Alaska- two days in Seward

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Alaska- two days in Seward

Hi there!

We are taking our honeymoon in July on a cruise in Alaska.

The cruise ends in SEWARD on a Friday, so we want to stay the rest of the weekend in Alaska, and our flight leaves out of Anchorage.

Should we stay in Seward or is there more to do in Anchorage or other areas around it?

We would love to do some hiking, or outdoorsy activities, eat at some fun pubs or lodges, shop if its convenient.

Any suggestions on how to spend the two days after the cruise is greatly appreciated! We dock in Seward and fly out of Anchorage.

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I love Seward, so I would stay at least one night. Others here also recommend Alyeska, since it is closer to Anchorage.
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Go to Girdwood:
I'd rent a car one-way from Seward to ANC (only Hertz in Seward to do this - a little pricey b/c of the one-way fee). I'd leave Seward and head to the Girdwood/Portage/Whittier area. Here's a link to a 'blog' about the area and the many great activities:

I'd book a room at the Alyeska Resort (see: or at a cool VRBO (find a house/cabin in Girdwood with an outdoor hot tub - see:

For a romantic, fine-dining experience get up to Alyeska's Seven Glacier Restaurant (see:

For other great/fun/eclectic dining in Girdwood there's: Jack Sprat, Silvertip Grill, Chair 5, The Bakeshop, Double Musky (all searchable).

nice, easy hikes
- Winner Creek (awesome self-powered hand tram over a gorge)
- Byron Glacier (beautiful mountain valley with possibility of snow to play in/on)

- 1 hr glacier cruise (Portage Glacier)
- half/full day glacier cruises (in Whittier)

kayaking (out of Whittier)

- possible on any hike
- possible on a glacier cruise
- visit the AK Wildlife Conservation Ctr (see:

When you finally head to Anchorage airport, try and leave some time for the Glen Alps trailhead. If it's a clear day , there's some amazing views of the city, arms, and surrounding mountains (free parking if under 30 minutes).

Here's a google map link to most of this stuff:

Congrats & enjoy.
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I want coming to Alaska too. Can you tell some more info, that you came back?
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Sdpryde has given you great suggestions. Since you mention that you enjoy hiking, if they weather cooperates, I would recommend you stop and hike the Harding Icefields on your way to Girdwood. It is a beautiful hike.

Everywhere we travelled around Alaska, locals recommended that we eat at the Double Musky in Girdwood.

The Alyeska looks like a really nice place to stay. We weren't on our honeymoon when we visited but we really loved staying at Hidden Creek B&B. Wonderful cooked to order breakfast, luxurious rooms and baths, home baked cookies, lovely hosts.
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We loved Girdwood and our stay at Aleyeska Resort, Seven Glaciers dining. Since this is your honeymoon I would head to Aleska.
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You might check into cost of getting from Seward to Anchorage if you have to get there on your own. It's about 3 hours from Anchorage (Girdwood is closer) so you could take the cruise transportation to Anchorage, rent a car and head south again. I don't think you will mind going over the same road again, it's one of the most scenic highways in AK.
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On your arrival day I'd pick up a car at Hertz (only show in town, so you're stuck with them) and put the bags in the back. Then I'd do a Kenai Fjords tour (wildlife, tidewater glaciers) following which I'd drive up to Girdwood for two nights at Alyeska. The drive is around 90 min. and you'll have plenty of daylight in July (won't get dark until 10 or later) for the trip.
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This is all super helpful information!!

unfortunately, Aleyska is all booked for the two nights we need!! I have been looking into vacation homes. Anyone know of any other hotels in the area I can check out?

I am concerned we are going to be doing more driving than actually seeing.

Gardyloo--you almost read my mind as to what we could do for the two days. How large is Girdwood? If we did Kenai Fjords before going to Girdwood, we would have exactly 1 full day and some of the morning to explore Girdwood- is that enough time to do "a few things"

How far is Kenai Fjords from Seward? And then Seward to Girdwood??

Here are my current thoughts-
Arrive in Sweard at 8 am (but we do not disembark the ship till noon)
Pick up rental car and head for Kenai Fjords
Leave Kenai Fjords and head to Girdwood
Find a cool pub or restaurants to relax in for the night
Spend Saturday in Girdwood
Spend Sunday morning in Girdwood
Afternoon- leave for airport in Anchorage.

Our flight leaves at 11 pm so we don't need to be at the airport until the evening.
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No you misunderstand. The Kenai Fjords are only accessible by boat from Seward, for example

The tours run anywhere from 5 to 8 hours; you can see the options and departure times on the referred websites (and I assume there are others.) I'd imagine, however, that the cruise line would like you off the ship before noon, so timing ought to be okay.

Girdwood is a small town (actually within the City of Anchorage) around 90 min. drive from Seward and 45 min. from Anchorage. There are several restaurants and bars in Girdwood, including the lovely Seven Glaciers restaurant at the top of the ski gondola at the Alyeska hotel/resort. In addition to Alyeska, there are a number of B&Bs in Girdwood.

Have a cinnamon roll at the Bake Shop at the hotel. Call it good for breakfast and lunch.
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oh, ok! Thank you for clarifying!

So it sounds pretty reasonable to do this amount in two and half days then! Agreed?

I found a great and very reasonable vacation by owner in Girdwood that is walking distance to the bakery of the hotel.

Also, have you been to the wildlife conservation center on Seward highway? We were reading the reviews on it and although majority said it was great- there were a few nasty ones about mis treatment of animals, and not worth the time. I know thats something to do in Girdwood so any opinions there?
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The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a convenient stop on Seward Highway. You can see wildlife at close range, but certainly in captivity. It is a quick and easy visit for 30 minutes or so.

Of course, it is much more exciting to see the animals in the wilderness, but you never know...
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Last year the AWCC had baby musk oxen - they were really cute. Thinking they should be a bit larger now.

I don't think AWCC mistreats animals. There are animal rights nutters who will say any captivity is mistreatment.

The center is a RESCUE facility that will nurse and (if possible) rehabilitate animals that have been injured and brought to it. Among its residents are various rescued critters (some lynx, some musk ox) and it is trying to repatriate wood bison into Alaska again. Rescued animals tend to look a little hard up for a time.
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Thank you biggruss!

I assumed anyway to take reviews like that whn a grain of salt. People around this world will always find something to complain about. I just get nervous when it involves animals!

We will definitely stop there at some point then!

Can't wait for this trip
More and more!!!
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- I see you found one in Girdwood, great.

Echoing BigRuss...
- AWCC is great, they don't mistreat animals, they rescue them.
- I'm not a fan of traditional zoos; but the AWCC is different; it's a whole different philosophy.
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