you are not purchasing a seat for your child, then you should get a car seat bag (you can get them through sites like or and check the seat.
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I agree with posters above - bring the car seat! I only rented one once, and it was outdated and filthy, not to mention the safety issue. After that experience, I will never again rent a car seat.

If the plane isn't full, you are almost always allowed to use the car seat. Kids are so much happier in their own seats and you will be a lot more comfortable as well. If the plane is full, the flight attendants can gate-check the seat.
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BRING YOURS!!!!!!!!!!
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Although you didn't ask for them, here are a couple of hints about flying with babies:

Apparently one major reason they tend to cry is thirst. Make sure you keep the water, milk, and diluted juice coming.

If the baby doesn't want to eat normally, don't force the issue. My then 6 month old son threw up all over me once when I fed him at his usual time, ignoring the fact that he wasn't hungry at the usual time.

To prevent ear pain, I always made sure that mine were nursing or sucking on a bottle or pacifier as the plane descended for landing. I used to give them sudafed as well, but I'm not sure that was necessary.

Even when they were as young as a year old, I would warn them ahead of time when it was going to get really loud. Then they didn't get scared.

I've never had a kid scream or cry on an airplane. I know a lot of this is luck, but preparation sure helps.
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Thanks, all, for the great car seat advice, and the flying with baby advice! I will heed all advice and bring my own car seat.

Thank you so much. You have been so helpful!
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