uruguay-stay way a way

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uruguay-stay way a way

The three of us were sauntering along the ave one block east of the main drag in Montevideo, when a young man (a strong arm robber) came from behind two of us. He wrenched the arm out of our traveling companion's front right hand pocket and with his other hand reached into the pocket, grabbed the wallet containing $250 US, Fl Drivers License, and Visa credit card. Shocked? Shocked is correct as it was broad daylight, Sunday, March 29?, 1998. Wow! This was on the street near the Christian Science Church, one
blockover from the main drag and Sunday street market! We voided the Visa immediately as the phone book in most countries list VISA. We also e-mailed the Uruguay Tourist Bureau (no reponse). This should be a wake-up call for tourists to Montevideo! Armed Robbery in broad daylight! Either, avoid travel to Uruguay, or put the money inside your socks, and use your mono-ped as a club! No way, will we ever return to Uruguary!!
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I have been in Uruguay several times and nothing ever happened to me. I hve enjoyed their outstanding beaches many times. This can happened anywhere-unfortunatelly-it did happened to us in the morning in full sun light in the heart of Madrid,where we were robbed.
Most of us have I am sure a sad story that happened some place in the world. So,to point out one place in the whole world is kind of useless because just for being tourists we became vulnerable and it is not the fault of that particular place but a world problem.
I have returned to Madrid and I will return in the future ....
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You've got a right to be sore, friend. Same thing happened to my wife and me on the streets of Santiago, Chile, one Sunday in broad daylight one block from the national palace. Only they cut my pants from belt to knee with a razor. Lucky for us, all they got was $50 in Chilean pesos. It can happen anywhere these days. Suggestion: never carry a wallet in a pocket. Use the old Navy way: put it in your socks.
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Drestin Black
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Of course, it can happen anywhere! It can happen where YOU live (gasp!)!

My friend was mugged in Acapulco as she walked out of the bank. A kid yanked off her gold necklace and split. Mind you, if you wear stuff like that, you're saying "Please rob me." Hell, I don't even keep my wallet in my pants in my own town!
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dion ross
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Sorry to here what happen in Uruguay, but of all of the southern cone countries, uruguay is one of the best. The most courteous of people. Stay in the same Montevideu for 21 days after leaving argentina up tight, and never had a better time. If you ever decide to come south again and want to try brazil, western part near the Pantanal write us and we will be glad to help out. Look up Pantanal on any search engine. If you like write us. Remember
latin america is always in crises and you can get ripped off, but with friends that live down here the chances are less, much less. Cordially drk

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