Timing is Everything

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Timing is Everything

We'll be at the Falls for two nights and three days. We arrive at 13.25 pm (by air) on day one and leave at 13.10 pm on day three. 1) Can drdawggy and/or Milla (or anybody else) recommend an itinerary that includes both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides? and 2) How do we get to the Brazilian side? p s We won't be staying at the Sheraton.
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i agree: timing is everything.
this will help you as least in the Argetn side to begin with.
i will get back to you asap
where are you going to stay?
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Here's a suggestion.

Day one. If you arrive at 13:25 you should be checked in to your hotel by 14:25. You don't say where you are staying or whether you have a package that includes tours? It will take you about 3 hours to do an overview from the Brazil side, and you should have ample time on the first day.....There are organized tours and busses, but since time is limited....try and set up a remis or taxi via the hotel or your travel agent in advance of your arrival....so all you will need to do is check in and take off.

Second day. Argentina Side. Either take a tour or walk the upper/lower circuts yourself. Take the tram to the Devil's throat. Reserve a time through your hotel to take a boat ride in the afternoon out under the falls. This is an experience you won't want to miss.

Third day....Since you have to be at the airport 2 hours before your flight, you may not have time to do much on your final morning unless you want to get up very early and take a cab out to the falls...maybe enjoy the breakfast buffet at the Sheraton and take one last look at the falls, maybe with a walk around the upper circut before heading back to check out and make it to the airport.....

Kind of hard, since I don't know where you are staying and how far you will be from the the Argentina side Park....but the idea of Brazil for the partial day, and ARgentina for a full day will work regardless.

You don't say if you have a Brazil visa? If you are from the US, you risk not being let across the border...although I have never had a problem by contracting with a taxi/remis to get me across......
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Thank you drdawggy and milla.
On re-reading an e-mail from our travel agent in Buenos Aires, I see that "tours to both sides are included" in our stay with Hosteria los Helochos (in Puerto Iguazu). While this gives me some comfort it doesn't answer the question of timing. I suppose I'll find out when I get there.
I'm told that as a South African I don't need a visa for Brazil.
From the Falls we're taking an internal flight(to Salta) as opposed to an international flight, so I hope you're wrong when you say we have to check in 2 hours before the flight.
Thanks very much for the suggestion that I book a time for "going under the Falls".
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I'll chime in if thats ok...

Where you are staying makes it easy for you to do the Brazilian side first....on the first day. I do not know where your flight originates but you will need time to get your bags and make contact with your transportation etc.
To get the most of day one request that your driver take you straight away to the Brazil side. It takes a while to get the proper documents to enter the Parque of Iguazzu as the lines can be long. Ask your TA if your person expediates this or facilitates this.

My person expedited this which still took aproximately 25 minutes. Upon arrival, now I stayed in the park, you que in your vehicle for clearance and formal entry. This does not take too long.
I dropped my bags at my hotel and within that same hour, because I was inside the park and because I had a private driver and a personal bilingual tour guide, I was on to my first excursion. It was a jungle ride/boat ride. An excellent intro to The Falls that left you drenched! Excellent! This excursion was aprox. 2 plus hours. I took the last one
(3:30pm?) for the day as I too arrived in Iguazzu at or around 1:30pm. Even with these convienciences(sp) I was hustling.
Close to night fall, because I was staying in the park, I got to wander around and marvel at the falls for as long as I could. The thing that moved me was the very aggresive mosquitoes who found my DEET to be an appetizer. Their is also a little Racoon looking critter who comes out at night and day looking for food. He he way too friendly for me...

The second day is an early day if you want to try and have some space before all the folks come. My guide and I did a half day on the Brazil side...seeing all of it in great detail. We then went to the Argentinia Side. The line for cars to go through customs was very long. My driver and guide were great in saying and doing things to expedite this for me. You need to factor this in. Ask your TA what is typical for the folks who are assisting you.
I spent the rest of the day seeing all of the Iguazzu Falls in Argentina. By late afternoon we headed back to the Brazil side. I had time to visit the Bird park which I enjoyed.
One night I even went into Puerto Iguazzu for a night show which was fun.

The third day was an early day. Like you I had a plane to catch. I enjoyed a breakfast on my terrace facing the falls and then shortly after headed to the Iguazzu Airport in Argentina. This meant a more detailed round of customs. lines etc. Although expedited this took some time to complete. Just lots of people to process. I really thought the 3 hour lead time was excessive yet nearly every minute was utilized. You do not want to miss your flight so save a minimum of the 2 suggested hours to allow for any delays etc.

I hope that helps. I had a marvelous time and can only say that I could write pages about my three days in Iguazzu Falls...

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