Tikal or Copan

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Tikal or Copan

I'm taking a Panama Canal cruise in Oct and have the opportunity to take a shore excursion to either Tikal or Copan but not both. I know that 1 day won't do either justice, but given the constraints of a cruise, I want to see one of them. Which would you choose if you could only choose one? I have been to Chichen Itza and Xcaret
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Louis Dameson
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I would vote for Copan--pehaps because I haven't been there and have visited all of the other ruins and more. Copan is different and one of the outstanding Mayan sites.
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I have been to the ruins at Tikal and to Copan. Both are truly magnificent. Tikal is in Guatemala, which has my vote as beign more pituresque and traveler orientated. There are many Indigenous Tribes which carry out their arts and culture in their crafts and native dress. Copan is in Honduras, which lacks all the local color that is vibrantly alive in Guatemala. Both ruins will take a bit of traveling to get to, but both are EXCEPTIONAL and well worth the effort.

Buen Viaje!


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mala noche
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i don't know who your captain is but you are going to do some inland traveling. both places kick. i would go to the nearest one to you. You will not regret it.
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It looks like you're getting an evenly split vote here... I just visited Tikal, and it was pretty awesome. I've heard, however, that the main archaeological "draw" to Tikal is that it's got the largest number of temples. Some of them are so worn down, however, that you can't make out very much detail on the stones. I don't know how Copan compares.
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Have been to both, and others. Too bad you cannot see both. I would say Copan simply because of the variety of things to see. For future reference, jot down Lamanai and Caracol in Belize.
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Robert Quirk
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Be very careful about your choice they are two completely different sites! Tikal is in the Peten Jungle streaming with wild-life and Copan is in sculptured lawns - like Chitchen Itza. Tikal is huge
takes a long time to walk round and is humid. Copan is drier and smaller. Tikal is full of large block monuments not unlike Chitchen Itza whereas Copan is full of the most amazing stellae.
I would plum for Copan personally as Tikal's monuments are a bit seen these before! Whereas
you would not have seen the beautifully carved stellae. I've got pictures of both on my Web Site:


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