Travelling with newborn to cancun

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Travelling with newborn to cancun

My wife and I have tentatively booked a vacation to cancun in August with our 4month old baby. We are staying at the Ritz Carlton. Are we crazy for doing this? He is a great baby so i am not worried about him. Is it safe, what happens if he gets sick? any advice would be appreciated.
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Why are you asking a bunch of strangers for advice on taking your 4-month old to Cancun, Mexico?
I sure would not do it. The baby's ears will be bothered just by the plane ride alone. Have you never been in a plane when the little ones cry on taking off and landing? Does your infant yawn when instructed? Can it chew gum?
You should be asking your questions of the baby's pediatrician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why are you asking a bunch of strangers whether you should take your newborn to Cancun, Mexico?
You should be asking the baby's pediatrician these questions!!!!!!!!11
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I don't really think Scott's asking for pediatric advice. I think he's asking whether Cancun is a safe destination in terms of medical treatment, etc. I personally don't like Cancun, but I don't think you'd have any problems finding an English speaking doctor there if you needed one. I'm also not a parent, but many of my friends and family have said that traveling with a small baby is relatively easy (easier than when they are toddlers). So I'm sure if you took the normal precautions (keep the baby out of the sun, etc.) you should be fine.
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Scott, I can't help you with Cancun specifically, but I just wanted to let you know that the easiest flights I have ever had with my kids were when they were young. Before they were crawling and putting everything off of the ground right in their mouths. Before they were walking. Before they were kicking the seat in front of them. When they slept a lot. Before they needed special food. Actually, at four months, you are at a crucial time: pretty soon, big trips may be more trouble than they are worth. Fly all you want, but just plan so the baby's ears do OK.

Oh, and by the way, a four-month old is no longer a newborn.
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Scott, don't know about flying with a baby. But just got back from Cozumel, my boyfriend got sick, (he is a big baby) and we had no trouble getting help and actually saw an American doctor. So as far as safety and medical care, you should be fine. The resort areas are well set up to handle American tourists.
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Robert Dow
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We flew from Dallas/Fort Worth to Cancun, and then drove by Surburban to Playa del Carmen with my 2 sons (4 years and 1 year) and my parents last summer. The baby was not yet walking. They both did great on the jet!

1. Take bottles or nurse when the jet changes pressure at ascent/descent. The sucking will clear their ears. Gum for toddlers and children.

2. Use wrist accu-pressure bands on kids for motion sickness.

We took a small folding stroller and a baby car seat, which we used on the flight and in the truck. DO NOT take advantage of the law that allows you to carry an infant on your lap (please buy them a a ticket). They may end up on your lap for part of the flight, but at least you have a safer place for them to sleep/rest, and more room to "operate" (diapers, etc.).

Also, we took a small umbrella, to shade the sun when walking around. LOTS of sunscreen is A MUST.

We had a great time (one week) at the Xaman-Ha condos in Playa. The pool has a 1 foot deep section, a 3 foot deep section, and is on a nice part of the beach. You may think why use the pool when your at the ocean, but kids like pools. We rented a 3-2 on the 1st floor (think about steps).

My parents were a great help. Although they were not offical babysitters, they did help so much. Plus, they took advantage of our experience and language skills.

Sounds like we took alot of stuff? YES, including the above and a portable crib and a booster chair and inflatable beach toys. BUT, at a dollar a big duffle bag, airport and hotel porters are A MUST. You carry babies, they carry bags.

On our trip, there was no sickness, no sunburn, and almost no problems.

Oh, I remember that we thought we could check the stroller onboard, and did not check as baggage. But, at boarding we had to check it! It only caused a brief delay at both ends of the flight.

You will want to ask for the stroller at the exit, before you stand in line at emigration, as you never know if the lines are long/short/fast/slow/hot/cool/smokey/etc. We would have used the baby-sling, but at 1 year, our son was already over 15 lbs!

Bottom take "trips" with your kids and "vacations" without them (from a loving parent and proud dad).
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You didn't mention if your baby is breast-fed, but if you use bottles at all or feed him formula, you should be SURE to bring some bottled water with you, and buy more when you get there, for washing bottles and making formula. No matter what you're told about how safe the tap water is at the hotel, DO NOT use it for anything related to the baby! And if your wife is breast-feeding, she should stick to bottled water as well. There's no point in taking risks with the baby's health.

Cancun is nice, and the Ritz is lovely. Have fun!

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