Advice on Relocating to DC

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Advice on Relocating to DC

My husband and I are moving to the Washington area from Kansas City, MO in April. We've visited a couple times and have already accepted the fact that we'll have to settle for a lot less space for lots more money. Still, we are trying to find a clean, quiet apartment (1 Bedroom) for $1100 or less in DC or Northern Virginia neighborhood where we can walk to restaurants, shops, and metro. Is this possible or are we just dreaming? We have no kids, no pets, and no car. Any suggestions on where to look?
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Try the areas around Roslyn, Clarendon, and Ballston metro stops (in NOVA). Nice areas that should be in your price range. 5 miles outside DC
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I live in DC and don't have a car and love my neighborhood, which is Dupont Circle. I live a few blocks from the metro and you can walk to all kinds of good restaurants, shops, etc. Rents are high in this neighborhood but if you look very hard you may be able to find something in your price range. It will be small though. You can definitely find studio/efficiencies for $1100 but one-bedrooms at that price are hard to come by in Dupont (although they do exist); they are more in the $1500 range. I suggest that you check out the classified ads from the Washington Post on Saturdays and Sundays. You can do a search of the listings at The farther out you go, the more you get for your money. Woodley Park and Cleveland Park are nice too and just one and two metro stops beyond Dupont, also with good restaurants. Virginia (Rosslyn, Pentagon City, Crystal City, Clarendon, Ballston, etc.) is less expensive and will save you tax-wise, but you don't get that same "city living" feeling. Good luck -- I love it here!
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Sure you can! Look in the Arlington or Reston area.

Try the Barton House in Arlington...

A friend of mine is paying $1070/month one bedroom including utilities and premium cable. A little older development, but clean, quiet and close to the metro/nightlife/restarants.

Also try Richmond Square in Ballston.

The Washington Post on Sundays has tons of apartments available, many are having deals now b/c of vacancies. Look for the ones with utilities included, will save you at least $150/month! If you have a Borders/ Barnes and Noble near you, they will have a copy of the Post.
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The Washington Post also has reviews of different neighborhoods. You can find them - - there is a pull down box where you can search for stories on neighborhoods on this page. I lived in Alexandria, VA and loved it (near the Braddock Road metro). We could walk to restaurants/shops in old town Alexandria (but it was a long walk so we generally drove), and we were between old town and Del Ray, which also has some restaurants and shops. I moved away about 3-4 years ago, so I can't really tell you current prices, however they had gone up quite a bit in the 6 years we lived there. (1992 - 1998)
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You will miss the midwest after interacting with the cold cruel people in the DC area. I am from your home town and go back to visit family and friends on a regular basis and are amazed on how much nicer people are in KS and MO than the Dc area.

If you have to move out here the people are alot nicer the further out of the city you move. Southern matters start about 40 miles out of DC, but from there its a long drive. In a few months after living out here you will know what I am talking about.
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Lynn: Check out the post "Real Estate prices in D.C./Arlington" that was here a short while ago. Has a lot of info. And the usual kvetching.
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If you don't mind an older place (plaster walls, wood floors, larger spaces), some of which have been completely updated, try ParkFairfax, Fairlington Towne, or Fairlington Villages, all three communities clustered around the intersection of King St. & 395. I think you can get a 1 bedroom for under $1100. They're garden-style. In the Ballston area, there are mostly highrises. A less expensive, older community right off Wilson Blvd. near Clarendon is Colonial Village. Again, garden-style, renovated older units with plaster walls, wood floors.
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I would highly recommend the Clarendon area in Arlington, VA or areas such as Dupont or Connecticut Ave. in DC. There are numerous restaurants and have metro stations. Clarendon is well known for its eclectic restaurants, and I absolutely loved living in that area. At the time, 4 years ago, we paid $1,000 for a two bedroom. Keep an eye on the Washington Post for apartments. Good luck!
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Oh! I forgot to mention that in Clarendon, there is a Fresh Fields grocery store right there and they have also just opened (or soon to be) a new "mall" with a Pottery Barn and such stores. As you can tell, Clarendon would be my choice should I do it all over again!
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If you can't afford Clarendon (it's really expensive) but still want to live near a metro, try Del Rey. It's in Alexandria, which is south of Arlington, but you can still easily get into the city. The Braddock Road metro stop is not far, so having a car wouldn't be abolutely necessary. Along Mount Vernon Avenue, there are a bunch of (non chain) restaurants and little shops. Very cute and neighborhood-y. If that's a word

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