looking for El Chalten guide

Aug 15th, 2019, 09:02 AM
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looking for El Chalten guide

My family (2 adults, 2 teenagers) will be in El Chalten for 3 days this December and are looking for a private guide to accompany us on day hikes. (I realize that some people don't feel that a guide is necessary, but we would feel more comfortable using one.) I would appreciate any recommendations, preferably for individuals, not companies.
Thank you!
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Aug 15th, 2019, 10:15 PM
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I don't have any recs and I know I'm not answering your question, but why are you uncomfortable without a guide? Getting lost? Safety? The major hikes in El Chalten are very well marked and filled with tons of people.

I'd imagine a guide won't be cheap. We inquired about hiring a *porter* for the W hike (Chilean Patagonia) and were quoted $150/day.
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Aug 16th, 2019, 03:43 AM
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Based on the recommendations of friends who have been there, we would be more comfortable with a guide, just in case of any problems (changing weather, getting lost, etc.) in a country where we have never been.
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Aug 16th, 2019, 05:21 AM
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I'm with LAX on this, I saw no need for a guide, but then I very rarely use one anywhere. And a guide can't do anything about the weather.

However, an important issue is whether or not you are accustomed to hiking. If you do not hike at home, why are you hiking at El Chalten? Do you have appropriate clothes? Do you know how to read a map? Although you can do a short hike at El Chalten that is very easy.
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Aug 16th, 2019, 07:51 AM
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Yep, as thursdaysd said, the guide can't do anything about the weather. You'll need to pack the proper clothing for that.

And I don't think whether you've been in a country before is relevant to the need for a guide. You'd need a guide for some difficult, unmarked hike in your home country much more than you'd need a guide in El Chalten.

I'm curious about your "friends who have been there." Did they have a bad experience without a guide? If so, you ought to critically think about whether a guide would have made their experience better.

Which hikes are you planning on doing, anyway? The big Laguna de los Tres and Laguna Torre hikes? Or easier ones?
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Aug 17th, 2019, 02:50 AM
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Laguna de los Tres and Laguna Torre are the hikes that we plan to do. In terms of weather, I was specifically thinking of our friends who had a scary experience when inclement weather arrived unexpectedly. They felt that having a guide was extremely helpful in getting back safely.

I'm not sure why there seems to be opposition here to us getting a guide. Since it's a service that appears to be offered by many outfitters, I'm assuming that it's not a particularly uncommon thing to do. So yes, we have hiking clothes and can read a map, but a guide would hopefully make our experience less stressful, which is what vacation is for, after all!

I'm not looking to debate the merits of getting a guide, as we've already made that decision, but if anyone has any recommendations for one, I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks again!
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