4 Islands in 14 days?

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4 Islands in 14 days?

We are planning on going to Hawaii in March. We are flying into Honolulu and out of Kona, and also planning to go to Kauai. We are debating adding Maui as well. Is 4 islands in 14 days too much? We've never been to Hawaii and are torn between seeing it all and thinking it may be too much. Thank you!
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Most people would suggest no more than 3 islands in 14 days. We did 4 islands in 15 days (with only 2 on Oahu) this past August. It was fine with us because it was our kids' first time to Hawaii and we wanted to show them everything we could. We enjoyed being "out and about" and sightseeing every day... but a lot of people like to have more relaxing down time than we had (we did not have a lot of that!).

For our next trip back to Hawaii, we will stay no less than 5 days per island and do more relaxing.
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That's a lot of traveling. You almost have to write off each travel day even though the flights are only about one hour long. Personally, I would recommend you cut it down to three islands, leaving out Kauai.

Everyone is different, and some people spend little time on Oahu, but it remains my favorite island after living there for three years and visiting many times since. I would do five days on Oahu, five on Maui, and four on the Big Island.
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We did 3 islands with 13 nights this past August. We spent 2 nights on Oahu, 4 on the Big Island, and 7 on Maui. This worked out great for us. 4 in that span of time might be a lot, although people on this board have done it. We may go back next summer and are debating on whether or not to go to 3 again, or pick 2 and spend more time on each!
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estoe, one time going to Hawaii we did 4 islands in 2 weeks and oh my, I was so tired on the flight home. The vacation was wonderful of course but to much moving around, packing, unpacking, airports etc.

It can be done for sure. And if you pack real light (easy to do for Hawaii because it is so casual) and have a high energy level and really do want to see all 4 of these islands so you will know which ones you want to return to than I would do it.

It just IMHO boils down to the criteria of want you want, seeing all 4 islands so you are famaliar with them or going for a rest and relaxation type of vacation.

Some people only do one island for two weeks, some only two islands.

Whatever you decide I am sure you will have a beautiful vacation.
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We did that on our honeymoon many years ago. It was great for me because I love to get around and see as much as possible. My wife would have liked more down time. It all depends on your likes and dislikes. If I were to do it again, I would pick two, no more than three islands in that time, but four wasn't all that bad.
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Hi We will be in March also for 14 nights. I was tortured deciding if I wanted to do four islands or three or two for fear if I didn't do all four I would be missing something. Then I remebered our trip to australia last year. Two weeks running all over the place. I new I really didn't want to miss Kaui(from what I hear the most beautiful place on earth). So I was about two give up Maui(since we definitely were not going to miss pearl harbor) People told me not to give up Maui. So that just left the big island. From what I hear volcano nationsl park is awesome but I figure it will just have to wait until the next time. I guess I will just have to get my share of inactive volcanos on the other islands. So we will be spending three nights in Wakiki(we arrive there on a friday evening and then leave there Monday morning so we have all day saturday and all day sunday. We are going to take a tour of the entire island on Saturday including Pearl Harbor)and then just relax on Sunday before heading out to Kauai in monday morning. We will be in kauai until the following sunday morning(6 nights) and then the following sunday head out to Maui for the final five nights(I really wanted to do five in kauai and six in Maui but the Hyatt in Maui was filled up for that saturday night(And I booked this almost one year in advance and it was already filled up.( I guess it was a private party or something). So that is what we are doing. YOu may want to do something similar except replace Kauai with the Big Island. What ever we do I am sure we will both have blast. If you want to email me and converse more I can be reached at Marshall [email protected]. Bruce
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Since it sounds like you are committed to three islands already, I would stop there and do Maui on another trip.

Our last three trips have been 10 - 14 days on one island. For me, that is the way to go.

Have you decided where you are going to stay on Kaua`i yet?
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We visited Hawaii last October for our honeymoon (two weeks) and limited it to two islands, Oahu (5 days) and the Big Island (9 days). We could easily have spent more time on both islands. On our typical vacations we do a lot of 1-2 night stays and have no problem with it, three islands in 14 days seems to be pushing it and four would be out of the question.

Between getting to the airport, checking-in, the flight itself, picking up a rental car, etc. you are losing about 1/2 day each time you switch islands. In my view, it doesn't seem to be worth losing 1.5 days in a 13-14 day vacation.
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The answer is to book hotels in three of the Islands, (my choice would be Oahu 5nts, Maui 5nts, and Big Island 3nts) and then book a day tour to Kauai with a copter ride and Island tour. This type of tour leaves the airport bright and early and has you back at your hotel by bedtime... and gives you a great aerial tour of Kauai's best asset of nature... it's a long day, but you don't have to drag the luggage, change hotels and bring anything but a camera...
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don't miss out on Kauai!
I agree with the above poster that you should do 3 islands, and then a daytrip tp the 4th,
but I'd suggest a daytrip to the B.I. to the Volcano's National park.
Or a day trip to Oahu - going to Pearl Harbour.
I would not miss Kauai or Maui.

I just spent 16 nights in Hawaii,
we did 4 nts Oahu (with a daytrip to the B.I. - volcanoes park), 3 nights Kauai (not enough) and 9 nights Maui - 3 in Hana and 6 in Wailea,
so we moved 4 times, but on 3 islands,
I agree that flying to 4 islands would be a lot of wasted time in 14 days.

You will have agreat time no matter what, the Hawaiian Islands are all gorgeous and incredble!!!!!
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Thank you everyone for your responses! We've decided on 3 islands-Maui, Oahu, and BI. We're flying into Oahu and out of Kona, so those islands are pretty much set. But we do want to see Volcano National Park and Pearl Harbor. Kauai will have to wait for the next trip!
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