Car Seats on Plane

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Car Seats on Plane

I need some info from parents who have travelled with the car seat recently.

We have booked seats for both kids. My 21month old is in a car seat that is semi bulky (Evenflow) but what toddler one isn't? I know if it says it's FAA approved on the seat it should be ok, but do the airlines still prohibit you from taking them on? I read somewhere that people were denied boarding with them and had to check them. Granted I'm not sure if that meant they had bought a seat for the child or were just trying to bring it aboard.

He is still too little to use the regular seatbelt on the plane.I would be pretty upset if I bought him a seat and couldn't use his car seat. I looked at Delta's website and it said the samething about the label on the car seat. So I don't think it would be an issue but I'd like to hear if anyone has had a problem.


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I fly at least twice a month and I see parents bring car seats on just about every flight I've take. Perhaps what you've heard about people having to check the car seat is when they did not purchase a seat on the plane for their child and they were just carrying on the car seat (they are usually too bulky to fit in the overhead bin). I've never seem anyone encountering a problem and in fact almost everyone I know encourages partent to restrain their todlers in approved car seats while flying. It's the prudent and safe thing to do.
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You should have no problem.

Send your husband in with the car seat to set it up while you wait with the baby in the terminal until the last possible moment to board, sit down, and strap your toddler in. I've seen couples do this lately and it seems to work the best logistically.
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We flew with our two year old and his car seat on Continental last month. We had no problems at all. As hill27 suggests send your husband on first to set up the seat. Have fun
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When your car seat has a five- or three-point harness and requires only a lap belt to secure it into place -- like those nice sturdy infant and toddler ones -- it will work on airplane seats.

It's the ones like I have -- the booster seats that require a shoulder belt as well -- that can't be used on the plane.
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If it is FAA approved, and I think all are at this point, then you are fine. Even if it isn't, it is unlikely anyone is going to check. I enthusiastically support the idea of one parent going on first when they preboard and set up all the car seats (we used to travel with three...thankfully those logistically challenged days are gone) and then the other parent board with the kids at the last possible moment. Let them run and crawl and stretch and be as active as possible before getting on the plane.

Have a fun trip.

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Thanks for the input. My daughter is old enough to sit in a regular airplane seat and I can only remember using her infant seat when flying with her. I think as someone suggested, the other post I read must have been someone that was trying to carry a car seat aboard that didn't pay for one.

I will head advice about the getting settled in first. It's wierd how quickly you forget these little details when your older children are more self sufficient. Another 1yr or so and i will be at that stage again...wahoo.
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