Boston area airports

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Boston area airports


I am considering flying into either Manchester (NH) or Providence (RI) airport to get to Fenway Park in Boston.

Can you please tell me which airport is easier to get to Boston via public transport?

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Neither is great, but Providence has a few more options. From Providence you could take either bus (Bonanza) or Amtrak.

From Manchester ( - check out ground transportation - bus is only option.

Driving distance from either is about an hour, but public transit connections would add time.

If you are heading out after an evening game or event, be very careful about times of trains/bus - they do not run very frequently and you do not want to end up stranded.

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I'll assume you have a darn good reason to not fly into Logan/Boston.

I don't think there's a bus from TF Green Airport/Providence to Boston, though someone might correct me on that. I think you'd have to take a cab or a bus into downtown Providence to catch the Amtrak or a bus to Boston.

Manchester, I guess you could take the Manchester Shuttle from the airport to Charlestown T station.

Truthfully this all sounds like too much of a pain in the ass to be worth it. At least IMO.
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As TwoFatFeet (BTW I love the name ) has posted, Bonanza has been 'absorbed' by Peter Pan -

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Few months ago I flew into Manchester--took "free" shuttle into Sullivan MBTA station (this is Orange station) rode this to North Station and changed to Green line to Fenway.. Seemed fairly simple..
Providence RI Airport is about 15 miles from Amtrak station .Amtrak takes you into South station in Boston.
I have not gone this way but it is an alternative..
Good luck
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I usually use MHT and only fly from Logan if there's no other alternative but that's because of getting there from my home in central NH and parking fees. If I was relying on public transportation I wouldn't hesitate to fly into Boston.
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If you fly into Prov, getting from the airport to the train is apparently still an extra step. But once you're at the train station Amtrak isn't your only option. There's also a commuter rail to Boston that costs less and runs more often. Check the stops; you might want to get off at Back Bay rather than at South Station terminal. Schedules and other details at .
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When I checked Peter Pan Bus (Providence/TF Green) for schedules from there to Boston, it appears that there are several buses/day that go to Boston directly from airport - either South Station or Logan.

Fare is just under $40 RT.

My guess is that you want to fly Southwest into one of these cities. Before you jump at a slightly lower fare on SWA, consider cost of getting to Boston, hassle of getting to Boston. And since you mention Fenway, I hope if you have luggage you have some place to put it, because they willnot let you bring anything of significance into Fenway.

There are other discount airlines that actually fly into Boston - AirTran, JetBlue. Would either of these work for you?
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I'm not seeing TF Green Airport here...
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I am - go to "Fares and Schedules". In drop down menu TF Green is listed (under "T", not Providence). Then under destinations menu there are 2 choices under "B" for Boston - Logan and South Station.
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Good call, Gail. I fly into Providence a couple of times a year so that's good to know.

Wonderfultravels, you can get a Peter Pan bus from TF Green Airport to Boston. That's probably a little simpler than getting to Providence from the airport (the airport is Warwick, RI, not Providence). Note that departures are every two hours so depending on when you land you might be waiting a bit.

Still not as easy as just flying into Logan, though. Take Gail's advice re: AirTran or jetBlue.
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