Would you stay in the Bosque del Cabo garden cabin?

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Would you stay in the Bosque del Cabo garden cabin?

My dream is to stay in Casa Blanca or Casa Miramar at Bosque del Cabo. Only the garden cabin or a garden house (not advertised) is available during my CR stay. Question: Is Bosque del Cabo so wonderful that I stay in a garden location with no ocean view and I believe a farther location from the main lodge, or do I look for another lodge/hotel? Lapas Rios is a little too expensive to consider. What do you recommend?
Thanks for any help.
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We almost opted to do this, but changed out minds at the last minute in favor of the view. It is a nice little cabin, however, and you would definitely be close to the action of the forest!

Only disadvantage besides not having a view of the ocean would be walking after dark, but you will use a flashlight while there anyway. If you enjoy wildlife, you'd probably enjoy the location of the cabin!

BDC is a wonderful place. If we were going again and couldn't get an oceanview room, I'd not hesitate to take the garden bungalow.
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Hi soleil
You can ask Bosqu del Cabo to email you photos of the garden cabina. We have been there twice and Leonardo sent us photos of this cabina and then we saw it. The other option,if it is possible is to switch to various cabinas if there is not space in one type for your whole stay. This is what we did and we actually enjoyed it. The last night we were in Casa Blanca because there were no deluxe cabinas available and they gave it to us for the same price. The garden cabina is cute,but you are in a very secluded environment at night. Also, I felt it did not afford much privacy. It looks pretty much like the picture we were sent. We opted to switch trip around to have cabinas with ocean views but did have to move. This was a complete surprise as the year before it was almost deserted. This year there was a yoga group there including the movie star Minnie Driver so it was very crowded. It is a wonderful place and we saw more wildlife there than when we were actually in Corcovado.What time of year are you going?
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I would most definately take a cabina with an ocean view. That was one of the best things about Bosque, and there were so many great things. Waking up to the sunrises was fantastic.
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I'm thinking of Bosque del Cabo as well at one of the houses. For those of you who went there before did you coook your own meals and if so where did you get the food?
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We stayed in Casa Teca for a couple of nights 2 years ago. It was yoga group time and that was all that was available. We were able to switch for our last 2 nights. In all honesty, it was a relief to get over to the nice cabinas. At the time we were there, the hot water didn't work, the lights kept shorting out, leaving us in the dark, and there were quite a few workers there that kept walking around the cabin. I think I just wasn't prepared for it because last year I stayed at another place by myself that was just a little cabin in the woods with only 1/2 walls and a roof.

As far as I know the hot water is working and the lights are fixed. They were last year when we were there. I talked to some people who were staying there. They didn't mind it too much but after a couple of days felt a little left out of things.

There were a couple of guys staying in the little cabin on the other side of the garden right after we left Casa Teca and they were loving it.

Minnie Driver!! How exciting. Someone down there told me Julia Roberts had been there also a few years ago. We ran into Danny DiVito and his family over at Lapa Rios. They left early because the kids were bored. They were leaving as we were arriving. We got in at the last minute and I suspect it was because they were leaving.

I guess if the garden area was all that was available I would suffer through it (Bosque is worth it to me) but that long walk in the dark is pretty creepy. If you are totally freaked out, you might get them to run some plates of food out to you. They did that for us. Eduardo threw them on the back of the 4 wheeler. The house was actually kind of neat in the way it was designed. Very open. It has given me a couple of ideas for the house we hope to build down there in a couple of years. Still haven't decided if the bathroom is going to be a la Bosque or a la Peace lodge. Guess it will depend on if we have to generate our own electricity.

As far as food...if you are planning on it, make a list and the taxi driver can take you to the grocery store before taking you out to the lodge. Let Bosque know so they won't double you up with other people who don't want to go to the grocery. Possibly you could just pick up some coffee and milk if you only think you will want that. You can buy soda and beer from Bosque to put in the fridge. It might be more than if you buy it in town though.

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I was hoping Golondrina would post (are you out there??) because her family stayed at Casa Blanca in July. She and I had spoken of meeting and we had fun making the connection. I loved watching her because she really got into the family atmosphere at happy hour and meal time in the evenings! Definitely made a lot of friends. I can see her now chatting away with everyone!

Their family bought groceries in PJ before arriving at BDC. They prepared their own breakfast and lunch, then joined the rest of us for dinner. She thought it worked out very nicely for them. They were there for a week. I can't remember if she bought everything all at once coming in or whether she had to make a run back to town for more. Probably not. They were delighted with their arrangment and not put off at all by the accomodation. In fact, they seemed quite pleased with it.
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