Beach Blanket Babylon Dress Code?


Jul 7th, 2000, 04:49 AM
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Beach Blanket Babylon Dress Code?

We have reservation to see BBB and wondered what the dress attire was. We are not the type of people that wear fancy clothes.
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Jul 7th, 2000, 07:34 AM
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Lyndsay, I wouldn't worry that much. If you just wore your "best" clothes, that should do it. Nice slacks or dress for the women; nice pants and polo shirt or shirt sleeves for the men would be fine. It would be easiest to list the things you should NOT wear: tennis shoes, shorts, baseball caps, T-shirts, tank tops, dirty clothing. In other words, don't look as if you are going to an amusement park and you should be just great.

Have a fabulous evening.
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Jul 7th, 2000, 09:24 AM
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Lyndsay, If I were going tonight, I would wear a pair of black linen slacks and a nice blouse and probably a blazer because it's unseasonably cool right now in SF. My husband would wear dockers and a long sleeved shirt, no tie, no jacket unless he wanted one for warmth, most likely his blue blazer. Enjoy the show. It's great fun.
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