Austin, Texas

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Austin, Texas

I am considering moving to Austin with my for my job. How is the cost of living? I like dining out, plays and keeping busy. Does Austin offer all that? Thanks.
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Can't answer about the cost of living in Austin until I know where you are living now. If you are from California, you will love the prices here, but if you are from Jackson, MS, you might find it higher than you are use to.
Same with dining. We have some great fine dining restaurants here and tons that serve Mexican and Bar be que. A matter of taste. Some who have moved here from Chicago, California or New York complain about our lack of authentic Italian restaurants (I think we have a few good ones) or Chicagoan hot dogs, etc, etc.
Much to do on in the cultural area, however.
Warning: the traffic here is terrible. We are 10 years behind the times. Don't want to discourage you, but........
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Everyone I know who now lives there or or has ever lived there loves Austin. You will read here on this board that it is not some people's favorite place, but I bet those posts are not from people who have lived there. The hill country is really very nice.
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Scott K
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Lived in the area all my life.
Great area. Food... you name it we have it!
Entertainment...what do you want? We have it too.
Traffic is HORRID! Can be worse than Houston and we dont have many plans to build new roads (beacause if we dont build them they wont come...hahahaha!)
Any way cost of living...can be expensive although currently the apartment marked is hurting and offering very very good deals and houses are better than last year.
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I've been in Austin since 1983. Its a wonderful city, but personally, I'm probably moving as soon as my daughter is out and on her own (about 7 years)!

Austin has culture galore. The "Live Music Capital of the World", Theatre, Arts, sporting events, excellent restaurants galore. Per capita, I beleive we have some of the most educated people around. Our city council is very environmentally sensitive. There is plenty to keep you busy. And, if you are a jogger or walker, Austin has miles and miles of trails. We have nearby lakes for water sports.

However, as someone mentioned, traffic is horrid. Actually, it's worse than horrid. Since our rapid growth for many years, the roads and infrastructure never caught up. While considered the "Silicon Hills", employment for those in the high tech areas is suffering badly. And while many love the weather, it can get downright hot. Many summers (which actually begin around April....) we can have 30 to 40 days of temps over 100 degrees. Oh, and I beleive many feel we are also the "allergy capitol of the world".

As for the cost of living, it depends where you are from. A one bedroom apartment in a fairly nice area of town will cost at least $600 a month. A 3 bedroom home in a middle class neighborhood is probably about $170K.

I've loved Austin for many years. I've seen it grow much too fast. The traffic and the heat of the summers have me longing for a smaller city. When I got here in 83 there were about 350,000 in Austin. Now the whole Travis County area is over 1,000,000.

Perhaps more info on where you are from would help - weather, likes, type of job.

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