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We went to three areas: the llanos, amazonas and the Morrocoy Nat'l park.

Of these, the Campamento Camani on the Rio Ventuari was tops, followed by the San Leonardo Lodge in the llanos.

I hope the next trip will include the Andes and Angel Falls.

Have fun.
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Jolie Novak
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I just returned from a short stay in Venezuela. We had no idea where we were going and ended up in Macuto for a couple of days to get acclamated. It is very close to the airport on the sea and is nice, but I would not recommend too much time there. We took a bus from Caracas after that to Maracay then through the cloudforests in the Andes to Puerto Columbia on the sea and it was amazing! It was small and inexpensive with an amazing Playa Grande and boats available to take you to other small more private beaches. I highly recommend it!
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I have a home on Margarita Island, great place to visit. Try Playa Guacuco, not over developed, and a lovely beach. be very careful at playa Puerto Cruz, beautiful beach, but waves are very dangerous: I was almost killed there a few years ago and was lucky to get away with just a broken shoulder and a head injury. Playa Parquito can also be dangerous, my husband broke his back there while body surfing. Most of the tourists like Playa el Agua, but it is very developed. If you go there, there is a cachapa and cocada stand in Cimmaron, Cocada del Cimarron on the right that you should try; best cocadas (coconut shake) and cachapas (fresh corn pancake) in all of Venezuela. There is an Italian restaurant about five miles past Guacuco on the left, gorgeous and really great italian food, but I can't remember the name, something like Los Azelitos or Terrazitos, but I'm not sure. Also, for really authentic food, go to La Atarraya de las Quinces Letras in Porlamar, where the local people go to eat. Good barbecue at Tio Gordo in Los Robles.people are generally very nice and polite on the island, but do not leave anything in the car or it will be stolen.
if you get the chance, take the trip into the tepuis and Angel Falls; take a small plane thru the tepuis. It's like you just stepped back in time 500,000,000 ago and expect to see a dinosaur strolling by, truly memorable and one of the most unusual places I've been in the world.
Some beautiful beaches on the main land include the national parks at Morrocoy, past Valencia, and Mochilla or Mochima, near Puerto Cruz (not sure of the spelling).
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igor fabjan
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i'd like to get more info about Venezuela - prices, accomodation, costs...

Igor -
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Hi I travel to the Caracas area frequently. I would avoid Caracas unless you want to do some shopping. If you have to stay in the area for a night or two go to Macuto which is on the beach and stay at the Shereton. I know there are some smaller hotels in the area but they look like they could be seedy. Go up to the Mountains to the German settlement, Colon Tovar, it is about 150 yrs old. It looks like it is right out of Bavaria and they sell some great things. Also I would go into the Amazon. I think you may have to take a small plane but if you stay at a larger hotel the first night they should be able to set it up for you. Don't be surprised to see armed guards outside of hotels and restraunts there. Venezula can be kind of dangerous. Also I would avoid Maracibo. They say it is more dangerous then Caracas. You should have a great time outside of the big cities. Just keep your wits about you. have fun!
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I loved Merida at the northern end of the Andes cordillera. It is about 20 celsius with fantastic walks through parks upto peak Bolivar. Don't
walk with a back pack through Plaza Bolivar here though as you'll get hit by a potato cannonade.
People in Merida mix with gringos much better.
Hopefully they might have fixed the Teleferico the longest / highest cable car in the world to save your legs!

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